Exploring Data Frontiers
Discuss Data Lake & Big Data solutions to support digital transformation with our panel of experts.
   3 years ago
#EMCDataLakeAMA: Data Lake BreakthroughSpanning the Edge, Core and Cloud—EMC Data Lake experts take your questions!
Dr Thore Rabe
What does everyone think the key to unlocking the #bigdata landscape is? How do you find out what's beneath the surface? http://www.via-cc.at...

Dinko Eror Use @ to reply My recoomendation: Do not get caught up in the ability to build a data lake, instead focus on how the data lake can “Make me more money.”
Suhela Dighe Looks like you're about to find out @thorerabe. Big data is lurking beneath.
Dinko Eror The potential of predictive (what is likely to happen) and prescriptive (what should I do) questions versus of just mechanically capturing descriptive (what happened) questions
Dinko Eror versus of just mechanically capturing descriptive (what happened) questions
Richard Jarvis Lots of companies are a long way off truly predictive analytics. Once they get descriptive analytics right, predictive will follow on naturally
Dr Thore Rabe first customers have to sit together to work on a overall strategy
MarkASear @rtjarvis Or maybe you skip a generation and go straight to predictive analytics? I'm beginning to see that happening in retail.
Richard Jarvis I'd argue it's hard to predict accurately (and know that it's accurate) without knowing what's going on today
Marc Wilczek @MarkASear I've just read something about using predictive analytics to prevent crime. Rather scarry, and reminded me a bit on "Minority Report".
Richard Jarvis I see predictive analytics as just like an improved weather forecast - it's often not exactly right but better to have it than not
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @MarcWilczek a viable use case for Smart Cities powered with #BigData #Analytics #predictive systems
Charlie @MarkASear and without understanding descriptive and predictive how can you do the third generation (prescriptive). I need to be able to predict what will happen AND say why that will happen.
MarkASear is #bigdata really about "technology"? or the application?
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @MarkASear #BigData is a business need. Technology decisions come as a consequence.
Quick question - which COUNTRY will truly be the first to leverage big data? Smart city? etc.
Rodrigo Gazzaneo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has a very nice initiative around #BigData and Smart Cities
Nicolai Imset Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm and Santa Cruz are quite far along the smart city route
Steven Goddard The UAE seems to be ahead of the curve. Do you agree? IDC Smart Cites Report: https://middle-east....
Dr Thore Rabe My vote would be the Middle East. As a region they are very innovative
Richard Jarvis There are pockets of innovation all over. Often this is affected by the local laws as well as talent.
Celine Boussidan @stevengoddard definitely agree with you!
MarkASear My vote is it will be a small country. Wealth. With strict rules. Thats why UAE, Singapore fit it well ....
Celine Boussidan a colleague mentioned Antwerp and the digital transformation centered on the citizen experience
Celine Boussidan question is are they all doing the same thing or approaching it all from a unique perspective?
MarkASear Yes - but they are cities. Not countries. A small, but vital point ..
Ian McKenzie Estonia is a leading example of a fully digital country leveraging Big Data - https://e-estonia.co... @MarkASear
Nicolai Imset indeed, but also already Smart :)
MarkASear Smart in what sense? The wider imperative for me with big data is to truly make the world a better place.
Dr Thore Rabe
Do you have the tools in place to successfully go on your #bigdata exploration? The tools to extract insight from the landscape (The Core), analyse the atmosphere and the clouds (The Edge), or drill into the ice (The Cloud)? http://www.via-cc.at...

Dinko Eror Do you have access to your data? How quickly can you ETL? How important is real time insight?
Suhela Dighe Love this! Which tools and skills for #bigdata exploration do we need? We are having an offline discussion here, as well, about big data not even being about tech, but about people.
Nicolai Imset @SuzySpaatz people definitly need to know what data to look for.
Dr Thore Rabe you need a multi accessible platform which is very well integrated in the rest of the infrastructure....and good connected to the hadoop distributions...
Jen Stirrup #BigData projects show up the very human aspects of ourselves: our ability to ignore data, and to need data sized down for us. People find it hard to know the right data.
Christian McMahon You need to be inquisitive, commercially minded, analytical and entrepreneurial to help you identify themes, opportunities and insights
Suhela Dighe There was a blog post by @thorerabe on the signs you need a data lake and invest in tools: operational complexity, operational cost, production strain and multiprotocol analytics. https://www.linkedin...
Richard Jarvis Being able to process billions of records doesn't mean you'll get the right results. A statistical mind is still important
Suhela Dighe @NicolaiImset Yes, that would of course depend partly on your industry, customers or goals.
MarkASear #datalakes allow you to run analytics on your data without the need for ETL - vital in an environment where you want insights from everywhere!
Dr Thore Rabe
#Bigdata has been THE topic of conversation for a few years and on the agenda for a while as a route to digital transformation
Suhela Dighe Interested to talk about what big data can and EMC can do for businesses.
Jen Stirrup yes, I get questions from customers about Data Lakes from business people as well as techies
MarkASear Interestingly our Information Generation study found that predictively spotting new opportunities was the number 1 priority for businesses...http://bit.ly/1NgqOY...
Dr Thore Rabe Unfortunately implementation is still not fully understood with less than one in four of EMEA businesses can do this extremely well
Suhela Dighe @jenstirrup What do they ask you about?
Dr Thore Rabe more the ideas what they can get out of it
Dr Thore Rabe we need more examples what we can get out of the analytics business
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @MarkASear lots of expectations around new opportunities and customer engagement indeed.
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @MarkASear but there are also opportunities for improving operations and gaining efficiencies.
Jen Stirrup #BigData will be part of the conversation, whether orgs like it or not... the data 'problem' isn't going to go away. It should be seen as a promise, not a problem.
Dinko Eror Use @ to reply For that, we also introduced a “Thinking Like a Data Scientist” process that starts with identifying and understanding the organization’s top-level strategic business initiatives.
Marc Wilczek
Where do you start? Where do you take your inspiration from? http://www.via-cc.at... #Bigdata

MarkASear I always tell people to start at the beginning. Understand what data they have. Then create a vision.
Dinko Eror Organizations need to embrace the power of “thinking differently!
Dr Thore Rabe Ensure a thorough audit of the data is conducted and all regulatory and compliance measured are understood and put in place
Suhela Dighe Inspiration often comes from a need or challenge. Same for businesses, I would imagine. #bigdata challenge!
Rodrigo Gazzaneo the @EMCGS Big Data Vision Workshop is a great starting point for undecided orgs
Dinko Eror The potential of big data is only limited by the creative thinking of your business stakeholders!
Jen Stirrup yes, I agree with @markasear. People often are further back from the starting line than they think. They don't have data understanding, and any data profiling is usually minimal, if any.
Christian McMahon @DinkoEror Indeed. If you always look for the same results you will always get the same answers!
Richard Jarvis Set a visionary goal without worrying too much how you'll get there. All the best explorers have done that!