Neutron Networking & SDN
OpenStack cloud architects discuss options for virtualizing the network layer, Havana, Icehouse, etc
Sean Winn
How do the panelists feel about neutron and the trend toward creating a new "X-as-a-service" to recreate every physical network device. Shouldn't we be finding a way to simplify those down and let the network vendors figure out what to do with the packet?
John Furrier I'll ask the question for you
Chris Marino Great question! Complexity of OpenStack networking is high to begin with, these layered services make it almost incomprehensible.
John Furrier @vmtrooper says
3 minutes ago
Thomas Madej
What of development has been made towards BGP as a service, WAN as a service or carrier as a service?
Dan Mihai Dumitriu Great question. MidoNet has a BGP interface for peering the cloud with other networks. We are now working to push a BGP extension into Neutron.
Thomas Madej that's great news, but what about support from the vendors?
Jeff Frick answering now
Jeff Boone
Thanks theCube and CrowdChat - great to be able to join from Boston - nice job!!
John Furrier
@Beaker says LMATFY @furrier Meh as a service. Networking in Neutron is too f'ing complex, feature incomplete & prone to landgrabs that lead to lock-in.
John Furrier #openstack @jamesurquhart says It’s amazing how competing interests can make a super simple concept unusably complex.
@Beaker @furrier It’s amazing how competing interests can make a super simple concept unusably complex.
2 minutes ago
Jeff Boone
Can the panel discuss the set of network services and resources supported now in Neutron and what they see coming in the near term? What is missing today in their opinions?
John Furrier i'll ask that question
Jeff Frick answering now
Robert Cathey
Nearly 400 watching online and another 80 or so in the room.
Thomas Madej
With the introduction of SPB (IEEE 801.1aq) and the push to layer 2 WAN networks, will be Neutron adopting these methodologies technologies in terms of an API?
Thomas Madej Remote Peering would be an application!
dj spry
Any work being done to allow network info such as latency/usage/etc in to OpenStack? Services deployed based on optimal net requirements
Chris Marino
@randybias, how many of these new Neutron features are realistically going to be used by a tenant? Or are they mainly geared for the deployment operator? (i.e. BGPaas???) App devs I know can't spell BGP.
☁️Geoff Arnold☁️
How does the complexity and diversity of Neutron configurations affect the testability of the rest of OpenStack. Running Tempest against DevStack with a flat network doesn't really cut it, does it?
Jeff Frick answering now
☁️Geoff Arnold☁️ Since the test stack has to be open source, can we add an open source overlay solution (?OpenContrail) as a standard test configuration?