Favorite Mac 30yr Stories
Public timeline of the favorite stories about the Macintosh birth January 24, 1984
Jay Cuthrell +1-415-763-8343
I remember taking out my first loan to get a Mac Duo 230 and mini dock
John Furrier
I still remember the apple sticker that shipped with the box a tradition that continues today
Dave Vellante
that's awesome!
Robert Scoble
I was out of high school, and an Apple II fan. When the Mac got introduced I knew my life had changed. It wasn't until the Laser Printer and Aldus Pagemaker shipped, though, that my life really did change. By 1989 I was a total fan.
John Furrier
@scobleizer weights in on Crowdchat !! Woot
Dave Vellante
I was an early Apple user in college, writing video games on a 6502-based Apple II. Apple shipped a free Lisa to IDC in 1983 and nobody used it except me. I was crazy about it and when I first saw the Mac the UI was very familiar. Love a first click...
Susyn Elise Duris
Seeing all the 30 year stories reminds me of my own experience with Steve - that 30-minute convo with him I have treasured greatly over the years. Steve wss a forward-thinker. I think he would be more focused on the next great thing...
John Furrier
the event was superb and it had that vibe that was there at the time of us computer guys had at the time..conversations about versions of "C" and Pascal, Appleshare, other people and the pride of creating the personal computing industry
Henrik Wagner
I would think Steve would celebrate and reflect back on core values around: Inspiring others, Innovation and always Challenging the Status Quo
Reese Jones
MacWorld SF show 1988 Farallon had introduced MacRecorder, SoundEdit and HyperCard sound integration, at the show's end we played, the first recorded "full song", filling a maximum hard disk, streamed live publicly through PA sound system "Born to Be Wild"
Rob Peglar
First Mac was an SE. My kids(now 27 and 24) loved it, as did I. Went through the various SE models, various Mac II as well. I remember spending $400 for the 4MB (!) memory upgrade for my SE. It was wonderful :-)
John Furrier
I waited to by my first mac til 2007
steven c shepard
Sweet memories! At that time I was a PC guy; and late to the Apple world party. You should seen the look on my face the very first time I tried to eject a floppy from my Mom's Mac Plus.Took a straight pin to dislodge it. Oh, and learned the CMD eject. Yea?
John Furrier
I was a PC guy until the iPod and virus free OS was a reality. Mac is superior in all areas of PC- one killer feature no viruses
Crowd Captain
Finally, I posted my own reminisce on eyewitnessing birth of Mac, and why 2014 isn't and is like 1984.
2 hours ago
John Furrier
Through three decades of evolution, we still have a machine whose DNA recognizably traces back to its origin. Indeed, 30 years after Jobs introduced his machine at the Flint Center in Cupertino, I am writing these words on a Macintosh.

So, at least in one
John Furrier
Humanization around data is the next big vision that Jobs would have worked on #apple