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SiliconANGLE @theCUBE preview of #AWS #ReInvent Though Leader Conversation
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#reinventtheCUBE at #ReInventSiliconANGLE @theCUBE preview of #AWS #ReInvent Though Leader Conversation
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#reinventtheCUBE at #ReInventExperts and thought leaders share their views of #AWS #ReInvent
Dave Vellante
AWS Snowball is the new CTAM (Chevy Truck Access Method)
Bert Latamore
Enterprise storage-as-a-service. Announced auto backup to Amazon S3 and huge growth in customers. @nnahum on #theCUBE #AWS #Cloud #BigData #Social
Bert Latamore
Zadara Storage CEO Nelson Nahum @nnahum live now on #theCUBE from AWS re:Invent 2015. Chat @ #AWS #Cloud #BigData #Social
Bert Latamore There are multiple things we do that Amazon doesn’t do which makes us a good partner for them. Any Amazon customer can use us seamlessly. @nnahum on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Our storage services looks like a traditional storage array but is much less complicated, and you pay by the drink like you do for AWS. @nnahum on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore If we can come across as better than AWS storage offerings we can get not only AWS customers but everybody else as well. @nnahum on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore We are both on prem & in the cloud, swo a customer can have a full system on prem and move data between the cloud & on-prem, two-way rather than one-way. @nnahum on #theCUBE
John Furrier
SiliconANGLE and CrowdChat are customers of #AWS they are so helpful to our success thx @andyjassy
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John Furrier
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Bert Latamore
Illumio COO Alan Cohen @ascohen live now on #theCUBE from AWS re:Invent 2015. Chat @ #AWS #Cloud #BigData #Social
Bert Latamore Illuminio pioneered the perimeterless security model. @furrier on #theCUBE.
Bert Latamore We are effectively a data out rather than an application in security company. @ascohen on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore We now have 50 production customers. Have 100 people, looking to double the company. @ascohen on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Security's growing 5X faster than IT spending. Most companies have a security deficit -- either they do not have sufficient security or focused on the perimeter @ascohen on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore A new survey about to come out shows that for large numbers of IT people the issue is containment. What is the blast radius when someone breaks in? @ascohen on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore The number 1 variable in containment is timing. If we can recognize something bad going on in 30 secs, that's much better than taking 4 months. @ascohen on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore
Barracuda Networks Security Business GM Stephen Pao @cuda_spao live now on #theCUBE from AWS re:Invent 2015. Chat @ #AWS #Cloud #BigData #Social
Bert Latamore We look here at AWS re:Invent, it’s about use cases on how we protect cloud inc. protection from threats (Web app firewalls in the public cloud). @cuda_spao on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Under the covers many of these threats are the same on the cloud & on prem, so it is advantageous to have the same security policies in both environments. @cuda_spao on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore
Alert Logic Co-Founder/CSO Misha Govshteyn @tastybits live now on #theCUBE from AWS re:Invent 2015. Chat @ #AWS #Cloud #BigData #Social
Bert Latamore We provide security as a service. If you look at what Amazon does, they provide pieces that can be connected into a service. We do the same thing with security. @mgovsh on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Cloud is becoming much more standardized. Now we work with IT shops rather than a few groups within the shop. @mgovsh on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore We see fewer break-ins on the cloud than on prem. The cloud is actually more secure. @mgovsh on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore We are a big AWS customer. I am sure that in the future you will see us using the new Amazon analysis products more & more. @mgovsh on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Old-line companies are among the biggest users of cloud. GE is using cloud for a lot of things. @mgovsh on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore The new apps are moving quickly to cloud. It's that lower layer of old stuff that's difficult. @mgovsh on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore
AWS Global Training & Certification head Maureen Lonergan live now on #theCUBE from AWS re:Invent 2015. Chat @ #AWS #Cloud #BigData #Social
Bert Latamore We iterate so quickly, every time they change something it changes a course, a lab. AWS Training head Maureen Lonergan on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore
Big Data & Cloud Architect @LynnLangit live now on #theCUBE from AWS re:Invent 2015. Chat @ #AWS #Cloud #BigData #Social
Bert Latamore My background is DWH. DBAs don’t like change. They need to get in the cloud and consider alternatives to relational. @LynnLangit on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore When enterprises move to the cloud they like familiarity. AWS is providing big relational, and it is winning. @LynnLangit on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Startups try all the new stuff & fail. The enterprise people want familiarity. Get people on the cloud & get best practices. @LynnLangit on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore People are still throwing data away, which is just crazy. @LynnLangit on #theCUBE
Bert Latamore I run a non-profit, “Keeping Kids Programming” that provides material for middle school teachers to help them teach programming to their students. @LynnLangit on #theCUBE
Lynn Langit it's "Teaching Kids Programming"