VMware Virtual Storage
28days event talking VSAN with experts and thought leaders
Yuri Mendoza
Any use cases for oracle DB on VSAN? performance maybe?
Chris Nickl I have a customer who wants to do a PoC for a Oracle DB that is currently using Fusion-IO
Roger Lund (vExpert) 100k IOPS per host. tested in beta.
Blue Shift Blog sub ms latencu is possible with all-flash configurations. Working on such a design now for SQL based e-commerce.
Rawlinson Rivera @BlueShiftBlog you should see the performance number that SanDisk and Micron posted around SQL and Oracle
Blue Shift Blog Did. I like how the two tier design accommodates less expensive flash for capacity tier.
Chris Nickl @PunchingClouds I'll have to find that one, they would be interested to see that
Chuck Hollis Every test we've run on all-flash produces the same results -- stupid fast. I don't think we've found the limit yet.
Jase McCarty Gotta love stupid fast speed! Kind of like Ludicrous speed #Spaceballs!
Chris Nickl @jasemccarty anybody who mentions #Spaceballs is ok in my book
Jase McCarty Gotta love ludicrous speed for mixed workloads!
Rawlinson Rivera Yuri check the performance numbers release by Micron and SanDiks for SQL and Oracle performance numbers. What you'll see is out of the box no tuning or anything.
Yuri Mendoza thanks, i'll do
Chuck Hollis Rolo has a partner test that showed ~500K TPC-C per host. And there was plenty of headroom left. 4 nodes, 2m TPC-Cs. Like I said, stupid fast ...
Chris Nickl @BlueShiftBlog Thank you for the link
Rawlinson Rivera
Let's not forget the we now also enable the use of blades for VSAN. High density storage system with direct attached storage.
Rawlinson Rivera Check the VCG and look at the IBM Flex 10 systems, and soon Dell FX2
Rawlinson Rivera more and more to come
Stuart Miniman are any of these part of the VSAN Ready Node? Any published/certified offerings available?
Chris Nickl This to me is a much more interesting use case then rack-mounts, while it may not scale as nice, i can now have compute and storage in the same tiny footprint
Rawlinson Rivera @stu I believe we have the IBM system listed now. But when we GA there will be more
Blue Shift Blog any major changes to be mindful of between 55.HCL and 6.0 HCL?
Chris Nickl you mention GA, will it GA with the rest of 6.0
Chuck Hollis yes, there's a new classification system for flash drives that favors bigger devices.
Blue Shift Blog @chuckhollis was just specing out some 1600GB beasts :)
Chuck Hollis not specific to 5.5 v 6.0, but there is a ton of new certs coming around 12Gb SAS devices and NVMe for flash
Rawlinson Rivera @stu I need to come on the cube and tell you what's up 1:1 for serious : )
Stuart Miniman looking forward to the details. Simplicity and broad set of offerings are competing forces. And blades are usually designed for external storage.
Chuck Hollis pay attention to NVMe, in particular -- that party is just getting started
Mohamed Ibrahem Support for High Density Storage Systems with Direct-Attached JBOD, Manage externally connected disk enclosures and leverage existing investment in blade-based
architectures; flash acceleration is provided on the server or in the external.
Rawlinson Rivera Just make sure that when you see the term JBOD doesn't mean you go to Fry's electronics and build something there and plug to the blades. We are talking about specific certified systems
Chris Nickl my WDD Green Drives in my Synology isn't going to cut it?? #sarcasm
John Furrier
What is the top bus reasons to move to VSAN - looking for the technical enabler in the answer?
Eric L Nielsen Right for guys new to #VSAN if I'm just using attached storage today, why jump into this?
Chuck Hollis 1000+ paying customers, most will point to 1. extreme simplicity, 2. very cost effective, and 3. impressive performance.
Chuck Hollis much of that derives from the fact that it's tightly integrated with vSphere -- built in, not bolted on.
Andres Rojas Take advantage of all the local storage that we have on the servers!, with VSAN now we have provision it and use it way better
Rawlinson Rivera easy of management, and the ability to dynamically adapt to the demands of the workloads and scalable flexibility. Linear scale man. by single disks and not just by a node think about that $$$$
Eric L Nielsen RT: @chuckhollis Chuck Hollis 1000+ paying customers, most will point to 1. extreme simplicity, 2. very cost effective, and 3. impressive performance.
Chris Nickl if a customer just spend big dough on a new traditional array, i don't see them adopting, yet. However in new installs or where a storage refresh needs to happen i more serious conversations seem to be happening.
Chuck Hollis often, it's a vSphere team that wants control of their own destiny :)
Roger Lund (vExpert) Easy of Management, Same budget as Servers.
Keith Townsend ease of management if you are avoiding having a storage team. It increases operational considerations if you already have a set Storage vs. Compute ops model.
Eric L Nielsen do I get more pay as an admin now ? Is there a certification I can get on VMware Virtual Storage 6
Andres Rojas @chuckhollis The way I see it, is that we, the vSphere Admins are always depending on the storage team to provide us with Space, now with vSAN, we take that limitation away
Chuck Hollis @punchingclouds is working on a VSAN 6 cert.
Rawlinson Rivera you damn right! VSAN 6.0 Certification in the works baby
John Furrier
What is this Log Structured File System feature
Chuck Hollis derived from Virsto tech, more perf, vastly improved snaps: quantity and performance
John Furrier what's different about the snapshots? is it a cost issue or tech advantage
Chris Nickl @chuckhollis can you describe how the snaps are better, in a more technical way??
Chuck Hollis the snapshots in vSphere are pretty limited ... VSAN 6.0 now has array-class snapshots: 32 per VM, minimal performance hit
Chris Nickl @chuckhollis thats pretty impressive.
Chuck Hollis (describe in a more technical way) -- hard to do on Twitter :)
Chris Nickl @chuckhollis i can't make it easy, no fun in that :)
Chuck Hollis and I keep wanting to use my hands :)
John Furrier how does it handle non bursting steady state of writes vs VSAN 5.5
Chuck Hollis log based, so predictable performance on steady-state writes