Hadoop Summit Social Chat
Hadoop Summit thought leaders weigh in on key conversations at #HadoopSummit
   9 years ago
#hadoopsummitHadoop Summit 2015 Silicon Valley Hadoop Summit 2015 the crowd weighs in on the key conversations at #HadoopSummit
John Furrier
I am creating an open social public chat for all attending and interest in crowdsourced content around @hadoopsummit let get some good thread going
SAP going to @hadoopsummit http://www.saphana.c...
Blog: Join SAP at Hadoop Summit North America, ... | SAP HANA
SAP is excited be at Hadoop Summit San Jose. Come by to say hello, see how SAP can help with your Big Data project.
John Furrier
7 reason to be ready for @hadoopsummit http://hortonworks.c...
Seven Reasons to Get Ready for Hadoop Summit San Jose
Seven Reasons to Get Ready for Hadoop Summit San Jose. Don't miss the community spirit.
Michael Hiskey - BigDataNYC 2013 - theCUBE
Michael Hiskey, Kognitio, at Big Data NYC 2013 with John Furrier and Dave Vellante @thecube #BigDataNYC Big Data is advancing faster than any other technolog...
John Furrier
https://www.youtube.... Trifacta CEO Joe Hellerstein on #bigdata #hadoop
Joe Hellerstein - BigDataSV 2014 - theCUBE
Joe Hellerstein, Trifacta, at BigDataSV 2014 with John Furrier and Jeff Kelly @thecube #BigDataSV