End User Computing Podcast #8
The End User Computing Podcast ( live crowd chat!
   3 years ago
#EUCPodcastEnd User Computing Podcast #7The End User Computing Podcast ( live crowd chat!
   2 years ago
#EUCPodcastEnd User Computing Podcast #9The End User Computing Podcast ( live crowd chat!
Anton van Pelt
How cool, @shawnbass is talking about virtual reality while driving to the airport. #EUCpodcast
Dane Young .@AntonvanPelt @shawnbass is a super stud, taking on the podcast on his day off.
Anton van Pelt
It's a wrap! Thanks @shawnbass for joining great stuff!
Eduardo Molina
thank you guys, great podcast #Horizon7 #WorkspaceONE
Anton van Pelt
https://www.whatmatr... #EUCPodcast
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Dane Young
Primary objectives of @vmware #VSAN is to increase simplicity & reduce cost for VDI per @shawnbass
Esther Barthel
I think @shawnbass made a very important comment. It's not the OS but the license costs that will make cloud solutuons favor Linux distro's! I see more and more linux based OS use cases at customers these days.
Dane Young
Talking about what's new in App Volumes 3.0 release on the podcast w/@shawnbass http://blogs.vmware....
VMware Announces App Volumes 3.0: Simplifying Application Lifecycle Management for Todays Digital Workspace - VMware End-User Computing Blog
By Harry Labana, vice president of products, End-User Computing, VMware If you ask IT administrators, many will tell you that the way they handle application lifecycle management has become very difficult. The proliferation of new and legacy applicat...
Simon Townsend
a USER shouldn't have to choose - to involved for a user policies or admin set the right way to go
Dane Young .@Simon_Townsend Yup. I think we all agree with @shawnbass. The future is simplification.
Anton van Pelt Agreed! Most of the time the user can't choose!
Esther Barthel @youngtech @antonvanpelt Users only care about functionality and love to pay the techs for the secret sauce/magic the tech realizes :-)
Alexander Ervik @antonvanpelt Only problem I can see with giving the user a choice is that the user might end up confused... autonomous feature is needed in the future... auto adapts...
Esther Barthel I'm with @ervik that user's love to choice functionality, not the technical implementation, that should be transparent or auto adaptive to make a success!
Alexander Ervik @virtuEs_IT Yepp, users don't care about bits and bytes... only us :)
Eduardo Molina
@VMWare hasn't bought #PCoIP, #Blast is their own protocol. I can see the line in the horizon where they are going but only the future adoption will dictate. I feel for all those buying Zero Clients.
Matt Heldstab After customers of Tera1 zero clients were forced to upgrade to Tera2s, the death of PCoIP would be the a huge tragedy for zero client shops.
Esther Barthel
So the VR glasses need more cool to get the public to adapt more quickly to the dorky fun?
Dane Young agreed! Some of us like to at least partially not look like total dorks.
Esther Barthel but geek/nerd is the new sexy @youngtech :-)