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The End User Computing Podcast ( live crowd chat!
   3 years ago
#EUCPodcastEnd User ComputingPodcastThe End User Computing Podcast ( live crowd chat!
   3 years ago
#EUCPodcastEnd User ComputingPodcastThe End User Computing Podcast ( live crowd chat!
Dane Young
We are live! Who's on the live chat today?
Dane Young @Rorymon Hey brotha! Good to have you join us!
Rory Monaghan Hey, Hey. We doing the same format of somebody starting a topic?
Dane Young
Addressing @kdavies1988 's question on today's podcast
Dane Young
Crowd chat opened back up. Sorry about that, ran over our typical 1hr episode limit.
Andrew Wood
Project Enzo catchup - http://blogs.vmware....
VMware Previews Project Enzo – A Next Generation Hybrid Cloud Architecture Designed to Transform Virtual Workspaces | VMware End-User Computing Blog -...
By Sumit Dhawan, senior vice president and general manager, Desktop Products, End-User Computing, VMware
Dane Young
Talking with @gilwood_cs and #EUCPodcast crew on Citrix Workspace Cloud and Project Enzo
Dave Holborn look at how Office365 has developed since BPOS in 2010 and now is defacto standard for email. Cloud workspace is just the next step and will take time to evolve though
Rory Monaghan
What are your top 5 Pro's of VDI and top 5 Con's, if you can think of that many :)
Dwayne Lessner #Pro Close to App, Security, standard desktop, desktop support travel time, roll out\updates
Rory Monaghan
What do you guys think of containerization with the likes of Docker, and possibly Project Centennial. Will this become the future standard for Windows?
Chris Rogers Docker is a great idea. I'm curious to see the actual implementation. Could be another case of overcomplicating the plumbing. We'll see.
Rory Monaghan Yeah, maybe. I'm a feckin' dumbass when it comes to Linux. I've been using Spoon's version. I couldn't get past it's application for developers to see the use for the EUC space but I'm starting to come around a little now
Chris Rogers I'm an old school linux guy. My first kernel compile was 0.9.3. Hence the reason I like Xenserver so much. I'm fine with the command line...
Rory Monaghan I enjoy the Open Tools. But it can be pretty frustrating at times. It took me hours to get my OpenVPN setup at home due little changes they made without documenting it anywhere
Chris Rogers documentation? now that's just crazy talk
Rory Monaghan
What does everybody think of Windows you believe it will lead to Microsoft gaining in the mobile market or is it too little, too late?
Chris Rogers too little too late. Damage was done with Win8. Win10 could be nice, but most have moved on, Apple and Google should give Microsoft a nice fruit basket...
Rory Monaghan Do you think that's the case for Enterprise too?
Chris Rogers i was honestly shocked at the current agency I'm at migrating to Win8. Nowhere else have i seen that
Rory Monaghan I know of two places that went to Win8 but I've also heard from people in every company I've worked in telling me they have been told the company will be looking at's more out of self preservation. They don't want to pay 20 million for extended support again
Chris Rogers history repeats. always skip a version...
Jason Shiplett Some are looking at 8.1, but with Win10 on the horizon, it doesn't make tons of sense. Heck, a lot of my customers are just now migrating off of WinXP.
Dane Young @jshiplett Agreed. Win7 will be around for a while.
Dane Young
Per @gilwood_cs, the sun still shines in the morning. Had no idea!
Rory Monaghan
I have been contacted by a few different companies in the Phoenix area that are looking for experience with AppVolumes. Anybody else seeing movement in the layering space?
Dwayne Lessner see lots of interest with App Volumes and UniDesk
Rory Monaghan Cool. Good to know it's not just in the Silicon Desert :)
Andrew Wood being considered due to consideration of removal of complexity of having to repackage app
Andrew Wood keep an eye out for Dan Bolton and Jim Moyle's Briforum presentation on layering - well worth a watch... although possibly NSFW
Rory Monaghan I'll only be at BriForum on the Monday unfortunately. I'll be doing a brief introduction to Layering in my session. I'll have to catch the recording for that session. Hopefully the recordings are up a bit quicker than last year
Jason Shiplett VMware consultant here - currently implementing App Volumes with enterprise customer, next 2 engagements are the same. I'd say interest is high. :)