Next-Gen Data Protection
Join Dell EMC and industry experts to explore the latest advances in data protection for virtual environments and cloud expansion. Plus, see how Dell EMC meets the need for simplicity and power with the next generation of converged data protection solutions—the new IDPA DP4400.

Which backup improvements will get you the most kudos at work? (Select one.)

Peter Burris
https://www.crowdcha... What do you think makes a data protection solution “Simple"? What makes it “Powerful?”

Sherry Davenport
Simple to me is EASY... Powerful means it helps you meet your RTO/RPO's
Beth Phalen
Powerful data protection protects the entire environment with performance, resilience and scale
Alex Almeida
Intuitive Backup Policy Creation and Management checks of "Simple", and the Most efficient deduplication you can buy and fastest data protection solution checks off powerful!
David Floyer
#SimplyPowerfulDP #Wikibon Simple is ability to perform tasks for the user directly in their language.
Beth Phalen
simple data protection is easy to deploy, manage backup recovery and disaster recovery!
sharad rastogi
Performance, scale, full coverage of applications and data sets plus easy to install and manage...all in one simply powerful appliance...DP4400
Seife Teklu
DP4400 is simple to deploy, manage and scale as requirements change overtime.
Jason Tolu
Check out this ESG Labs whitepaper on IDPA performance.
Cynthia Cooper
Danielle Goode Pryor
Yes, nice video Brian! Thank you!
Peggy Ringhausen
For more information on the ESG Lab Review from @Vinny_Choinski of IDPA, here is the paper:
Peter Burris
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Alex Almeida
An "enterprise proven" Data Protection Solution without breaking your back with the "enterprise level heavy lift". It's about getting the breadth of optimization for all the critical apps powering your business, along with high performance AND "minimal lift" simplicity.
Peggy Ringhausen
@Vinny_Choinski from ESG talking about the benefits of IDPA and Simply Powerful Data Protection. He says there is a significant reduction in backup time. That is a huge benefit!
Rodrigo Gazzaneo
"we are going to give your weekends back" is a great opening statement!
ruya barrett
That will be the title of the next crowd chat-Data protection/VM admins-Get your weekends back! #simplypowerfuldp
Alex Almeida
More time for surfing! :)
Rodrigo Gazzaneo
@alxjalmeida a compelling reason to choose DP4400!
Peter Burris
Really enjoyed interviewing @ybhighheels as part of the #SimplyPowerfulDP digital event.
Jeff Frick
> Yanbing's a rock star.
ruya barrett
@ybhighheels @bethphalen Thank you for the VMware perspective on innovation in Data Protection. We love the collaboration and partnership in pushing technology forward
Colin Durocher
In my mind DR to cloud is the #1 cloud use case w.r.t. Data Protection. Especially so with VMWare Cloud on AWS. Huge opportunity to either reduce costs or establish an off-site DR position where it wasn't previously affordable.
Bryan Hicks
According to ESG, 40% of organizations are either using or plan to use the Cloud for Disaster Recovery. Leveraging the data protection environment with the elasticity of the public cloud along provides a huge TCO reduction that is very attractive to customers.
Dave Vellante
Hello everyone...greetings - please make sure you hit play to start the program


Stuart Miniman
Good to hear from @bethphalen @ybhighheels - both will be on @theCUBE at #vmworld