VMworld 2017 Europe: Day One
Good Technologists Solve Problems. Great Innovators Create Opportunities
Richard Munro
With the capabilities to move to cloud being so easy now, the deep integration and management with VMware, AWS, Azure, Google, and the PKS announcement providing enterprise class Kubernetes - is the concept of multi-cloud just the new normal?
Sam McGeown In the same way we no longer care what tin is under our virtual infrastructure, we will cease to care what cloud is under our application
Matthew Bunce The message is increasingly that people just want to consume services rather than to worry about what those services are running on.
Amit Panchal I think large Enterprises are still slow to adopt but they will all come in the end to this way of thinking
Richard Munro Whenever I state that it is just the new normal to large enterprise - I can almost hear the sigh of relief. It's such a better strategy once you can remove the complexity of it, and now we really can.
Matthew Bunce
If you listen carefully you can hear the sound of thousands of VMware admins raising hardware purchase requests for Oculus Rifts #VMworld
Ian Sanderson hah, legit use case though
Amit Panchal Only being released for HTC Vive but code will be on Github soon
Rebecca Fitzhugh
OpenStack isn't dead. Who knew? :)
Sam McGeown Could this be the year of OpenStack?!
Andrew Miller @sammcgeown No...it's the year of VDI. OpenStack next year. ;)
Marco van Baggum
My take away from today's keynote "If you need 500 slides in your PowerPoint to show VMware's vision, there is no power and no point to it" @spoonen
Sam McGeown
My take away from today's keynote... "If you're not on NSX yet, you're already late" @pgelsinger
Richard Munro
Here's the key : once you put something like networking in to software, you can innovate fantastic services on top of it. Going from hardware to software is just the start. #VMworld Wow moments are built on consistent software platforms.
Sam McGeown
There's nothing new about these concepts (secure by default, least privilege) - but NSX and AppDefence are finally tools to execute the concepts #vmworld
Matthew Bunce Everything will move lower down the stack - make secure the default.
Matthew Bunce
Great to see both Liberty Global & Swisscom on stage - Both Dell EMC customers who have driven transformation across their IT #VMworld
Matthew Bunce
The VR Demo code will be available on GitHub #VMworld
Andrew Miller I'm truly curious how many people use VR in production to manage their VMware. ;) #VMworld
Lior Kamrat Let me fork it and replace the AWS logo :-)
Matthew Bunce
Elastic DRS looks like a cool tech but will need to carefully consider cost control. Imagine someone deploying 1000 rather than 10 VMs by mistake! That's one hell of an Amazon AWS bill! #VMworld
Sam McGeown if only there was a management platform where we could do complex approval processes...