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   5 years ago
#osconCloud News @ OSCON OpenStack, Amazon, and Open Clouds: Life on the ground at OSCON
John Furrier
One of the challenges that companies have as they look at the container ecosystem is the large number of elements and implementations. http://www.via-cc.at...

Tim Crawford There is a point where choice becomes a downside for containers.
John Furrier The 2nd challenge is that start-up companies are often releasing individual projects as “tools” vs “suites” of software. In many cases, these companies are leading the projects or they are lead by open communities that don’t actively market their projects
John Furrier @tcrawford choice should mean interoperable
Tim Crawford Interoperability is a whole other discussion. Don't forget the process, arch and org changes needed.
John Furrier @tcrawford elaborate on those issues?
Tim Crawford One can/ should not consider existing app architectures for containers. There's a structural difference.
Tim Crawford Containers provide the ability to break down the problem into smaller parts.
Tim Crawford Interoperability becomes an issue if different teams choose different tech. Standards or consolidation needed.
John Furrier sounds like the chicken and the egg problem or is there an easy way for practitioners to go?
Tim Crawford It does not mean reduce to only one vendor. Need the right (smaller) number of choices.
Tim Crawford #1: Experiment! Get your hands dirty w/ containers. Figure out how to leverage.
Tim Crawford There is no one right way to get started necessarily. The point is just to dig in.
Tim Crawford I would expect to see consolidation up/ down the stack in the near term too. Simplifies things.
Tim Crawford The question should be: What will make containers more adoptable by the masses?
Tim Crawford Remember that we're talking about containers when many are still struggling w/ cloud.
John Furrier love the advice "getting down and dirty with containers" with Tim Crawford !!
John Furrier have to get @blueboxjesse and @cloudtroll in this convo
Tim Crawford I'm sure that @bluebloxjesse and @cloudtroll have nothing to say on the subject. ;)
Stuart Miniman
Open Source Ubiquity Leads to Foundation Sprawl http://premium.wikib...
Open Source Ubiquity Leads to Foundation Sprawl | Wikibon Premium
by Stuart Miniman | 22 Jul 2015 | Analysis, Cloud, Updates
John Furrier Open source software has reached an inflection point that will force many IT leaders to reconsider how they acquire technology and engage with the communities that build it
Tim Crawford I absolutely agree that Open Source in the enterprise has reached the tipping point. #CIO
John Furrier As open source evolve, IT to evaluate the ramifications of open source becoming more mainstream and widely adopted. What happens to communities when “open source software” transitions to just “software” and open source becomes the defacto model
John Furrier There has been a mindshift from open source software as something that was used in the bowels of IT that didn’t necessarily have corporate approval to active contribution and preference towards using open source software
John Furrier There is often a disconnect between the creation and usage of open source software from the monetization of open source
John Furrier Traditional software vendors are trying to sort out a business model that allows them to blend commercial offerings and open source
John Furrier
Looking at the architectural “stack” beyond a single container, we begin to get a sense of the number of elements that would typically be required to run a next generation application on containers. http://www.via-cc.at...

John Furrier Initially, there are several important things to note about this diagram: 1) None of these elements are hardware or cloud dependent
John Furrier 2) Implementations may combine some of these layers into a single piece of software. Individual functions have been separated to display where vendors and tools fit into the broader architecture
John Furrier 3) Not all elements are mandatory. Some elements could be manually configured within other elements, or may not be required depending on the application needs (e.g., virtual machines, service discovery)
John Furrier
Evolving container architectures from @wikibon @siliconangle http://premium.wikib...
John Furrier For companies interested in modern application development for their business, now is the time to be exploring both the container architectures
John Furrier The ability to rapidly experiment and develop the necessary skills around these domains will be critical to the success of IT organizations looking to keep their business relevant in the software-defined era we’re quickly moving into
John Furrier It is important to not only engage with the vendors bringing these tools and platforms to market, but also exploring how to engage with the open communities
John Furrier
Cube @theCUBE crowd platform analytics are showing some great trends at Oscon http://www.via-cc.at...

John Furrier
Attn: Oscon fans join @cmcluck and lots of Google's top experts for a crowdchat to discuss in the crowd what Kubernetes 1.0 is all about #cloudnative will be the hash for the chat https://www.crowdcha...
[LIVE CHAT] Google Cloud Chat
Google Cloud will be talking about lots of exciting big news around Kubernetes 1.0
John Furrier Craig McLuckie ‏@cmcluck says Exciting! @furrier and I will be joined by @brendandburns, @njoneja, @milesward and @KitMerker
John Furrier
Setup a public chat timeline for OSCON event. Lets get the conversation documented and trending
Stuart Miniman Docker! Kubernetes! The state of "open" in cloud and much more.
John Furrier Google is doing a crowdchat on Thursday stay tuned here on CrowdChat for all the real time action
John Furrier
Containers can run natively on most versions of Linux and with free tools (e.g., Boot2Docker) on both Mac and Windows. http://www.via-cc.at...

John Furrier one of the main reasons for container popularity is simple setup and operations
John Furrier
Attn IBMers at Oscon SVP Bob Picciano just gave a gr8 interview on @theCUBE at MIT here is the thread https://www.crowdcha...
IBM SVP @bobpicciano live now on #theCUBE from #MIT #CDOIQ. http://www.siliconan...
John Furrier
Great chat with @stu and Basho's @mjbrender https://www.youtube....
On The Ground - Open Source - Intro
Stu and Matt meet at the WORKBAR in Cambridge, MA to discuss the future of open source from the perspective of the developer. #theCUBE