Women Partner Interviews
Get to know business women who are interested in forming collaborative business relationships.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas
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Jerrilynn B. Thomas, founder of Collaborative Business Match, is engaging in one of one and small group networking to get to know members of LinkedIn's women in business community by interviewing 10 women per state/Province. The endgame is forming m...
Morissa Schwartz I did this the other day, right?
Jerrilynn B. Thomas No you filled out the pre-interview.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas
Introduce yourself.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas Hi everyone. My name is Jerrilynn. I facilitate collaborative business relationships between busy business and professional women who are looking for innovative ways to monetize their LinkedIn membership.
Morissa Schwartz I am Morissa Schwartz. I am a digital entrepreneur with a publishing company and ghostwriting company, as well as a few blogs and websites.
Charity Mackey I'm Charity Mackey, director for Miss Fashion Week Tampa Bay. Miss Fashion Week is an organization the bridges modeling and pageantry. We believe in diversity My website is Missfwtampabay.com.
Deborah Northcutt I'm Deborah Northcutt and my business is Free You Up VA. I work with stressed out entrepreneurs, public speakers, and coaches. I help you with your administrative tasks and also help public speakers to get more speaking gigs.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas
How can we find you on LinkedIn?
Jerrilynn B. Thomas Invite me to connect: http://www.linkedin....
Please follow my LinkedIn Company Page: https://www.linkedin...
Charity Mackey @https://www.linkedin.com/in/charity-mackey-573bb23b/
Deborah Northcutt @http://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahnorthcutt
Jerrilynn B. Thomas
Share your location.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas Douglasville, GA US
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Charity Mackey Tampa Bay, Florida
Jerrilynn B. Thomas
Good evening! If you filled out the pre-interview form, please say hello so I can help you begin the interview process.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas You will see the interview topics below posted by me. Simply respond under my response for each one.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas The first topic asks you to share your location.
Charity Mackey Hello. How are you
Jerrilynn B. Thomas Hi Charity. I'm doing great. I'm finally back online.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas
Words of wisdom for other business women.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas Why sell to one person at a time when you can forge lucrative collaborative biz relationships that can each yield 10 or more sales? Build strategic win win biz relationships with complementary biz people who are already catering to your audience.
Charity Mackey In business if you do not ask for what you need or want the answer will always and forever be NO!!
Jerrilynn B. Thomas
Who is your ideal client?
Jerrilynn B. Thomas My ideal client is a female LinkedIn member who wants to monetize her membership using a collaborative approach to reach its audience of 200+ million business and professional women so she can accelerate her marketing and sales results.
Morissa Schwartz My ideal clients are fellow entrepreneurs and/or authors who want to get their stories out there and use their books to get to the next level of their careers
Charity Mackey Im looking to make sponsorships/collaborations with businesses, owners, entrepreneurs, stylist, socialites, photographers, videographers, plus, runway and petite models, chefs and many other walks of life.
Deborah Northcutt My ideal client is entrepreneurs who are doing administrative tasks that they shouldn't be doing or don't know how to do. Also speakers who need help in getting more speaking gigs.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas
What do you bring to the table to make forging a collaborative business relationship with you worthwhile?
Jerrilynn B. Thomas I bring a love of creating online publicity around fun business holidays to stand out from the crowd; passion for connecting busy business and professional women; network of over 8,000 LinkedIn connections; collaborative marketing solutions; & much more.
Morissa Schwartz I am a millennial/GenZ expert with a Masters in Communication, and I am earning my doctorate in Literature. Knowing how and why to communicate efficiently is my strong suit and what I help many clients with.
Charity Mackey I believe in having positive relationships (Business or otherwise), Encouraging others to reach their next level. I have faith in other people and I will use my own energy to help others to shine. I humble but i fight for what is right.
Charity Mackey I'm honest to a fault. Someone may not like what I had to say but they could never say that I lied to them. I take pride in helping others succeed while I'm on the path to success as well. No woman/man left behind.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas
What types of companies and business people are you interested in forging collaborative business relationships with to expand your business reach?
Jerrilynn B. Thomas Interested in partnering with leaders of online/offline women's biz groups, biz coaches/consultants who want to offer their clients collaborative marketing support, direct sales leaders who want to offer their team LinkedIn marketing support, & more.
Morissa Schwartz I am interested in partnering with leaders and entrepreneurs.
Charity Mackey I'm interested in making community connection all over the world. You only limit your potential by placing a limit or value on the relationships you build.
Jerrilynn B. Thomas
What types of marketing projects you would like to collaborate on (events, newsletters, websites, articles, ads, videos, etc.)?
Jerrilynn B. Thomas I am interested in partnering on articles/publications related to marketing to women, membership sites for biz women in which I play a role in helping them navigate LinkedIn, partnering with leaders of online/offline women's groups to monetize LinkedIn.