Social Selling: Engage
How to engage with decision makers via social media & spot business opportunities.
   2 years ago
#socialauthoritySocial Selling: RelatingHow to relate to decision makers throughout the B2B buying journey.
What are some tips for engaging customers through #socialmedia?
victoriabsocial Participating in #LinkedIn Groups is a good way to meet potential customers. #socialselling
Denise Bahs A2: Target those individuals and surround them via their blog, tweets, posts. etc. #socialmedia
victoriabsocial Give shout outs to people on Fridays, using #FF or say hello on Monday!
Paul Gillin A2. Listen for needs people express. That identifies connection points. It may not even be about business.
Denise Bahs A2: Put them into a Twitter List and monitor. Jump on engagement when you see an opp
victoriabsocial Either way, it's always good to acknowledge people and be responsive to queries.
Denise Bahs A2: Tweet something personal once in a while. Boring=Bad
victoriabsocial We also say the new ABCs are Always Be Curious ... you never know where your next opportunity might come from.
Profitecture Great point, @pgillin. Listening for needs is important to being relevant.
Paul Gillin Needs aren't always expressed as questions. They may be complaints or expressions of frustration
Paul Gillin @denisebahs Great advice. That's why I always recommend that profiles and tweet streams include personal topics.
Paul Gillin @denisebahs You can connect because of a mutual interest in soccer or diving. Doesn't have to be business.
How can #socialmedia help you know what matters to your customers?
Denise Bahs A3: Think about what THEIR pain points are. It may be in a different channel than you are currently in.
Profitecture How can you find their pain points, @denisebahs?
Denise Bahs A3: Also, check out their industry events and look at the keynote topics.
Sandy Rikkers Good idea @denisebahs we aren't mind readers after all.
Profitecture Great idea @denisebahs to look at industry conference topics
Denise Bahs A3: check out the industry association newsletters, blog posts, hashtags
Paul Gillin @denisebahs Really good point. The topics of industry conferences are often about issues of shared pain.
We have just a few minutes left. Feel free to pose questions or final advice & comments. #socialselling
Denise Bahs It's so much fun to see the light bulbs go on. It's a process one post at a time. Not an overnight thing.
victoriabsocial Make it work for you. Be selfish and focused and set it up to add value to your experience. That will be the way to make it a habit, as you see the value it provides.
Profitecture 78% of social sellers outperform peers who don’t use #socialmedia
Profitecture Social selling leaders are 51% more likely to achieve quota
Profitecture's #SocialSelling class encourages students to learn to identify buying triggers. What are examples of using #socialmedia for this?
victoriabsocial One could be hearing what sounds like a customer unhappy with a competitor. Another might be a change of leadership.
Paul Gillin When people express frustration with something it's often an indication that they're open to alternatives
victoriabsocial Changes in a company's mission or direction might signal an opportunity for new solutions.
Paul Gillin Also, look for changes in the market. Did the company get a new contract? Or are they laying off? Good and bad news can trigger needs.
Denise Bahs A4: I saw a complaint on Instagram about Google and HIPPA compliance from an event attendee. Listen.
Paul Gillin Regulatory or competitive changes can also create need for change.
Profitecture These are all great examples of buying triggers in #b2b.
Denise Bahs A4: U need to identify which phase of the buying process they r in. Give them the right info at right time.
What are biggest objections to adopting social selling skills?
Denise Bahs A6: In order to change u have to do something different. That requires time and willingness.
victoriabsocial If I could give my students one thing they need it is more time, but that should not stop you from starting. There are ways to manage it. :D
Paul Gillin A6. That it isn't fast enough. Too indirect.
Profitecture More and more proof points suggesting social savvy sellers outperform peers.
victoriabsocial @pgillin and yet, the real time aspects offer so much!
Today we are discussing How to engage with decision makers via social media & identify buying triggers #socialselling
Denise Bahs I get questions on this topic a lot from my #socialmedia students
victoriabsocial It starts with listening ... that's where my ears come in. :D
Paul Gillin #SocialSelling is about listening first and searching for connection points.
Why is engagement online or offline important for sellers?
Denise Bahs A1: it all points to trust and engagement is required for trust to be established.
victoriabsocial People buy from people. They want to have a relationship with someone they trust, so you need to meet them where they are.
Paul Gillin A1. Forrester's @poneillforr said it well: "Sales people must become business consultants." That starts with engagement.
What social media tools & platforms do you recommend for monitoring buying triggers?
victoriabsocial We're big fans of @Hootsuite and @LinkedIn for monitoring streams and jumping into conversations. #sociallistening
Denise Bahs A5: HootSuite,, Twitonomy are my go-to tools. :)
Paul Gillin HootSuite, Sprout Social, Radian6, Little Bird. There are so many.
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.@DeniseBahs aluded to having right content to connect with customers. Any tips for helping sellers build their content arsenal?
Denise Bahs A5: Define diff phases and then create content that fits each phase.
Denise Bahs A5: For ex. driving traffic content diff than pulling trigger content
victoriabsocial Creating videos of happy customers, or customer case studies is a valuable effort.
Paul Gillin Look through the questions you answer most frequently and publish the answers. Start an FAQ
Denise Bahs A5: Infographics, blog posts, podcasts, video interviews are good examples
victoriabsocial @paulkrappman says to look at your last good sales letter.
Paul Gillin Basically, consider whether any information that you put in an email could be published to a larger audience. #socialselling