End User Computing Podcast #5
The End User Computing Podcast ( live crowd chat!
   3 years ago
#EUCPodcastEnd User ComputingPodcastThe End User Computing Podcast ( live crowd chat!
   2 years ago
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Aaron Parker
Non-persistent in Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016 is going to be a real challenge. Profiles will be really hard to manage without a UEM product. Layering for profiles might get a boost.
stevegreenberg Aaron what are the inherent challenges here?
Dane Young Agree 100% Aaron! Thanks for chiming in
Aaron Parker Start menu, Universal apps setup on login, profile size
Dwayne Lessner FSlogix says its already supported
Aaron Parker Windows 10 Start menu doesn't roam even with standard Windows Roaming Profiles.
Aaron Parker Universal apps setup or updates generate huge amounts of IO - you need inline dedupe ;)
Simon Townsend Big issue right now for many is around STartMenu database file being locked
Esther Barthel
Owww come on Chris, teach us the power of rule #34 @citrixjedi
stevegreenberg aint nothing like the real thing baby @citrixjedi
Chris Rogers it drives the reality of the net
Esther Barthel aha, now I understand why the gf pushed me to get the answer (guess she googled it too) @stevegreenberg ;-)
Chris Rogers @stevegreenberg There's an app for that. and a couple of IoT gadgets too...
Esther Barthel @stevegreenberg @citrixjedi googled it, laughed and now have this raised eyebrow thing from across the room LOL
Phillip Jones
Customers still like GUI's #newsflash
Jason Shiplett More like Windows admins still like GUIs.
Rory Monaghan
Nano vs Server 2016 containers vs vs Docker...GO!
Use your applications instantly, anywhere.
Turbo VMs are ready-to-use computing environments that run and synchronize instantly on any Windows desktop.
Esther Barthel
This was fun guys, talk to you again soon :-)
Dane Young Thank you so much! Was a great time!
Declan Kenny
Do you think many organisations will use Windows 10 LTSB updates or CCB updates. What's everyone planning to use
Simon Townsend LTSB not being pushed by MS - only for niche use cases - ATM machines etc
Declan Kenny Yea not being pushed by MS but will make it easier for enterprise orgs to keep control of when to push updates
Simon Townsend enteprise features will be missing in LTSB and hence current branch for business recommended - question is how will they enforce ?
Declan Kenny One to watch I think. Be interesting to see what people decide over the next few months. LTSB doesn't have CORTANA, Store or EDGE but that's sounds good to me for an enterprise deployment. I did hear you need software assurance for running LTSB....
Simon Townsend don't care for cortana, store or edge at present, although Business store is something that could ramp up... however things like Windows hello, device guard, credential guard could mean more enterprises want some of the newer features?
Simon Townsend i also think that come the next release (around server 2016) we will see a ton of features on both server and client that enterprises both need and want and that will mean no LTSB ....interesting times..
Marius Sandbu
Unidesk has been early adopter of Windows 10 supporte, but I belive that much of the feature set here will be moved into Azure AD in terms of profile management
Dwayne Lessner - @unidesk and MS have been doing lots of work together
stevegreenberg are you saying Azure AD will do layering??
Jason Shiplett
Windows 8/8.1 isn't bad, per se. I think it has more to do with refresh cycles than good/bad. Windows 7 is getting long in the tooth.
Phillip Jones 8/8.1 caused a lot of confusion for customers and frustration, lack of a start menu and the more touch driven interface on non touch devices hurt usability
Esther Barthel
Spinning off the NetScaler is not part of the current strategy as far as the articles go
Chris Rogers @stevegreenberg best news I've heard all day
Marius Sandbu that makes sense, apps are not just windows and using the netscaler to optimize and deliver should be part of the Citrix core
Dane Young @msandbu @citrixjedi @stevegreenberg great discussion. Like Chris said, best news today!
Simon Townsend
nice work
Dane Young Thank you so much Simon!