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   7 years ago
#MobileInsightsDigital reinvention at #MWC17What do the world’s most prominent mobile innovators see as the upcoming mobile trends?
IBM Mobile
Q1. How many hours a day do you spend on your mobile phone? #IBMAmplify

Cheryl K. Burgess
A1. Research says we look at our smart phone about 1,500 times a week. Multiply that by several minutes each time, and you have spent 200 hours on your device that week. #IBMAmplfy
Alejandro de la G.M.
Ohhhhhh, this is embarrassing....12-18 hours a day more probably
James Cammarata
many times scattered over the entire day
Cheryl K. Burgess
#IBMAmplify Use my iPhone WAAAY more than I'm willing to go on record :-)
Wyatt Urmey
on the phone alone, less than most. Mobile is more than the Smart Phone. Bring in the other devices, above average.
Chris Downey
I keep my phone with me until I go to bed. Or, a LOT.
Kimberly Young
@IBMMobile it's almost always by my side
Cheryl K. Burgess
A9. Give your mobile customers a consistent experience across all devices and channels. Don’t make customers look elsewhere for product and services – make it available on mobile first. #MobileInsight #IBMAmplify
Aviv Canaani
A5: Who would want to use multiple phones? It's like having multiple spouses
Aviv Canaani
(my wife isn't on Twitter...(
Jeff Hasen
can do that in Utah. Actually moved there. Told my wife I have have more than 1 wife. She said you already have. #touche
Alejandro de la G.M.
funny enough the cellphone becomes a wife: reminds you everything from the good to the bad things you've done!
Anton Ansalmar
@AlexdlGMusi Ha Ha good one Alejandro
Aviv Canaani
Just don't ask me to compare A1 and A5, showing who I spend more time with, mobile phone or spouse...
Aviv Canaani
A3: The IBM call-in app. Best way to dial in to a conference number with a passcode without actually dialing (Sorry for the IBM self promotion but I use it all the time for work...) #IBMAmplify
Tracy Sullivan
A3: I recently starting using the order functionality of the Starbucks mobile app. Bypass the line at my local store is a time and patience saver! Plus, I think my co-workers are happy that I get my required caffeine intake quicker. :-)
Cheryl K. Burgess
A4. Good news: recorded Kentucky Derby remotely via my smart phone app. Bad news: before I was able to watch the recording at home, I learned from a Breaking News app that Nyquist won the race! #MobileInsights
Bruce Baron
A10: What is next in Mobile Marketing is less un-targeted advertising-like activity, more relevant content. I pray...
Aviv Canaani
I think we're getting there. When i see ads that aren't relevant for me I'm surprised and wonder what mistake they did to reach me. Luckily we have @hirensocial on our team so it doesn't happen with our paid media...
Wyatt Urmey
Today, two Marketing Leaders said 'Spray and Pray' messages are on the way out with #mobile, at #IBMAmplify
Alisa Maclin
We'll see more B2B marketing on mobile devices particularly as contextual and personalization continue to evolve
Jeff Hasen
Yup - and user experience needs to be equally excellent. It's the same user wearing two hats.
Hiren Patel
No more desktop and I hope by 2020 Mobile phone gets charged auto using natural elements!
Aviv Canaani
A9: Contextual campaigns. They should know who I am, where I'm at, what I like and what I'm interested in. Sure, sounds creepy but with that people will get only relevant promotions. #IBMAmplify