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DataOps can be the next big Team Sport, lets build a dialog for DataOps

Leonardo Murillo

Cloud native architect and IT entrepreneur commenting on cool new technologies, great books, leadership and our future.


| VP Consulting | Building Enterprises for DevOps, Agile, Cloud & Digital Transformation Cultural Change

Canada DevOps Community of Practice

We are a Canadian community of experienced professionals in the DevOps world, here to promote and support the valuable methodologies and practices within DevOps

Dr. G

Transform with Empathy

Eric Chapman

Husband, All Pro Dad, Coach, DevOps enthusiast, Delivery Consultant @liatrio - Enterprise Delivery Acceleration.

Mark Peters

DevOps Junkie, Cybersecurity problem solver, Retired USAF, Agile Planner, @DevOpsInst Ambassador, Speaker, Writer , Judo Black Belt, husband, father

Sarat Dara

DevOps Expert

Garima Bajpai

Entrepreneur | Co-Creator Product Oriented Practice | Strategist | Speaker | Blogger | Digital 2030

𝓐𝓷𝓾𝓻π“ͺ𝓰 𝓒𝓱π“ͺ𝓻𝓢π“ͺ

Passionate Engineer with a single throbbing & roaring Life | #DevOps/ #SRE Evangelist | Published Author | Thought Leader - inspired by #innovation & #Tech

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#DataOpsDataOps in ActionJoin DataOps experts and the IBM Chief Data Office as they share best practices and methodologies to deliver business-ready data fast to accelerate digital transformation and the journey to AI.