HCI: A Foundation for Cloud
What's the role of HCI in accelerating IT transformation to cloud operating models?

By 2022, what % of IT infrastructure spend will be allocated for hyperconverged solutions?

Peter Burris
What role does HCI play in moving to the cloud operating model for both early adopters and new-comers?

Peter Burris Can't move to a new operating model if your technology forces you to the old one.
Peter Burris HCI is an organizational test-bed for cloud operating model.
Rodrigo Gazzaneo #HCI accelerates integrated operations of compute and storage
Dave Vellante key is to bring the cloud model to the data to reduce undifferentiated IT Labor costs
Chad Dunn Curious as to whether the key barriers are technology or people (old habits die hard)
Aaron Buley πŸš€ Dell EMC is #1 in hyper-converged and is based on the latest technology and innovation from VxRail, PowerEdge, VMware, and Intel - so if you’re in the market for a server refresh, this is the perfect opportunity to transform your infra
Rob Steele HCI is a critical step towards a cloud operating model, having to manage a 20 year old IT architecture will not get you there any time soon.
Rodrigo Gazzaneo breaking the administration silos is key to a successful #Cloud organizational transformation
Peter Burris Big issue for CIO: I can converge technology easier than I can converge my organization.
Chris Weis πŸš΄πŸƒπŸ’»πŸ· It's really hard to build a city on quicksand, and the same thing applies to private clouds. The underlying infrastructure needs to be simple, predictable, and automateable (not a word, but should be.) :-)
Peter Burris @VXchad Big issue for CIO: I can converge technology easier than I can converge my organization.
Chad Dunn Likewise don't try to use your old operating model on new tech!
Peter Burris @VXchad Good point, but people do -- and still get good (if not optimal) value.
Chris Weis πŸš΄πŸƒπŸ’»πŸ· @VXchad This is the biggest hurdle I've seen. The technology works. Silo'd organizations and operating models are the biggest roadblocks.
Rodrigo Gazzaneo technology evolution is easy, processes and people is always hard
Aaron Buley πŸš€ it allows you to be more fluid in terms of creating pools of resources (cpu, ram, storage)
Rodrigo Gazzaneo if you don't converge operations with #HCI you are missing the biggest opportunity
Stuart Miniman My favorite result from HCI is hearing all of the new projects and initiatives that customers kick off that they couldn't when they were turning knobs, and fixing things. Security, new apps, modernization!
Bert Latamore To what extent is hyperconverged a reaction by traditional hardware vendors to the hyperscale model created by #AWS, #Facebook, #Twitter, etc., to run their huge IT operations efficiently?
Peter Burris Agreed, but still HCI catalyzes superior value streams in IT, whether optimized or not. May increase internal IT tension, but app performance/reliability improve day 1.
Peter Burris
What are the key requirements of the ideal HCI platform as a foundation for a cloud operating model?

Peter Burris #1. The stuff really has to work together, on the floor, not just in the marketing brochure.
Dave Vellante can I program the infrastructure through sw, can I view the resources as a fluid pool, will my developers love it?
Aaron Buley πŸš€ performance, automation, lifecycle management, integration, predictability, single support...
Stuart Miniman ServicesπŸ”₯, Simplicity πŸ‘, Savings πŸ’°
Demartek needs to run the existing customer applications and be architected to grow with new demands
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @demartek flexibility is a key benefit indeed
Rob Steele @stu agreed Stu, I would add support with services.
Chris Weis πŸš΄πŸƒπŸ’»πŸ· I agree with everyone's comments on this topic so far. It's clear that HCI brings a lot to the table.
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @aaronbuley single support is the add-on of integrated solutions, when true #HCI beats DIY
Stuart Miniman @RobSteele excellent - keep the S's coming!
Peter Burris @stu Services, simplicity, savings, and @stu. Let's take the alliteration all the way!
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @ccweis integrated management that accelerates operations transformation is the biggest win of #HCI IMHO
Chris Weis πŸš΄πŸƒπŸ’»πŸ· I would add, especially for very large customers, a legit supply chain, static hardware over time, and cloud-like financing models for the hardware/software.
Keith Townsend At this point, all this stuff works from a scaleout perspective. AzureStack is the new model. There needs to be a seamless integration of scale-out infrastructure and the control plan.
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @CTOAdvisor I agree that #AzureStack elevates integration to a new level. Full #Cloud stack here.
Dave Vellante @CTOAdvisor and I think this is where the emphasis perhaps shifts from TCO to the "cloud experience"
Peter Burris
Are business leaders cognizant of the business impacts of HCI? If yes, what aspects of HCI do they focus on?

Chad Dunn I think they are aware of the promise when they write the initial check and then once again aware when they see what the next years OPEX budget request is to see if the promise was fulfilled.
Rodrigo Gazzaneo business wants the outcomes of #HCI
Dave Vellante they just want IT to *not* be an impediment - to the degree that HCI facilitates this they're all in - it's a simple decision for them
Keith Townsend My experience is no. Infrastructure VP's try to convey the value but have a difficult time describing the value between HCI and basic infrastructure. It's all plumbing.
Adam Westerman Not yet! Once their IT Department says we can deliver OutcomeX in 6 weeks, instead of 12 weeks, then they will get it!
Keith Townsend This is why we see many HCI vendors connecting to concept of cloud to their solution even when cloud features aren't present.
Demartek Are you saying that cloud is more of a marketing buzzword in this context?
Rob Steele I think the leaders that are cognizant are currently disrupting their industry, the ones that aren't are still on pager duty. The beauty of HCI is that they don't have to focus on anything, the infrastructure just works like a utility.
John Furrier If IT isn’t cloud it won’t scale
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @CTOAdvisor it's key to close the communication gap of IT and Business. #HCI is no exception.
Adam Westerman The other big business win is NOT having to ask for BIG dollars to deliver relatively small business outcomes (No $10M forklift SAN upgrade v. PayAsYouGo HCI).
Keith Townsend @demartek If you want sponsorship outside IT. What HCI vendor is selling to the CXO?
Chris Weis πŸš΄πŸƒπŸ’»πŸ· @CTOAdvisor Exactly. It gets technical quickly. It's a lot easier to have the private cloud conversation and explain that with HCI it's probably not realistic. "You want Amazon/Azure on-prem, then we have to start with the right building blocks. HCI."
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @RobSteele when IT talks the Business language, magic happens! Business wants outcomes, not specs!
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @ccweis the vast majority of conversations on Executive Briefings today are exactly like this
Rob Steele @vGazza for sure! Aligning business and technology is what sets companies apart from the rest
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @RobSteele it starts with speaking the same language. Outcomes x Specs.