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LANDESK, the "innovative" company that had icons on your corporate desk in the 90s.
Dan Brinkmann
impressed with the network level controls that Kenji and Rory have been showing off with Turbo, more thoughts on use in the enterprise?
stevegreenberg awesome potential
Thomas Poppelgaard commercials ;) commercials... guess its time to get my hands dirty on Turbo
AppDetective @_POPPELGAARD Who else thinks that Turbo is seen as a competitor to App-V? Citrix and Microsoft should be cringing if tradition is held.
Dan Brinkmann network level controls including VPN at an app level would provide new models for deploying internal apps to BYO machines
Andrew Wood always liked Spoon; came across it in innovative enterprises. Turbo is definitely a boost on that
Kenji Obata our impression -- people think it's almost its own product
Kenji Obata IP allow or IP restrict + auto-maintained layers (ad blocking, block social networks, etc) tremendously useful
Brad Rowland
Interesting note about Softgrid and game streaming. Thinstall was originally in games, AppStream originally streamed java internet apps - were Stream Theory and Endeavors also originally game streaming?
Andrew Wood games is where the money is/was
Dane Young I'd be curious if there's been any surveys of % of people in IT and tech in IT/Enterprise that started in PC Gaming
stevegreenberg interesting commonalities
Tal Klein RingCube was into games too if I recall
Declan Kenny
any plans for Microsoft to allow AppV outside of the MDOP subscription model?
Timothy Mangan Is now outside of MDOP, but need an EA signed after august 2015
Roy Tokeshi Hansen was going to write a song about it called MMMdop
This is a great episode of EUCPodcast!
stevegreenberg It's all about the Apps!!
Brad Rowland
Still getting used to beardless-Tim. my worldview is shattered.
Andrew Wood Almost ironically, its an old pic
stevegreenberg so we know he shaved at least once
Dane Young
Now @rtokevin is sharing some of the history and why @fslogix chose the direction they did.
Andrew Wood with shouts out to @chetan_ who I'm sure will check out the podcast later
Jason Samuel
I showed a Turbo demo to someone this morning. Literately had an app running in 5 min on his PC. What I find exciting is "outsourcing" your packaging team to Turbo. Frees up so much time
Dane Young Nicely said Jason! +1!
AppDetective Good luck with drivers and services though.
Andrew Wood @AppDetectlve horses for courses, does it work well for you - happy days
AppDetective @gilwood_cs makes for a good demo of most things open source :-)
Kenji Obata @AppDetective Turbo works great with services, SQL Server, etc
Marius Sandbu
Spent 3 hours getting an older Internet Explorer on ThinApp, took 10 min on Turbo!
Dane Young Awesome, thanks for confirmation Marius!
Thomas Poppelgaard I am going next week to try Turbo on some badass CAD
stevegreenberg the IE stuff is very interesting, the way they do it clever and elegant!
Marius Sandbu Just think about getting an Turbo Package on AppDNA to save 6 hours of installing as well ;)
Andrew Wood look forward to the video :)
Kenji Obata it's TURBO!!!!!
Kenji Obata @_POPPELGAARD Autodesk is a Turbo customer
Roy Tokeshi
Successful App virt as a layer is dependent on successful profile management. Layering allows profile issues w/o magnification. You can get away with more issues in profile mgt.
AppDetective Amen Brother. But I can think of only one vendor that gives users the options to do both.
Kevin Goodman @AppDetectlve Gee, Jason, who could that be?
AppDetective VMware VMware UEM and App Volumes