VMworld 2017 Europe: Day Two
Technology Innovation is What Keeps Companies Competitive
Gregg Robertson
Really like the look of AppDefense. Can certainly see it working well with my Banking and Military customers
Amit Panchal I wonder who you mean....
Scott Norris agree, i can so see users verifying virus or malware purely because they dont know though
Marco van Baggum I see a much wider application for AppDefense at our customers but I'm curious about the increase of work for operations
Giuliano Bertello @vMBaggum do we know how AppDefense is licensed ? that's going to be interesting ...
Sam McGeown @auScottNorris users with admin access?! The problem is organisational, not technical then!
Scott Norris @sammcgeown correct pebkac is always the problem only as good as the admin running it
Matthew Bunce
"Turtles don't have hands" - Dropping knowledge bombs in this General Session!
Certified Smart Guy, where can I get that accreditation?!
Johan van Amersfoort Just add it to LinkedIn
Frank Are you going to endorse?
Joe Baguley Come join us at VMware and get yourself on the Chief Technologist career track... ;-)
Johan van Amersfoort just like my skill: HyperConverged Agnostic Superfederated Liquid Hybridity
Frank @JoeBaguley that doesn't sound too hard. where can I sign up ;)?
Matthew Bunce
vRA interface based on Clarity looks awesome. The new UI concepts coming out of Project Clarity really have made a difference. Consistent and intuitive interface across all Cloud Services & Products
Sam McGeown I think I speak for every user of VMware products when I say - FINALLY!
Gregg Robertson certainly looks sleak
VMworld is about doing cool stuff you've never thought was possible. Like sitting between the crowd chat crew! #newstuffeveryday #passionfortechnology
Matthew Bunce It's always good to have someone to fetch coffee!
Matthew Bunce
And that's a wrap for the Day Two General Session! Questions? Thoughts? What are you "take aways" (Sorry no more Pizza jokes I promise!) from today? @vMBaggum @vhojan @NHagoort @sammcgeown @GiulianoBerteo ??
Johan van Amersfoort Great session. But unfortunately no announcements..
Sam McGeown some of it was cheesy ;)
Marco van Baggum was waiting for some shiny new features but I'm still waiting...
Giuliano Bertello my 2 cents: don't just be a #vSphere dude! Loads of buzzwords have been mentioned! Go and learn as much as you can!
Ed Hoppitt
Things you never expected to hear at @VMworld #12. "You may think this is haha, but my Salami sensor is serious" @cswolf #VMworld2017
Scott Norris
Is vmware automation service the name for #vra saas based product #vmworld
Sam McGeown
This is cool and everything, but where is the VR @alanrenouf?!
Ed Hoppitt Pizza doesn't taste so great in VR :(
Ed Hoppitt
See what @MichaelDell says about the Partner opportunity for Pivotal Container Service - #PKS http://bit.ly/2wWGnl...
Michael Dell To Partners: Get On Board With Containers 'If You Want To Be Relevant In The Future'
In an exclusive interview with CRN, Dell said Pivotal Container Service, which is the result of a partnership between Pivotal, VMware and Google, is a natural for existing VMware customers and an obvious opportunity for solution providers.