10 months ago
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Jeremy Douglas
What advice would you give to ops practitioners who are afraid of DevOps automating away all their jobs?
John Davis your experience is amazing, we look forward to leveraging it in a more efficient manner that will benefit both you and the company.
John Furrier I think ops guys/gals have great oppty bc ops will evolve to multicloud which is just another datacenter like thing
2017 Josh Atwell🔊🥃 . @JerDoug i don't have enough space. I'll say that your investment in your discipline is more than performing tasks. You provide invaluable operational guidance.
Kris Saxton All automation will destroy some jobs, create and change others. The best place to be is on the crest of that wave (not underneath it).
Sam Fell @DOES_USA See my earlier tweet about leaders making themselves obsolete... don't be afraid of progress! Niches and opportunities are created, there!
Damon Edwards I'd say it's 2017... are people still afraid of automation or is this just a strawman thrown out to cover for some other fear?
ǝןʇʇıן sıɹɥɔ Embrace change and the opportunity to learn new things. If it can be automated, it should be.
Thomas A. McGonagle This is a huge issue in the netops world. I try to gently say that automation is the new normal and not automating is an avenue to unemployment...
John Furrier btw: gr8 question. To me it's like the mainframe guys. Some hung around til the end many figured out the new way and jumped over to the new wave called Mini's and LANs and PCs
Gene Kim OH: "70% of ops engrs didn't join our effort & team suffered b/c of it. We really needed their expertise."
Chris Phillips embrace the change lest it leave you behind. DevOps is not the opposite of ITIL, they are closely intertwined
2017 Josh Atwell🔊🥃 @furrier correct. just as server administrators became virtualization administrators. Many are transitioning again. evolution doesn't stop.
Kaimar Karu Most people I've talked to have been super excited about automating away the boring stuff and being able to leverage their with for cool (and useful!) stuff
John Furrier to me devs will always be devs but ops guys will still be in charge
Ben Grinnell Move up the value stream. If you are firefighting start working proactively on how to make your job redundant before release - that's your new job
Peter Eeles Every role has elements that will become mainstream, mundane, repeatable and automatable. Identifying new areas that do not have these characteristics where to head. E.g. moving to cloud still needs people :)
nicole forsgren Technology is for automation. People are for solving problems. Let tech do the boring, repetitive stuff. Embrace the exciting, challenging work. Let yourself be promoted.
Peter Eeles @kaimarkaru I like the positive tone ... will be using this ... thx! :)
Gene Kim OH last week: "many MS automation holdouts were the old Microsoft Small Business Service admins"
Carmen DeArdo @nicolefv Nicole you got this :-)
Gene Kim .@RealGeneKim Did I get that right? We had it at Tripwire: Exchange, IIS/ASP, what else was in there?
Kaimar Karu @petereeles and instead of "with" there should be "wit" (I have a built-in auto-correct in my brain)
Gene Kim .@RealGeneKim @jsnover Your characterization of this archetype was a huge aha moment for me. @yesthattom
Guy Murrel
What single misperception about #DevOps you would like to change?
Kris Saxton that it just about Dev and Ops, you have to bring everyone with you.
Thomas A. McGonagle That it is scary...
Ken Mugrage that you can "do" DevOps. You "do" continuous delivery as part of a DevOps culture.
Ken Mugrage ( should say "do" CD and other stuff probably... )
Chris Phillips That DevOps is the "Wild West" with out-of-control developers. It's in fact the complete opposite if done correctly.
Peter Eeles That DevOps is an IT problem
Carmen DeArdo @kmugrage agree - there are DevOps practices and a cultural mindset that an organization needs to have
Carmen DeArdo That's it's all about cloud and technology
Carmen DeArdo that's it's all about automation
Kaimar Karu That Ops people don't want to 'do' DevOps
nicole forsgren There's one exact place to start/do. "Where should I start?" It depends. Tell me where you are now, then I can tell you what to do next to optimize your transformation and outcomes.
Carmen DeArdo that DevOps is somebody else's job
Ken Mugrage @nicolefv yes!! The starting line moves faster than the target
Kaimar Karu "Start where you are" :) rather than from where you want others to think you are
Rene van der Zanden that it is not possible !!! it is possible but if differs per organization there is no one size fits all
Ben Grinnell That when the IT function can do things quicker and with less risk the business would be grateful and would welcome small frequent changes
Damon Edwards @kaimarkaru Yes. People confuse "can't see how to do" with "don't want to do".
Kaimar Karu @damonedwards Takes us back to lack of respect. Kind of expecting the worst from people - sometimes (but not always) because one would behave like that themselves.
Olivia Heel
If DevOps was a sport, what would it be? Why? 🤔🤔
2017 Josh Atwell🔊🥃 Curling. Definitely curling.
Kris Saxton heptathlon: multi disciplinary FTW :)
ǝןʇʇıן sıɹɥɔ underwater basket weaving
Peter Eeles Hurdles, and managing to overcome them :)
Kris Saxton DevOps is much more important than any sport (like cricket)
Carmen DeArdo Hockey (Played well) - speed, fast flowing, teamwork and passing to achieve a goal for your team - avoid getting pinned in a corner and getting pummeled
Jose Quaresma I would say Triathlon. Ironman in particular. Multidisciplinary and a long distance activity. And I am a huge fan of both!
Sam Fell @Josh_Atwell 1 ounce? or 2-ounce curls?? ("make mine a double!")
Gene Kim Rephrasing @carmendeardo: "DevOps is like hockey; you get stuck in corner and then pummeled" Haha
Damon Edwards How about just getting people on a team to play the same sport?
John Furrier @carmendeardo Rangers Bruins would have been the dream series re: hockey
Sam Fell @damonedwards @DOES_USA Yes! Sportsball is good when your whole team is sportsing together!
Ben Grinnell Soccer as opposed to American Football as you need Offense and Defence on the field at the same time
John Furrier @RealGeneKim Devops: Pass Shoot Score !
Chris Phillips Something like sailing or bobsled / bobsleigh - it requires a team working together and there are no "hero goal-scorers".
Rene van der Zanden from a mud race, 100 m sprint, triathlon, Tour de France, rally driving to Formule 1
nicole forsgren USA women's soccer. something for everyone and drives revenue. (okay, except pretend we compensate the players appropriately.)