9/29 CSC #Speedideation
Topic today is: A New Vision for SMAC Convergence: http://speedideation.com/2014/09/23/lets-co-creat
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#SpeedIdeation9/22 CSC #SpeedideationTopic today is: Public Wifi for Business
Jerry Overton
#SMAC convergence + public sector: optimistic or pessimistic? Why? #CSCTechTalk
Chris Fangmann Depends on where we look. I'd see optimistic in e.g. North America, less in optimistic in Europe
Henry Singer Optimistic - SeeClickFix is revolutionizing citizen engagement with municipal service delivery, bring citizens into the process and accelerating the time to resolution
Jerry Overton Definitely optimistic -- but cautiously.
Jerry Overton @ChrisFangmann That's interesting. Why the difference by region?
Henry Singer Cautious because in the public sector constraints are written into Laws, Regulations and Policies - the inertia is tremendous
Sorin Costea @ChrisFangmann as long the individual can't own personal shared data, many policymakers will be pressured to stand in the way
Chris Fangmann My personal experience in @CSC shows that NPS drives a lot more innovation (including #SMAC) while European public sector tends to be slow follower
Henry Singer SMAC is all about overcoming constraints - in place, in time, in access to people and information, in flexibility to respond. It requires re-imagination of the possible without the constraints, something govt is not good at
Henry Singer @ChrisFangmann cultural differences in the relative trade-off of privacy and utility of sharing data seem to be at play too
Chris Fangmann @henrysinger absolutely - and I was only thinking about western-oriented nations right now - looking outside shows me additional threads, but also additional chances - just see how learning changed with #SMAC.
Chris Fangmann
Jerry what's your high level future view for SMAC in Public Sector?
Jerry Overton SMAC + Public sector converging in 3 different levels...
Jerry Overton World, Nation, and Individual. Impact varies depending on your point of view.
Chris Fangmann Would you agree Individuals have been the driver for the last years but this might change with approach industries, nations will take?
Kyle Zellman One has to understand that govt's typically prioritize security above all else. Social, mobile, and cloud techs are viewed as potential security breaches, which causes govt's to be cautious. They'll come around eventually though.
Sorin Costea uhm industries and nations are also driven by individuals...
Chris Fangmann @khzellman So with increasing security we can accelerate
Sherri Hartlen-Neely @khzellman I don't think governments are alone in that fear. Vaguely informed private citizens are also very concerned by privacy issues (or the perceived lack of privacy in SMAC).
Kyle Zellman Yes. Public sector clients, especially in intel and defense, will gravitate toward private clouds. They will also be proponents of cutting edge authentication techs with regards to mobile tech.
Kyle Zellman @shartlen That's true. This is why I like hearing about how we want cybersecurity baked into everything we do. Because it's going to have to be.
Sorin Costea agree: security can be a very very strong differentiator in the sectors which matter
Henry Singer It think that cities will lead the way with SMAC
Chris Fangmann @sorincos Would we be able to provide easy access to "select your own security level" re private data?
Sorin Costea technically sure. Conceptually? Uh... What should I share, what are the consequences today, what will be come next year based on what I shared today?
Chris Fangmann @sorincos Another example where education (e.g. through #SMAC) can help a real lot - one tends to make better decisions with better information & education
Sorin Costea to understand you can never keep pace with your data consumers?
Jerry Overton
How does #SMAC convergence change the role of CIO/CISO? #CSCTechTalk
Chris Fangmann CIO / CISO needs to be business aware, technology aware & social expert - used to be a couple of jobs, now it's one
Henry Singer LEF report talks about double deep. SMAC reinforces the trend to converge IT and Business. CIO role move away from provider towards coach and trusted advisor to business
Jerry Overton @ChrisFangmann Agreed. Definitely puts pressure on that role to provide greater clarity and better, forward-looking, roadmaps
Chris Fangmann @henrysinger Henry - double deep is great - but we need to add social behaviour, so it really needs to be triple-deep
Henry Singer @ChrisFangmann Yes - and social is a threat to the hierarchy. Only "new age" business leaders embrace social. IMHO
Chris Fangmann @henrysinger So true - that's why we see so many "new age" business leaders taking over - and plain honest - I love it. Whenever reduction of hierarchy leads to a slightly better world we should embrace it
Jerry Overton
What is (should be) the new social contract between the gov't and citizens? #CSCTechTalk
Jerry Overton Definitely a deep respect for privacy and free will over statistical correlation
Sherri Hartlen-Neely The "social contract" must include the idea that government cannot spy on private citizens and use their social data to do so. Your idea of "predictive policing" gives me absolute chills.
Jerry Overton @shartlen Should also include some basic ideas about the level of control each citizen gets over his/her data.
Sherri Hartlen-Neely I would say the non-spying social contract also needs to extend to businesses, organizations and employers.
Sorin Costea @shartlen but how could such a social contract govt-citizens be properly enforced? Digitally?
Sherri Hartlen-Neely @sorincos That's the question! I don't know that anyone has come up with the answer yet.
Chris Fangmann @shartlen Great topic - this questions alone should be a focused discussion here and in lots of other places
Sorin Costea yeah, deep respect and human trust never brought one very far - it needs digital enforcement :)
Jerry Overton
What are some grand challenges in #SMAC convergence you'd like to see solved? #CSCTechTalk
Henry Singer I think that predictive analytics (think Google Now) has a long way to go, but tremendous opportunity. As I blogged, we are only at the beginning of the end of serendipity
Jerry Overton Best practices for how to be a responsible consumer of social media and data science results.
Chris Fangmann Education - make users aware of what they should protect and how to do it. In same context: Make protection easy.
Henry Singer Filtering is a grand challenge for social and analytics - in a govt context it is about insights
Jerry Overton
Public-sector services using private-sector platforms...can that work? #CSCTechTalk
Jerry Overton I'm picturing the NSA running on AWS...
Chris Fangmann Of course - like public sector using private sector streets & constructions
Kyle Zellman This could definitely work once clients are assured its reasonably safe.
Jerry Overton @khzellman Yep. The real question is how do you provide that assurance. And can that kind of security be centralized?
Kyle Zellman Case studies? Alternatively, give them access to the platform and see if they can breach/break it?
Chris Fangmann @khzellman Fully agree - let PS play with industry-grade platforms to see where they could be :-)
Marc Schwerdtfeger Consumerization creates the need to adopt quickly, private sector platforms might be the only way