INFINIDAT's Portfolio Launch
INFINIDAT is extending its portfolio beyond InfiniBox to cover more of the data lifecycle. #AMA
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Keith Townsend - Light will overcome darkness
I don't get how this beats the speed of light? At what distance can INFINIDAT guarantee a 0 RPO?
Joe Roa
Think of it not as beating speed of light in long distance transfer but rather managing Zero RPO of the source data from the point of disaster, regardless of the situation.
Brian Carmody
It supports sync/RPO 0 from any two points on earth. Local writes are acknowledged in 300 uSec and shipped asynchronously (4 second RPO) to the remote site. During a disaster the last 4 secs are protected locally then transmitted over WAN or Cellular to remote site]
Keith Townsend - Light will overcome darkness
That doesn't pass the sniff test. If the box dies and data hasn't been written to the far end, how can you guarantee a 0-RPO?
Brian Carmody
the iSync box doesn't die. It is ballistically hardened to aviation flight data recorder specifications
Aviad Offer
Any I/O that was ACKed to the local Box was also ACKed to the InfiniSync. The specs of the InfiniSync insure it can take any kind of disaster for example : Up to 1,733°F (945°C) for one hour with a direct flame (ISO-834) . Now the InfiniSync can send the data vi LTE
Doc D'Errico
Depends on which box you're talking about. If the InfiniBox, for example, loses power, InfiniSync will replicate via whatever communication mechanisms remain - including Cellular. In the absoute worst case, you can physically relocate the blackbox and recover
Jacob Broido
And the data can be extracted from iSync box and transferred to remote system through multitude of methods - cellular, ip or physical transfer of media (few SSDs)
Eran Brown
the box is literally made of the same materials of an airplane black-box. See for the extreme testing it undergoes regularly.
Keith Townsend - Light will overcome darkness
Anytime an IT vendor says a box will never fail, there's some guy with a mop asking to hold his beer. Near Zero-RPO is a safer statement. There is no such thing as a Zero RPO.
Keith Townsend - Light will overcome darkness
No argument that you guys are going as far or further than anyone I've listened to thus far.
Joe Roa
This understanding is why we brought it to the Market. You're welcome.
Keith Townsend - Light will overcome darkness
I worked for Lockheed Martin for a few years. After learning root-cause by reviewing the process for the shuttle tanker disaster, I don't believe in indestructible. No matter how impressive the testing.
David Floyer
Hi Keith - Previously Axxana box never properly integrated with storage. EMC had a sort of solution with Axxana, but preferred to sell 3-site solutions! Single processor in Infinisynch (heat issue), probability of disaster and processor failure is very, very small.
David Floyer
Hi Keith - are you arguing that there is always a probability of not recovering a disaster! I agree! But you can make it much smaller! The Axxana solution is, in my opinion, the lowest probability failure solution in the market for data loss.
David Floyer
You would agree, people in the recovery process are the weakest link. Full automation of database recovery needs to be developed and tested. Zero RPO and zero RTO is of course impossible. But, IMHO, a very high expectation of zero RPO can be achieved with Infinisynch!