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   3 years ago
#HybridCloudChatDriving cloud in the businessTaking the driving seat: How IT can regain control by deploying a hybrid cloud strategy
Dinko Eror
Today, we will talk about what we’re all doing at the show, hybrid cloud news and more. Enjoy, learn and have fun with us!
Suhela Dighe EMC at VMworld is all about Redefining IT with storage, backup & replication that integrates seamlessly with both converged & hyper-converged infrastructures. Like Hybrid Cloud!! :)
Suhela Dighe We have 18 speaking sessions, pleny of booth presentations with partners & customers.
What have you seen so far guys?
Michael Greene @suzyspaatz I have had some great crowds at my Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud mini theater presentations at both EMC and VCE booths!
Jonas Rosland Some of the most interesting things I've seen so far is of course tied to the Cloud-Native Apps space, where VMware is making big strides towards a fully fledged container management platform.
Dinko Eror Cool. Good to hear Mike.
Suhela Dighe I really enjoyed @sakacc's smorgasbord yesterday. He packed a ton on info into less than 1 hour.
Matt Liebowitz When we talk to customers about hybrid cloud, they often talk about moving their applications in. I like what VMware is doing with vRealize Automation to make that more powerful.
Dinko Eror I belive, vRealize is having unique capabilities. What do you think?
Jonas Rosland VMware is very focused on the "One Cloud", trying to bridge the gap between the different cloud vendors with a big toolset, and vRA is one of course one of those tools.
Matt Liebowitz I agree Dinko. Customers want to move their business critical applications to the hybrid cloud and the new capabilities in vRealize Automation will help make that easier. I suspect it will help customer adoption of hybrid cloud tech.
Mark Browne So how easy is it for a customer to migrate to a hybrid cloud solution?
Michael Greene The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution makes it as easy as possible for customers to make the transition by delivering the solution in 28 days
Michael Greene However a true transition takes time as you adjust your people and process along with the technology. Cloud requires different operations since it is all about self-service IT. Different skills are required within IT as well
Michael Greene Listen to a customer talk about the solution and the speed with which we were able to stand up the cloud https://www.youtube....
Dinko Eror It’s important to note that Hybrid Cloud is not public + private. Simply having both infrastructures in place does not give you a true hybrid cloud #hybridcloudchat!
Mark Browne As people know #EMCElect have a podcast http://bit.ly/1MyJsZ.... If there is a qustion youd'd like the panelists to expand on, ask it here and we'll capture the expanded answer on our podcast live recorded at #VMWorld
Dinko Eror
What has been your main takeaway from the keynotes so far?
Michael Greene Favorite Line from a customer "It's not about the big beating the small but the fast beating the slow"
Jonas Rosland The Cloud-Native Apps (#vmwcna) and the Photon Platform, definitely.
Matt Liebowitz For me it's been that VMware has been clear that they're willing to go where the market is going and continue to lead. Whether it's evolving their cloud products or adopting container technology, they've shown they'll continue to innovate.
Suhela Dighe How about you other guys at #VMworld right now, not just EMC people? What's been your main takeaway?
Dinko Eror VMware and Pivotal announced a joint, turnkey offering that combines VMware Photon Platform and Pivotal Cloud Foundry solution to further accelerate the deployment, integration and management of a cloud-native application development and production stack
Nkiru Uwaje @suzyspaatz great new vCloud Air features presented, truly showing how end users are being enabled
Simon Seagrave For me if has been the Integrated Containers - this gives businesses the opportunity to get their feet wet in the world of containers whilst running it alongside their existing VM instrastructure.
Dinko Eror RecoverPoint for VMs 4.3 SP1: Great update for RP4VMs bringing enhanced scalability, more comprehensive automation capabilities and the power.
Suhela Dighe
Has anybody got any hybrid cloud adoption advice they wish to share? http://www.via-cc.at...

Jonas Rosland Use _all_ the public and private resources you can. Don't lock yourself in. Try new things, fail, and try again until you succeed.
Dinko Eror Let me share few. Start smal, grow big. find a change agent withing the Business. And think always about the end customer of your customer.
Suhela Dighe In every industry where there are information workers, or large data reserves, it’s always the PEOPLE that are driving the #hybridcloud revolution.
Michael Greene Like with most change, the first step is the hardest.
Matt Liebowitz Bring everybody to the table as you plan your hybrid cloud strategy. Remember that cloud adoption requires more than just technology and will bring about major operational change. Make sure all of your stakeholders are in it with you.
Dinko Eror oh yeah, it is much more about the people and proccesses
Jonas Rosland Don't do it to just save money, that's a bad decision. Do it because you want to gain speed, agility and be able to push your organization forward.
Karsten Bott @DinkoEror when you grow thjere is one Thing i really love: noforklift ! ... http://kb.vmware.com...
Dinko Eror Photon Platform is Purpose-Built for Running Cloud-
Native Applications. Photon Platform meets the emerging needs around containers and features "just the right level of functionality" to run cloud-native applications at scale.
Simon Seagrave Take a well planned approach, and identify from the outset those workloads that are best suited to a Hybrid workflow. Remember that not every workload will be a good fit. It is an either/or process, not a one size fits all. Happy planning :)
Nkiru Uwaje
How do I know if my business is ready to adopt the Hybrid Cloud? @dinkoeror @suzyspaatz @callongreene @jonasrosland @mattliebowitz
Dinko Eror It is more about motivation. We will help you to define the future model, the journey, the roadmap and the next steps.
Matt Liebowitz Great question. I think businesses that are ready to change from IT being a cost center to being a broker of IT services are great candidates for hybrid cloud. IT becomes a value add to the business rather than simply keeping the lights on.
Suhela Dighe As a good EMCer, I suggest as a first step the IT Transformation Workshop: https://store.emc.co...
Michael Greene From presenting in the EBC customers definitely have different motivations. One that comes up a lot is Shadow IT. The line of business needs their IT resources faster and when internal IT cannot deliver, they look to cloud providers
Matt Liebowitz Of course technology is just one piece of the puzzle. One area we often help customers with is adopting a new operating model that can help then transition into being this broker of IT services. That's key to adopting hybrid cloud.
Nkiru Uwaje Great information! It really looks like #EMC can help my company and i define a roadmap for my IT Transformation @mattliebowitz @dinkoeror @suzyspaatz @callongreene
Dinko Eror Chad Sakac disclosed the full EMC support roadmap for VVols at VMworld in his session http://virtualgeek.t...
2015-emc-and-vvols-roadmap-and-overall-picture.html . Read the post!
Rob Koper @DinkoEror The URL is broken into 2 pieces :(
Dinko Eror
We started these chats in March. Since then, hybrid cloud has been adopted rapidly. What do you think are the market drivers & how has technology evolved since the beginning of the year.
Michael Greene From a technology evolution perspective we've recently announced some updates to the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution
Matt Liebowitz I think one of the biggest market drivers is simply that IT wants to take better control of cloud services and provide Amazon-like capabilities but with better visibility and agility. Hybrid cloud lets them do just that.
Suhela Dighe Tell us more about the newly enhanced Hybrid Cloud from EMC & friends.
Michael Greene Sorry I got kicked off the internet!
Jonas Rosland The way I see it many enterprises are moving towards a bimodal IT model, where they will use more hybrid resources for their new applications while also relying on traditional apps. The hybrid model will make impossible things possible.
Michael Greene One of our updates is around platform expansion so our customers can use the latest and greatest EMC Storage products as the foundation to their hybrid cloud. The solution now supports VMAX 3, Scale IO, VSPEX Blue, and Isilon for Hadoop File Services
Michael Greene My colleague @theSANzone posted a great blog with all the updates https://cloudchatsbl...
Suhela Dighe
Hey @dathbrun @GMcCarthy24 tell us about #EMCElect at #VMworld & the nominations for 2016! http://www.via-cc.at...

Dinko Eror And, if you want to read my Blogs about disruption: https://www.linkedin...
Suhela Dighe There's a whole blog series... @dinkoeror, you should be an #EMCelect in 2016!! Mr Cloud EMEA.
Greg McCarthy in the words of Chad Sakac, lots of "AWESOME-SAUCE." We've had some great guests, including President Chad, Itzik Reich, CTO of XtremIO, & Nigel Moulton, CTO of VCE in EMEA
Greg McCarthy Details on our podcast can be found below - and if you're at #VMworld, and want to carry on the conversation, let us know!
Suhela Dighe #VMworld community: Nominations for #EMCElect 2016 will open on Nov. 1: https://community.em...
Greg McCarthy BIGGEST news of the conference for #EMCELECT though.... nominations open up in November!
Mark Browne #EMC Elect nominations for 2016 membership open on November 1st. Who will you nominate?