Reimagining Work
An open world of collaboration has allowed us to reimagine the way we work.
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#TEDatIBMReimagining Our WorldAn open world of collaboration has allowed us to reimagine life. How are you reimagining your world?
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#TEDatIBMOpportunity MakersRules of Engagement for ideal teamwork and collaboration. How do you become an opportunity maker?
IBM Social Business
Q5: From @charleneli's #TEDatIBM talk, only 13% of people are engaged in their work. How can leaders and organizations improve on this?
Chris Heuer A5/1 The first thing we have to do is change how we hire people. We must hire people who are already aligned with the work itself, too many people are "collecting paychecks"
Amber Armstrong Right talent for the right job = first step to engaged employees #hr
Amy Tennison A5. Focus on people's strengths. Put them in roles that they will like and succeed at. Then cut your underachievers.
Chris Heuer A5/2 second, leaders need to care more about their people then their own personal performance metrics - servant leadership needs to make a strong comeback
Charlene Li Q5: Leaders/orgs need to focus on the employee journey, look at developing them throughout the relationshiop -- including exit and as alumni.
Julie Jordan Ownership - give employees a designated piece of the biz and let them innovate, drive it
Elizabeth Kvedar , everyone should have a stake in the outcomes at work, for the 87% who are not engaged, what outcomes are they responsible for?
Jim Lundy A5 Getting people motivated for their job and the firm is THE challenge. It is called Passion.
Mark Babbitt A5: Make it clear how much the work matters and we have the right people doing the work. If that isn't enough, attrition remains one of our best friends.
Amber Armstrong Changing up responsibilities keeps teams fresh and constantly learning
Shawn Murphy More leaders need to focus on the climate of their team. What does it feel like to work there. Start with what you have influence over.
Amy Tennison A5. Con't - create a team culture where "that's not my job" isn't acceptable.
Chris Heuer A5/3 third, leaders need to make the work itself more meaningful, connect it with a higher purpose then quarter over quarter profit increases
Bob Pulver A5: need to do better job of showing employees how their work & social capital contributes to strategy, growth
Charlene Li A5: Take the knowledge/experience we have developing customer journey maps and use that to develop employee journey maps for each employee, develops trust.
Jim Lundy You have to lead by example - to get people to have passion.
Julia Dobbins A5: Connection is at the center of the human condition. People feel more isolated than ever - provide ways they can re-connect with each other and a common mission across global teams.
Phylicia Teymer A5: Have passionate and engaged leaders that care about enough about their employees to help them utilize/showcase their strengths to accomplish the greater goals of organization/department.
Mark Babbitt @shawmu LOVE the focus on "climate" over "culture".
Colleen Stone Help employees get engaged by focusing on their strengths and knowledge.
Charlene Li A5: Engagement is the byproduct of a good relationship. Until orgs get serious about having a two-way relationship with employees, engagement will remain low.
rducre leaders need to empower employees to collaborate & b brand advocates. Per Chris Yeh's recent blog, engaged employees will engage others (clients &employees)
Julie Jordan Small teams organized around specific strategic goals...deliver the 'start up' passion i.e. #ibmwatson
Jim Lundy A5 Think of your team - are they motivated to compete. Do they have the right tools and are they ready.....
Bob Pulver A5: important to be respectful, trusting; otherwise they'll be your competitor's employee
Mark Babbitt Do you as the leader exhibit passion for the work and believe 100% in the mission of the organization? Look inside first.
Jason Eng @ambarmstrong Changing responsibilities is great, but the new job still needs to fit the candidate right?
Amber Armstrong @JasonEng_ absolutely. still have to keep the right people on the right job
Amber Armstrong lets not forget rewards, recognition, and giving employees the tools to get the job done
Jason Eng @CollMStone I agree, people still need to be matched to a job that matches their strengths.
Chris Heuer A5/4 finally, stop trying to pull the wool over employees eyes, they get disengaged when they find you being disingenuous
rducre talking w/ Brian Solis last week, he coined "trust is the new currency" of engagement...leaders need to foster an environment of trust, we will then have engaged employees
Lisa_Koren You must find meaning and reward in what you do. Feel you have achieved and are growing. Feel the loyalty is 2way
Amy Tennison @charleneli @chrisheuer @jimlundy What about job titles? Do you think those will stick around our start to mean less in an organization?
IBM Social Business
Q3: How can social media channels improve efficiency, communication, and decision making for leaders and their organizations?
Jim Lundy A3, When done right, Social can speed up overall communications.
Chris Heuer A3/1 Social media really enables the flow of information to scale, just as with this chat today - we are able to gather more diverse opinions
Chris Heuer A3/2 But that is also the challenge, as the noise increases as much if not more then the signal, so finding value is harder than ever
Michelle Cooke A3: instant feedback, barometer if they are using the analytics and applying insights
Casey Lucas - A3: Should simplify communications and decisions...
Charlene Li A3: Knowing who is on the other side of the chat -- having context -- makes the conversation and decisions more meaningful.
Phylicia Teymer Social media channels can listen to the masses, relay that information, and help leaders make informed decisions. Social media can also aid in transparency.
Jim Lundy A3 At the same time, listening becomes important on Social Channels. Executives need to understand that.
Mark Babbitt Does anyone else feel that social (140 characters at a time) makes us communicate in a more concise, deliberate manner?
Bob Pulver A3: establish marketplaces for ideas, insights, work and talent. grow visibility, use #collectiveintel
Chris Heuer A3/3 but the efficiency of getting everyone on the same page, and hearing the info directly from the source is powerful
Amy Tennison A3. The ability to form real relationships with peers and acquaintances that don't live near you.
Chris Heuer A3/4 Decision making in the face of so much information requires an even greater amount of experience, empathy and wisdom
Casey Lucas - Agree, Agree, Agree... #RonR
Cleveland Bonner Crowd-sourced organizational feedback that can be layered with personas. Playing with and analyzing the data behind the feedback is the best part.
Amy Tennison A3. Con't - Many of my best connections have been initiated through social.
Chris Heuer A3/5 I am still amazed at how close it makes me feel with distant connections, creating real relationships as @AmyTennison said
Mark Babbitt Full disclosure: I am a much better listener on social than I am sitting around the dinner table. #sad
Jim Lundy @MarkSBabbitt yes agree. It forces people to be concise.
Charlene Li @Yaldez4FSI Instead of quarterly or annual employee evaluations, you get instant feedback every day. Moves from evaluation to development = healthier employee relationships.
jutreiger A3 transparency makes communication more effective and productive as not only the people one thinks might have the answer, actually the help and answer may come from different directions.
Bob Pulver A3 (cont) need to democratize insight, let all know what you know
Jim Lundy Also inside of a firm, an ESN is very popular with Millennials.
Shawn Murphy Social enables real time feedback that can be used to make more informed decisions, be more inclusive, too.
Chris Heuer @charleneli makes an excellent point, less assessment, more growth for the individual and the org
Charlene Li Filtering information is going to be a key skill in the future. A trusted network that you helps you filter will be a key asset to have. Pick who you follow carefully!
Bob Pulver A3 (cont) analytics on these marketplaces will reveal useful, previously untapped insight
Amber Armstrong @AmyTennison we found you through facebook even!
Amy Tennison @MarkSBabbitt Although sometimes "concise" is lost with abbreviations and bad grammar. :)
Mark Babbitt @AmyTennison In Mark-land, abbreviations and bad grammar is the opposite of concise communication. #headhurts
Lou Latham cuts through the hierarchy
Bob Pulver @charleneli re healthier relationships, I think this is one of many benefits to concept of quantified work
Jim Lundy of course we have begun the shift to a messaging generation. Enterprise Mobile Messaging is coming online.