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28 days event on vCloudAir with experts and thought leaders
Todd Zambrovitz
Don’t’ tell anyone, but vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand does not currently charge for inbound or outbound network traffic.
Eric L Nielsen Oh wow I didn't know that. That might be worth it just to move my stuff over there.
John Furrier free is a great business model - go VMware
John Furrier breaking news: vmware has free bandwidth for vCloud
Eric L Nielsen If there is no network charge, the next thing your going to tell me is there is not storage fee.
Chris Nickl Now that i didn't know
Nicole Kim DR can be free for 1 month
Nicole Kim Test failovers are unlimited, test away people...test one VM every day if you like...
John Furrier . @ericni25 this is a huge deal for no bandwidth charge..this is a scoop in the making cc @siliconangle team
Eric L Nielsen Do we think this is intentional business model, or will this change as the service matures.
Roger Lund (vExpert)
Do you see business challenges with #vCloudAir today? What about Technical Challenges?
Todd Zambrovitz Business challenges are largely around awareness...still a lot of folks that don't know we have a public cloud!
Chris Nickl the biggest thing i've heard so far is just maturity. People don't like trusting Prod to new things, hence Dev/Test & DR
Todd Zambrovitz Technical challenges are really more toward building out our portfolio and expanding our locations
Nicole Kim Getting through the misconceptions and insecurities that organizations have around running workloads outside of the safety of their own data center
Todd Zambrovitz But, keep in mind, we've built a competitive portfolio that now has global locations and did it in just over a year!
Todd Zambrovitz #1 fear is around data security
Nicole Kim Keeping up with the pace of demand around various requests from our platform, as Todd tweeted, we've come up to speed within the past year alone and we're aggressively continuing to expand not only location wise but the breadth of offerings
Todd Zambrovitz Would have been nice to have 8 years to figure it out like some other providers! ;)
Todd Zambrovitz @rogerlundGranular network security enables portable network security policies that are attached to the application rather than the network segment.
Todd Zambrovitz
What are your most compelling use cases for leveraging public cloud?
Chris Nickl For the customers and people i've talked to, BCDR or AWS replacement.
Todd Zambrovitz AWS replacement is my favorite use case!
Yuri Mendoza definitely for BCDR. Considering almost all companies use VMware solutions on-premise. Its just the way to go.
Stuart Miniman had a good CrowdChat earlier this week sharing the results of IaaS end-user survey https://www.crowdcha...
Chris Nickl that is exactly why i've seen people talk about it. Kind of a "well why not" situation
Stuart Miniman VMware was the 4th most used public cloud (although that was significantly behind the big 3: Azure, AWS, Google) - users are overall happy with all of the choice they make (most use multiple clouds)
Chris Nickl @stu to be fair, there really aren't many big ones beside the top 3. Either way congrats to VMW
John Furrier
What are some of the security implications and how are customers dealing with security risks?
Todd Zambrovitz Big question..every individual workload can have its own security policy, workloads on the SAME network can be isolated from each other
John Furrier Perimeter less security is the new trend how does that relate to the overall vCloud {air}
Chris Nickl john are you referring to "Micro-Segmentation"?
John Furrier @ck_nic yes and with mobile apps and notifications/apis etc
Todd Zambrovitz yes, the policies and controls that you would normally apply to a network segment can be applied to each VM and travel with the VM wherever it goes
Todd Zambrovitz We are also about to announce an additional partnership for encryption (HyTrust?) that will allow for encryption to follow the VM as well
John Furrier @tzambrovitz is crypto the answer or are there other new things happening
John Furrier
How can customers limit their cost exposure during peak usage periods or when certain resources aren¹t being used?
Todd Zambrovitz For one, we offer a consumption-based service that meters by the minutes and aggregates billing in arrears on a monthly basis
Chris Nickl @tzambrovitz is there a way to cap spend? VMs shut off or whatever. Not saying i'd recommend it, but i know people will ask
Todd Zambrovitz We also do certain things like charge for the size of the pipe instead of data throughput for more predictable and consistent cost
Todd Zambrovitz Not at this time Chris. But between our Subscription and OnDemand options, customers can rightsize their commitments and centrally monitor usage from within the MyVMware portal
John Furrier
Can you provide some information around the recent announcements for vCloud Air?
Nicole Kim vCloud Air Disaster Recovery has new features coming in March! Includes replication based failback, multiple point in time snapshots, and vRealize Orchestrator plug-in to help create runbooks
Chris Nickl @nicolejkim I like the native failback announcement the best. Being able to get your stuff back easily is key.
Todd Zambrovitz We announced increased capabilities around our DR service, really cool new networking capabilities across hybrid environments and an easy pay as you go service called Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand
Todd Zambrovitz @furriervCloud Air announced location-aware routing to reach workloads no matter where they reside.
Chris Nickl @tzambrovitz Can i place the workloads in a DC of my choice?
Todd Zambrovitz You can choose from any location in which we offer the service
Eric L Nielsen
On Data Protection (DP) this is basically a service to protect my data that is on my VM's hosted at vCloud Air, correct?
Nicole Kim *thumbs up* this is backup of the workloads running IN vCloud Air, this is NOT backup from on premises to our cloud
Eric L Nielsen Rats! =). But this is just a nice to have and expected in a cloud service environment. Nice to have it a separate charge though, so if there is data I don't need to backup, I'm not paying for it.
Nicole Kim of course backup To our cloud would be nice too....stay tuned
Chris Nickl @nicolejkim couldn't i take a snap or clone of a VM and send to the cloud. Not a true backup per say, but still a basic point in time.
Roger Lund (vExpert)
What network design and bandwidth considerations should customers looking at #vCloudAir think about?
Todd Zambrovitz I'm non-technical Roger...sorry. My response may make your head explode!
Nicole Kim Depends on the user's set up on premises, what kind of networking requirements they have and what kind of workloads they are running....simple web server, heavy database?
Todd Zambrovitz But, I will say that network design should be consistent with your onsite data center and bandwidth will depend on distance and latency
Todd Zambrovitz vCloud Air is designed to leverage your existing network designs and constructs
Chris Nickl @tzambrovitz is that based on the new NSX integration?
Roger Lund (vExpert) @tzambrovitz So I don't have to redesign my network to run VMware's vCloudAir product.
Todd Zambrovitz That's the goal. vCloud Air should be a fairly seamless operation between your onsite data center and the resources you deploy in the cloud