The End User Computing Podcast ( live crowd chat!
   3 years ago
#EUCPodcastEnd User ComputingPodcastThe End User Computing Podcast ( live crowd chat!
Esther Barthel
So how do you determine where the IT need-to-implement-the-latest-gadgets will be put on hold and user experience comes first? #eucpodcast
Eduardo Molina the answer is the user most ask for it. So if you have a requirement from the business then you can justify the-latest-gadgets
Esther Barthel From my experience it's still a lot of techies pushing technology without testing user experience impact or functional requirements.
Eduardo Molina sometimes it is, that is why the requirement has to come from the business otherwise it will be seeing as you point out.
Eduardo Molina
great podcast. looking forward for the next one.
Eduardo Molina
Private IT Execs are definitely listening because IT budgets are now getting funded from the business at least from the business I have access to talk to. BTW, I'm a customer not a consultant but I help friends when they ask ;-)
Eduardo Molina
Most of applications or workloads being delivered are non-high graphics apps. What % of users need CAD vs MSOffice or ERP or ERM?
Eduardo Molina
very good question about killing #VDIinaBox. We asked that question to @gunnarwb. Maybe #DelivertInBox coming soon?
Dane Young
I did my first @Citrix install when @youngtech was in kindergarten. Gee thanks @stevegreenberg
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The End User Computing Podcast ( live crowd chat!
John Furrier once you sign in with Twitter and Crowdchat you can comment directly on the eucpodcast site- token needed only once to get oAuth
Dane Young Perfect. Thanks!
Eduardo Molina
We hear you loud and clear
How many of us engineers does it take to start a meeting? .....hang on, will be live shortly!
John Furrier looking good for a chat
Dave Holborn
Good stuff guys :-)