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Dane Young
Talking about the Browser App Service and lack of GPU resources. Much need or demand? #CitrixSummit
Esther Barthel GPUs are becoming more and more a requirement to give users a santisfying experience for internet browsing
Erik Bakker @virtuEs_IT yup, doing more and more XenApp/Desktop deployments with GPU's. (and thus XenServer ;) )
Esther Barthel @bakker_erik love how you moved XenServer into the GPU conversation :-)
Esther Barthel
containers will be the bridge between dev and ops and NetScaler CPX will most definitely help developers to understand when the NetScaler should be positioned in the entire IT stack
Eduardo Molina give the developer visibility so they are smarter about their code
Esther Barthel Exactly Eduardo!
Marius Sandbu
Bith Vmware nsx and microsoft is coming with software based lb features so why go with cpx?
Marius Sandbu with the network controller
Andrew Wood isn't the container netscaler more than simply a LB @msandbu ?
Esther Barthel @gilwood_cs I think it will put the NetScaler in plane view for the Linux/Open Source web application developers and make them at least test it's potential :-)
Dane Young
The @sharefile master @jtmln has just joined the room to talk about the DLP secret sauce! #CitrixSummit
Eduardo Molina Data is distributed and @Sharefile can consolidate how you access it. That is fantastic @jtmln
Esther Barthel
On-prem Browser-app has it's own license and price tag. Don't think it is feature bound ..... nor should it be
Andrew Wood
What I liked about @browsium product is supported by MS - but what they do allow is different browsers and the management of that browsers. Sure, MS won't support older browsers - but you might still need to run that browser; and...
Andrew Wood browsium gives you options to run newer browsers with the functionality of older browers. I agree with @_poppelgaard - a good acquire for Citrix
Dane Young
I can't believe we started down the PVS vs. MCS track. Runaway! #CitrixSummit
Alexander Ervik I'm jumping off that wagon NOW! before it's 2 late :) #CitrixSummit
stevegreenberg not gonna go there!!
Esther Barthel
Getting customers to upgrade to platinum has been a hard sell, the newly added value will ease the conversation for sure. I'm ready to start a new discussion with customers for sure!
Andrew Wood
maybe its time for distinct Citrix editions to go by the wayside; should Citrix adopt a more "cloud service friendly" model where you can choose the features you want to use and buy licenses for them as they are used?
Esther Barthel nice one Andrew!
Andrew Wood I'm here all week - try the veal
Andrew Wood
was framehawk really necessary, or would the latest thinwire updates have done just as well (and cheaper)
Esther Barthel Framehawk provides a new view (and solution) for ICA streaming and can just as easily pulled the devs out of a possible tunnelvision
Chris Rogers I really think the brain share they got with framehawk is very valuable
Esther Barthel @citrixjedi I agree with Chris :-)
stevegreenberg frame hawk is specific to very high latency environments
Andrew Wood I agree with @stevegreenberg - sharks and jets :p
Andrew Wood pick a side @youngtech - there is fence sitting here