Opportunity Makers
Rules of Engagement for ideal teamwork and collaboration. How do you become an opportunity maker?
   4 years ago
#TEDatIBMReimagining WorkAn open world of collaboration has allowed us to reimagine the way we work.
IBM Social Business
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Kare Anderson • A.1 Cultivating a relationship with WSJ lawyer when I was a WSJ journalist helped me get his backing in writing about a cover-up
Joel Comm A1 : @IBMSocialBiz I don't believe in random events. However, there was this time...
Joel Comm A1: It seems that most of the really cool things that happen to me are seemingly random.
Lindsay Malloy A1: Getting this job was definitely an unexpected opportunity, especially with my educator background!
Kare Anderson Frans Johannson of Th Click Moment doesn't either. Here's to serendipity @joelcomm
Joel Comm A1 - but I was introduced to a guy who was building a multiplayer game site. Ended up partnering with him and selling to Yahoo!
Amy Tennison A1. A happy hour lead to me getting hired at IBM. Just perfect timing and connections.
Laura Wolf there have been instances of being in the right place at the right time to meet the right person which has led to opportunities
Paige Sandhu @AmyTennison No way!!! I want to know more about this hiring story :P
Lindsay Malloy @AmyTennison Interesting! A friend of mine works at IBM and they said they needed someone with an education background! So random
Colleen Stone @LindsaySkarda Wow! That sounds awesome. Why was it random?
Kare Anderson The greater our clarity of mission the more serendipity happens Laura Wolf
Wyatt Urmey Business conferences lead to unexpected opportunities, discussions. Content is important but business happens in the margins of meetings.
Bob Pulver A1: I experience serendipity regularly but it's not random; need eyes and eyes open, always
Amy Tennison @paige_sandhu @LindsaySkarda Yes, it's crazy how sometimes things just work out.
Colleen Stone @joelcomm It's always pretty exciting when it's totally random!
Paige Sandhu I think being tagged in a job posting on facebook about a certain open position at IBM was the most random event, similar to yours @AmyTennison :)
Lindsay Malloy @CollMStone I used to teach elementary school... I never thought I'd change my career to digital marketing
Joel Comm @lawolf it's all about making yourself available an OPEN to opportunity!
John Furrier Social is very karma driven you have to gravitate toward affinity and let the world take you where it wants to go. Clustering around "gravity" is natural in social and why content is the new connection oriented frequency for connecting
Joel Comm Steve Jobs decided to create an iPhone. So I randomly created an app that went to #1. Never saw that coming.
Colleen Stone @paige_sandhu Jobs over social, I like it! :D
Kushaan Shah A1: Commented on a blog post out of the blue once for a non-profit and then got contacted by the head of the non-profit to blog for them. Totally unexpected! #TedAtIBM
Joel Comm @furrier hey John! This is a cool platform, dude. #win
Rebecca Wissinger @joelcomm I totally agree, always have an open mind & heart & opportunity will find you
Courtney Smith ha a random happy hour in wash DC led to me meeting @bryankramer - rest is history!
Kare Anderson @furrier you are an astute interviewer as shown at @EMC -- brings out Serendipity
John Furrier I did live video at EMC randomly which created our flagship product @theCUBE never would have happened without @dvellante now my business partner and friend
Colleen Stone @kushaanshah That's awesome! Forward me the blog, I'd love to take a look.
Joel Comm @cshasarrived ah... that fateful day. ;-)
Daniel Davis More than once I've become unemployed at just the right time for a better opportunity to come along. #Serendipity !
Kare Anderson @cshasarrived love & biz mix well @BryanKramer = mutualitymindset
Amy Tennison @cshasarrived I love those types of love stories. I met my husband at an engagement party. We had the same major and minor at the same school, but never cross paths until then because he was 4 years older.
Joel Comm @danielkdtwt when I lost jobs (back when I had jobs), it was the BEST THING EVER!
Lisa_Koren Seems my life is all unexpected cicrumstances. Go with the flow.
Colleen Stone @danielkdtwt When one door closes another one opens!
Paige Sandhu I love how almost all the random events commented have led to a new job opportunity! The best kind of opportunity :)
Lisa_Koren @Korenlis Circumstances. Can't type today.
Daniel Davis My wife found $20 floating in the surf at Waikiki. That led to the opportunity for a slightly nicer dinner.
Adam Helweh
I really like this Crowdchat platform. First time using it.
Joel Comm @furrier is the Founder of this platform
John Furrier thanks our engineers just geeked out on it this morning hold at tech talk transcript is here http://www.via-cc.at...
Clouderati on DevOps #AWS
Special DevOps for #AWS Re:Invent yearly cloud event. We will discuss the magic of CrowdChat on AWS
Courtney Smith I like it too but a little challenging on my phone while driving! #pulloverresponses
Adam Helweh I would love to use this in the future. Been underwhelmed by most other Twitter chat apps. This seems to do so much more.
John Furrier you should see the dashboard data at platform.crowdchat.n... that hosts get
CrowdChat Platform
Our software enables active engagement between brands and their communities. We make life easier and efficient by automating time-consuming tasks. Using your social data, Twitter handles and #hashtags, our platform maps relevant signals and provides ...
Adam Helweh @cshasarrived be careful young lady.
Kare Anderson more mutuality reinforcing eh?
John Furrier @cshasarrived talk about oppty native mobile app coming this is web responsive only hard to vote on smartphone
Adam Helweh @furrier I'm definitely going to take a look and add it to my toolbox for 2015.
Kare Anderson @furrier you hero/founder of #CrowdChat who brings out our better side
Joel Comm @furrier we should talk. I may want to use this to launch my book, Twitter Power 3.0, in March 2015.
John Furrier @kareanderson we automate the recording of conversation the DVR for tweetchats with voting. easy to capture great sharing content from leaders like you and peers building content together
Mike Onsing I just discovered this from @isocialfanz and it's so amazing and easy to jump in and meet people. I evaluated all the tools this is far away the best.
John Furrier @joelcomm Absolutely we are approving all content developers and hosters in our beta; it's open to all users to participate in crowdchats
John Furrier @mikeonsing thanks for the complements and thank you to @iSocialFanz