Driving cloud in the business
Taking the driving seat: How IT can regain control by deploying a hybrid cloud strategy
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Suhela Dighe
It seems, us marketing folks like to take the winding road to Hybrid Cloud City.. http://www.via-cc.at... #EMC

Richard Munro I like this! I think we need to stop avoiding the challenge. With the #EMCHybridCloud and #vcloudair you can be working with LOB partners and developers in days, while retaining control. It's time to stop talking about cloud and deliver #hybridcloudchat
Richard Munro A CIO today has to focus on the fastest time to QUALITY. How do I deliver agile, time to market value, and retain my governance, control and compliance. Either/Or isn't good enough. #hybridcloudchat
Nigel Moulton Sometimes you just have to deliver something - MVP
Victor Forde l IT needs to ensure and quantify value to the business. On or off premises if not adding value it's adding cost
Richard Munro Good point @victorforde , only do that which brings value. Cost can be financial, reputational or even time lost to do more beneficial things.
Victor Forde This makes mapping business services to app services critica and having service catalogue
Suhela Dighe @victorforde We need you guys to help customer with that!! :)
Nigel Moulton @victorforde 100% agree. #vce can help through the business value assessment tool which clearly helps you ID the value
Victor Forde Yes indeed. Conversations started and as @nigelmou said earlier new skills needed
Suhela Dighe @nigelmou Is that an online assessment tool? Can you share URL?
Suhela Dighe
Let's talk more about the recent research by the EMC Federation & the differences between industries in adopting cloud.
Suhela Dighe While some departments are aligned in their need for public cloud services, we see variation in perceived risks with using public cloud. What do you see as the main concern for LOBs procuring their own public cloud services?
Rob Lamb Almost 50% within the Manufacturing industry are highly concerned with the consequence of data loss. Be great to hear what participants see as the risks in their industry
Nigel Moulton Unsurprising to see the FS industry greatly concerned about reputational loss - for retail it's financial loss
Richard Munro Here's a simple question: If you have lost control over the control and even location of your data, how do you even begin to address the risk and management of things like changes to privacy laws that may affect your business? #hybridcloudchat
Rashmi Knowles @RoboJL Loss of intellectual property for industries like manufacturing and pharmaceuticals can be a lot more damaging than large volumes of stolen credit cards in retail
Richard Munro But let's remind ourselves that the main reason people are ignoring these risks is because of the value taking them brings. What is better is a way to mitigate risk and deliver the value #hybridcloudchat
Rashmi Knowles @RikMunro Addressing risk at the beginning before moving sensitive data to the cloud has to be the first step
Rob Lamb @RikMunro Absolutely - it requires better understanding of the value of the data workloads than many organisations have today but organisations can have both agility AND control #hybridcloudchat
Nigel Moulton I agree : everyone needs to embrace some form of risk. But sometimes taking a risk IS the lowest risk
Alan Butler @nigelmou and to support that the Barclays CTO explains just that https://youtu.be/d6m...
Richard Munro A few years ago we asked LOB and IT leaders what they wanted from ITaaS. IT said cost reduction, LOB wanted business partners. Think we are seeing that start to get realised.
Armand David @RikMunro LOB in my experience just want the services they need to work. My finance team wants a good app, my HR team wants a good app, my marketing team wants a good app... the "ITaaS" piece doesn't matter to them!
Suhela Dighe
What INDUSTRY do you think is best/worst at aligning itself with IT when it comes to purchasing public cloud services? From our research or your own opinion?
Rob Lamb We saw that 52% of LOBs within retail run everything past IT, closely followed by TME (45%) and Manufacturing (43%)
Rashmi Knowles From a security perspective my experience it's retail and public sector
Nigel Moulton All industries need to align. In this era you are an IT company first with a digital audience. You need a plan to address that
Suhela Dighe Would you have an explanation why that is? @KnowlesRashmi @RoboJL
Richard Munro I'm not surprised to see Retail top the list. It's true they need to move fast, but they often have large back end systems to integrate with to get the best value from mobile apps #hybridcloudchat
Rashmi Knowles Retail are under pressure to deliver new services and public sector are driven by reducing cost without built in security
Suhela Dighe So, what do we do about the legacy systems? Retail will need possibly more support from CSPs and vendors like us to guide them on the hybrid cloud journey!
Richard Munro Balancing integration and compliance with the need to move fast is a tricky problem! But a hybrid cloud allows all stakeholders to address their needs
Nigel Moulton To reiterate, you should think of yourselves as an IT company first, supporting whatever business you're in
Richard Munro Sometimes I see an organisation trying to work out how to migrate back end systems to the cloud because of integration challenges. Unless there is business value to that, it's a waste of resource. Better going for seamless integration. #hybridcloudchat
Suhela Dighe
Which business function do you find is most likely to avoid IT and spin up its own cloud services?
Richard Munro We’re seeing an anticipated spend of over £1m by LOBs in the UK on public cloud services over the next 12 months. We’re talking about significant sums of money. Does this indicate the much heralded change in spending from IT business functions?
Nigel Moulton Sales and Mktg functions are under the greatest pressure and most likely to bypass internal IT
Rob Lamb We’ve found HR and R&D teams are most inclined to work in partnership with IT
Richard Munro This is a trend that isn’t going away. There’s going to be an average spend increase of 27% over the next 12 months! What pubic cloud requirements do you anticipate LOBs require to justify this level of spend?
Rob Lamb @RikMunro - the question will be is that spend at the expense of IT budgets? Making the IT function less relevant to the delivery of business IT capabilities
Richard Munro No doubt @RoboJL , if not addressed it will become the IT budget
Nigel Moulton They will look for flexibility, security and a competitive price #convergedinfrastructure #vce
Rashmi Knowles @RoboJL Both IT and security functions could be redundant and replaced by the chief business officer
Nigel Moulton A major shift towards public cloud services is a threat to anyone that has a job in IT. Or perhaps an opportunity?
Richard Munro It would be messy to ignore all the value, skills and experience that classic IT has, better to extend that, and evolve the department to address the new needs
Nigel Moulton Only if you're quick enough. The fast will eat the slow.
Rob Lamb @nigelmou I think it is a huge opportunity but IT professionals need to stake the lead drive the brokerage of these services
Armand David In my book, they're all the same; it comes down to the speed of app introduction/refresh. If you need a new app, and IT says no... more often than not, the prompt to a new app will come from a peer alreadying using one! So you'll just buy it!
Armand David @RoboJL I think IT budgets will remain flat for a while but if innovation doesn't start to come from IT they won't go up. And instead the spend will be made elsewhere in the business as people push for the apps/services they need from whatever source.
Suhela Dighe
Welcome to our chat on driving cloud in business! The EMC Federation hybrid cloud garage is open! http://www.via-cc.at...

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Rashmi Knowles Does anyone here think IT can regain control, be agile, secure and cost effective whilst driving ensuring LOBs can use cloud effectively in their business?
Suhela Dighe The question may not have a yes/no answer, but it may be HOW IT will regain control.
Richard Munro I think this is exactly what our customers are doing, and crucially it's what customers mean by 'hybrid cloud'
Nigel Moulton You need seamless connection between on-prem and off-prem to really make this work
Rashmi Knowles It is possible to gain control if the LOBs have confidence in IT to provide services and tools they need
Richard Munro @KnowlesRashmi That's right! And doing that means a hybrid cloud is more than technology, it's having a people/process model too #hybridcloudchat
Rashmi Knowles How many CISOs say yes to everything?
Rob Lamb That confidence can only be generated when IT delivers that seamless experience of cloud in the corporate world that users are used to in their personal lives #hybridcloudchat
Rashmi Knowles People and process are the last to be considered and often not budgeted for
Alan Butler @KnowlesRashmi Adidas #CIO Jan Brecht partnered with their #CMO to provide new services for their customers http://ow.ly/JnqWk
Armand David @KnowlesRashmi No-one knows where to start with people/process/cultural change - often the hardest bit in any new service rollout :-(. It's tough, don't think there are any silver bullets!