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Kraig Burningham
@jonfortt In 1991, I sold WordPerfect Corp. their first color laptops (Toshiba, $14k. ea.) Note the headline, then.
Twitter / KraigBu: @jonfortt In 1991, I sold ...
@jonfortt In 1991, I sold WordPerfect Corp. their first color laptops (Toshiba, $14k. ea.) Note the headline, then. 
John Furrier
Good old computerland and businessland etc.. glory days of double digit margins !!!
John Furrier
that's an IBM ps/2 looks like
Susyn Elise Duris
Ah, the old Computerland/Businessland. When I say I miss Egghead Software, people say "what?!"
John Furrier
Salesforce under pressure is there something brewing @theinformation is on the case
Amid Cloud Mania, Questions About Salesforce's Growth - The Information’s many acquisitions and the change-the-business-world gospel preached by chief executive Marc Benioff mask a deterioration in the company's much-touted revenue growth, a worrying development for a bellwether firm whose share price has ...
Crowd Captain
Many have said that Salesforce's cloud is very much outdated and they are turning into what Cisco was in the 90s for this Cloud generation..cobbled together incongruent pieces of different companies and technology all looking like it hangs together
John Furrier
Salesforce has great stickiness with their sales crm app and that has stood the test of time they just never could be like #AWS I wonder if @benioff took his eye off the ball
abhishek mehta
they also have a pressing technology challenge - how to scale for a billion customers...investing heavily in #hbase
Lauren Cooney
"@furrier throwback thursday Doug Cutting #unfiltered from years ago" < awesome. We need one from 2008! #hadoop
Doug Cutting, Founder of Hadoop - Extraction Point with John Furrier
John Furrier sits down with Doug Cutting, founder of Hadoop. Doug is an advocate and creator of open-source technology. Doug and John talk about the story of...
Crowd Captain
@cloudera was #unfiltered back then and very open. That interview is amazing and still fresh today #evergreen
John Furrier
Web inventor wants to see a Bill of Rights for the World Wide Web
Web inventor Berners-Lee to do Reddit AMA Wednesday
What next for the Web? 'I am concerned and excited about its future,' says Tim Berners-Lee, who'll answer your questions on Reddit starting at noon PT. Read this article by Rich Trenholm on CNET News.
Shakil Khan
:) “@EvelynRusli: Sometimes the women you rarely hear about in tech, are the most interesting ones.. @shak
Li Ka-shing And Horizons Ventures: The Making of A Venture Capital Powerhouse
The pair who founded Horizons Ventures had their own investing history before bringing in a tycoon.
John Furrier
great story the @wsjd is really kicking butt in tech lately
John Furrier
How the NSA Plans to Infect ‘Millions’ of Computers with Malware.Top-secret docs reveal that the National Security Agency is dramatically expanding power
How the NSA Plans to Infect 'Millions' of Computers with Malware - The Intercept
The NSA is dramatically expanding its ability to covertly deploy malware on a mass scale.
Kelsey Mulcahy
Google Glass finally arrives in the UK, the first country outside the US (Nick Summers/The Next Web) #technews
9 minutes ago
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Kelsey Mulcahy
Most Of The Tech Industry Is Absurd And Unnecessary: Stefan Constantinescu of Tab Dump via @kaviguppta
Most Of The Tech Industry Is Absurd And Unnecessary: Stefan Constantinescu of Tab Dump
How I’m Informed is a look into the reading and learning habits of people from all walks of life. Tweet me @kaviguppta if you know someone interesting who should be featured. Stefan Constantinescu is the creator and curator of Tab Dump, a website tha...
Kelsey Mulcahy
@rayanandi @furrier what do you think about that bold statement? hah
Kelsey Mulcahy
@WorkJamie - @yousufsaifuddin is saying it is a cross between the #iphone and HTC one. interesting.
Amazon announces the Fire Phone: Yep, it's a phone alright. Amazon officially unveiled the Fire Pho... #technews
4 minutes ago
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Kelsey Mulcahy
seems like some awesome specs #amazon
AMAZON LIVE: New 4.7-Inch Fire Phone
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has unveiled a new smartphone called Fire Phone. It's smaller than leading Android phone, but larger than Apple's iPhone. Bezos calls the screen, measuring 4.7 inches diagonally, ideal for one-handed use. During an announcement ...
Oren Carmeli
It seems like Amazon needs to gain ground in the fight after its KindleFireHDX tablet lost in sales to the iPad Air
John Furrier
Fadi Chehade CEO of ICANN. Love the opening question by @dvellante he said who runs the Internet 'I thought it was Google' say Dave Vellante cofounder of Wikibon cohost of @theCUBE
Fadi Chehade - MIT ECIR 2014 - theCUBE
Fadi Chehade, as the President and CEO of ICANN, is frankly one of the more important people in the Internet world. His organization is responsible for two k...