What's next for ITOA?
Discuss ITOA market trends, new technology & predictions about the future of IT operations analytics
   3 years ago
#ITOpsChatWhat's next for IT Ops?Discuss market trends, new technology & predictions about the future of IT operations.
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Q6: What skill sets do you think are required to deploy IT Operations Analytics?
Kevin Myers a better question is what skills are required to benefit from ITOA. The best tools are going to help non-SMEs and non-data scientists still reap the benefits of these solutions by making the insights clear and intuitive
Kevin Myers anyone can 'roll your own solution' with open source tools and techniques, but that takes some PhDs to pull off. And common search platforms can help an SME dive into the detail. The key is helping the generalist get insights into issues...
ITOA Landscape Great point Kevin!
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Steve Smythe Definitely the goal of ITOA solutions is to ensure high skills are not required, but most generic tools may not meet those goals
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Q5: What pain points do you have in your operations environment that analytics could solve?
ITOA Landscape @stevesmythe Steve, what are the top 3 biggest pain points you hear from your customers?
Steve Smythe I'll start with a common one we see is a lack of simple visibility into ops envs
Steve Smythe traditional tools have been improving on this for years, but adding in the analytics capabilities provides a completely new level of insights into operational environments
ITOA Landscape Agreed Steve. Traditional tools present us with the raw data, and lots of it, but sufficient insight into the actual meaning buried in all that data is still remarkably scarce.
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Steve Smythe Top 3 would be 1: My operations staff is too overwhelmed, 2: The business needs so many new applications up yesterday, but I don;t have ability to manage them due to lack of resources, 3: Downtime kills my SLAs, and I need to do better
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Q3: What are the main business benefits that companies are realizing from #ITOA?
Steve Smythe A common benefit is the reduction in mean-time-to-repair....we are seeing upwards of 60-70% reductions, as you utilize rapid seach across all operational big data
ITOA Landscape We collected several game changing ITOA use cases you can find here: http://www.itoa-land...
Steve Smythe Other directly measurable benefits include reduction in operational costs and staffing with introduction on behavioral learning algorithms
Steve Smythe This at many clients is approaching 7-figure annual savings in skilled manpower to manage and configure traditional montoring solutions in favor of ITOA approaches
ITOA Landscape Accelerate incident investigation, assess and optimize IT Operations
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ITOA Landscape By extracting insights and drawing intelligent correlations, IT Decision makers can get more than just individual parts - see the whole IT operations picture.
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Last question - Q8: How do you think analytics will impact IT operations in the next 5 years?
Kevin Myers This is where IT operations finally has a chance to become integral to the business, not just a necessary evil. Understanding how the assets of IT support the business (or not) and how to ensure customer sat with core business apps is key
ITOA Landscape within 5 to 10 years, we’ll see how multiple vertical analytics will merge into a unified analytics layer, serving as a ‘brain’ for automated IT environments.
Steve Smythe Will emphasize what Kevin said below, that in next 5 years, don;t necessarily see analytics a "new tool" but a part of enhaced capabilities operations teams and SMEs will use for advanced insights, and more efficiency
Steve Smythe Stefanie, can we get to self-healing and self-administration in 5 years?
ITOA Landscape Steve, I believe so. Newer ITOA technologies are advancing rapidly. Wide spread adoption and realizing the benefits is next.
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Q7: How do you see ITOA aligning with APM, IoT, security, event management and big data?
ITOA Landscape We'll see more intelligence in the data center & cloud. For example…
ITOA Landscape @ibmtivo A Blended Analytics approach (e.g. Performance, Log, Deployment Automation & Configuration Data), will drive this intelligence, raising the level of IT automation to include self-healing & self-administration of environments.
ITOA Landscape Here you can find predictions from a variety of expert ITOA resources: http://www.itoa-land...
Steve Smythe Self-healing and self-administration is the ultimate goal, and ITOA tools today are an initial step to getting there
Kevin Myers the best ITOA solutions are going to become an integrated part of those established workflows. It should not be about being the next tool to steal time - its about bring insights into the way people already work
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Q4: What are some trends in analytics that you’re seeing in IT Operations?
ITOA Landscape Seeing that organizations are leveraging analytics for better IT Ops Insights, yet today’s ITOA solutions STILL limited by operating in silos (APM, log etc.), focus on symptoms, and limited analytics capabilities.
ITOA Landscape So to really reap benefits and promise that ITOA offers, IT decision makers need to break operating in silos and apply approach that blends and analyzes major sources of info together for operational insights.
Steve Smythe Stefanie, do you see analytics deployments breaking down those traditional silos?
ITOA Landscape Steve - yes absolutely. Recognition is growing, adoption still needs to occur more though. Now there are a great variety of solutions out there like IBM's.
ITOA Landscape A great place to hear what some of the top analysts and vendors are saying as part of our ITOA Thought Leaders Series including IBM is located here: http://www.itoa-land...
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Kevin Myers Starting to see clients start to get out of the problem/response mode with analytics- use to aggregate and spot trends
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Q1: How familiar are you with IT Operations Analytics (#ITOA) and are you currently using it?
Steve Smythe for those unfamiliar, IT Operations Analytics (aka ITOA) is the technolgies to leverage the operational data you already have for various business benefits
ITOA Landscape On a scale of 1-10 1 being not familiar and 10 being very familiar?
IBM Service Mgmt @itoalandscape Sure, that scale works for us
Steve Smythe We would like to hear from others on their use of these solutions, but it is a relatively early market, so don;t be concerned if you don;t know tpoo much about this
Steve Smythe Stefanie, what has been your experience in adoption of ITOA technologies?
ITOA Landscape Steve - from what I've seen from vendors and in speaking with analysts adoption is increasing at a rapid rate. People recognizing the need.
ITOA Landscape You can see what analysts are saying from some of these reports: http://www.itoa-land...
Steve Smythe We are definitely seeing a rapid uptick, as awareness of the capabilities and ROIs obtained are more commonly understood
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Mark Delaney About a 6/10. Getting NOI up and running takes a fair bit of time and effort. Need to understand how best to "sell" it now