Hadoop for the Enterprise
Is Hadoop Enterprise Ready?
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Michael Hiskey
@MapR has done the most to think in terms of "Enterprise Readiness", but it seems that the biggest contingent of the #Hadoop Community is primarily locked-in on "opneness" as the principle important concept... opposite of @MapR approach.
Jeff Kelly
in fairness, MapR does not open source its code but makes its platform API compat - this gets back to q about better model for Hadoop
Jeff Kelly and actually MapR is supporting open source Apache Drill
Jeff Frick And I presume more enterprises are about getting their problems solved with a viable solution, and they're willing to pay for support, training, etc., traditional services
Jim Walker
au contrair... the open community has a HUGE focus on enterprise readiness. they just do all their work in the open. open is a development vehicle as well.
John Furrier can the community get there fast enough and are people going "lone wolf" with own stuff too soon? CIOs want to know
Jim Walker the fastest path to innovation is the open commuity. hive 12 delivered 420 jira tickets (4 mos). hbase 96 over 2000 (~12 mos). HUGE
John Furrier
MapR is doing some interesting things for enterprise ready hadoop using the open source and @hortonworks is delivering pure open source
John Furrier
I don't see MapR as lock in.. customers want functionality and agile - lock in is contextual to the solution and ability to change imho
Jack Norris
MapR includes all of the open source components plus architectural innovations.
Jack Norris
MapR believes point -in-time, consistent snapshots are required for data protection and mirroring (WAN replication not data copy) is required for DR.
Jeff Kelly WAN replication def important as enterprises expand deplpoyments - @WANdisco doing interesting things here as well as @MapR
Dave Vellante who does point-in-time consistent snapshots -anyone other than MapR?
Jack Norris , @dellante, . Yes, EMC, NetApp anyone serious about data protection.
Dr.Cos @WANdisco isn't doing snapshot'ing, our technology is based upon operation coordinations
Jeff Frick
Been a great DataTober, getting exited about #BigDataNYC next week.
Dave Vellante
OK...all the big enterprise whales...when they entered the Hadoop market said "our strategy is we're going to make Hadoop enterprise ready" - what about Hadoop needs enterprise readying?
Michael Hiskey
That was the supposition, but did they get off track and start to make it about a business instead? The market has become so much more of a traditional commercial battle between vendors, with the new twist of who will get bought
Dave Vellante I remember amr at cloudera telling me "we know something about making hadoop ent ready"
Dave Vellante the451 put out some research saying administration tooling and performance top the gap list, followed by reliability, SQL support and backup & recovery
Dave Vellante also that , but development tools and authentication and access control are not far behind...of course it's all behind a firewall so I can't see the full results
Jeff Kelly
the big things I hear from the Wikibon community are continuous availability, better security controls and easier-to-use management/monitoring capabilities.
Jeff Frick
watching LinkedIn, still seems like a pretty severe skills shortage
Dave Vellante there's no question this is the case (skills gap) - hadoop is a complicated situation for many / most shops
Jeff Kelly
I recall @merv saying at #hadoopsummit that security was the biggest obstacle to enterprise adoption
Dave Vellante
Hello everyone - welcome to this Crowdchat on what it takes to make hadoop enterprise ready
John Furrier
Welcome to the #strataconf #hadoopworld preview for #bigdataNYC