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   9 years ago
Ervin Juresa
Don’t Blame #Social Media if Your Teen Is #Unsocial. It’s Your Fault @pomeranian99
John Furrier
the next major skill for kids is emotional and social IQ not SAT scores
Brian Fanzo
Agree.. teach kids to embrace change & utilize social data to make more strategic decisions! Teach change!
Andrew Iliadis
Google is buying AI companies. Google to buy artificial intelligence startup DeepMind for $400m via @LizGannes
RT @fmanjoo: IS X LIKE THE HOLOCAUST? I made a handy flowchart!
Anna Letitia Cook
What's Good for Women is Good for Business
Marcel Karreman
What Millennials Want (And Why Employers Should Take Notice) | LinkedIn
Kristin Danielsen
What Millennials Want (And Why Employers Should Take Notice) | LinkedIn
John Furrier
RT @Wild5tar What's Hot in #Mobile #Tech Today is out!
Kwame Som-Pimpong
Perfect. “@fmanjoo: The 10 Most Jaw-Dropping Comments From An Out-Of-Touch Millionaire’s Bloomberg TV Interview
John Furrier
he is not out of touch he is very much in touch - wake up friend
John Furrier
@mattlynley missed the boat on this story i watched the interview and this buzzfeed story is glossing over the real content
John Furrier
Tom Perkins speaks the truth. No that he regrets his nazi comment. No one can argue his points. He is right on point. Trickle down baby.
The Problem with Tom Perkins's Take on Silicon Valley : The New Yorker
How closely do Tom Perkins’s ideas about inequality match the sentiments of his Silicon Valley peers?
John Furrier
Founder of Kleiner Perkins mans up and shows the world he is correct. Want to debate come here and be heard
Perkins: I Regret Using the Word Kristallnacht: Video - Bloomberg
Stay up to date on the latest business news, stock market data and financial trends. Get personal finance advice from leading experts.
John Furrier
Twitter Chat here on #Apple earnings