DevOps Value Streams
Learn how to use value streams to understand the ROI you are getting from your DevOps adoption.
What is the first step to Value Stream Management for a large enterprise?
John Furrier My view is the first use tools that can generate data to identify key events to manage
John Furrier Having a end to end visibility in the data is key
Diego Lo Giudice usually you need to identify the value stream to focus first
Eric Robertson Agreed. these key events can used to elicit metrics/ KPIs that are important for driving your devops lifecycle
CollabNet @dlogiudice Which Value Stream would you recommend starting with?
Eric Robertson which then map to value streams you identified
Diego Lo Giudice eliminate waste, define the target VSM and implement the pipeline to automate as much as possible to improve.
Diego Lo Giudice the tools will generate data, so you need to create a baseline of that data, define the important metrics you want to track and compare/analyse and improve..
Thomas Hooker define the short list of critical applications you want to start with the identify their key stake holders
Is DevOps the "new Agile"? Is it replacing Agile?
Diego Lo Giudice NOOOOOOOO !!!....
John Furrier Devops is agile.
Thomas Hooker no, DevOps extends Agile
Diego Lo Giudice Agile and DevOps are two sides of the same coin, the metaphor I use is: Agile is like having the ferrari you enjoy it, the CX is great and you can go really fast !!!...
Diego Lo Giudice But a ferrari (Agile) needs a nice motorway or freeway so that you can go fast, on a winding road you might have fun with a ferrari but can't go that fast, if bumpy definitively can't.
John Furrier I respectfully disagree with @dlogiudice bc fast is the new norm and with opensource as the innovation standard no one can go slow. Slow=death
John Furrier automation and software like ML AI etc will create value from the data and old slow proceses and people
Diego Lo Giudice So you need a nice freeway or motorway to be able to go fast and enjoy the experience...that's DevOps: Architecture, Infrastructure, automation....
Diego Lo Giudice But both Agile + DevOps share the Lean the principles of : elimination of waste, focus on value, focus on people etc. etc.
Diego Lo Giudice @furrier I did not say we need to go slow ..totally agree is a race to go fast, and its one speed: Fast...that said to get there organizations go a multiple speeds...(the two speed or bimodal does not work).
Diego Lo Giudice @plburris Hi peter nice to hear from you too !!
John Furrier @dlogiudice please don't say bimodal bc there are many speeds of IT :-)
Diego Lo Giudice I can live with DevOps completes and adds to Agile though...
Peter Burris Both use a common foundation -- empirical, iterative, and opportunistic -- applied to different roles. Throwing a baseball is like throwing a football: different contexts and roles.
Flint Brenton
How do you define #DevOps?
John Furrier To me it's an environment where both developers and ops adopt agility techniques where the infrastructure is programmable using microservices
John Furrier So the infrastructure has networking, compute, storage, and all of that is changing in that it's becoming programmable
John Furrier Once it has APIs, you can do things like DevOps. You can start to do things like really have good flexibility with how you deploy your applications, you can get much more rapid deployment of apps, and you can get improved apps
John Furrier So, the big thing that's going on is that there's this huge industry transformation in front of us, and the transformation is in how applications meet infrastructure, and this has happened as applications go to the cloud
Diego Lo Giudice And it becomes more effective if you also have some level of Agile maturity, so that both Dev and Ops are moving in the same direction (the common theme is Lean for both Agile and DevOps).
John Furrier one misperception is that both dev and ops can grow one doesn't have to grow fast than the other. Ops never goes away
Diego Lo Giudice But DevOps is not just about infrastructure and automation it is also about shared purpose and goals between Dev and Ops...which goals? Business goals.
Diego Lo Giudice @furrier And I totally agree there ..... NoOPs is a dream...
John Furrier Conceive, build, ship in minutes. It could be automated with bots and AI and whatnot, so this is the trend. Talking about that dynamic, 'cause that requires a fundamental rethinking and reimagining of the Cloud, security, how apps are built.
Eric Robertson agree with the "NoOps" comment. Even "unicorns" are learning this the hard way
John Furrier @dlogiudice Ops is being squeezed but ops will shift to apps not go away we are on the same page
John Furrier right now there are 10 IT ops guys to every 100 app devs and 1 security guy in the current old model this has to shift burden on IT Ops is too great
John Furrier this is where #devops shines it actually is great for app devs but also helps ops too
Eric Robertson which is why I am seeing devops vendors now focusing on the enterprise ops buyer :-0
John Furrier Totally agree with Eric. People are realizing that ops folks know lots about the business but getting more opensource and app devs going is tranformative
Who should own VSM for DevOps in an organization?
John Furrier I say the COO for sure not the CIO but that's me
Thomas Hooker The person or persons most closely aligned to the LOB
Diego Lo Giudice In some organizations it's the PMO office that deals with measurement and values, reporting into the CIO.
John Furrier Conway's law will drive the value of VSM imho
Diego Lo Giudice it would be nice to see the LOB business owners becoming more accountable for VSM.
John Furrier This is the key bc without organization change Devops will never happen it'
John Furrier It's not the manifesto it's the org https://en.wikipedia...
Diego Lo Giudice that said all stakeholders have a stake in VSM to have their view in the pipeline: QA for quality, Ops for Infrastructure performance, Business for Value.
John Furrier My premise is that because data is involved to make VSM work then it puts the ownership on the entire organization from the bottom to the top both on the mgt and stack side
Peter Burris DevOps. Now, next question, is who owns VSM(s) that includes DevOps. That leads to concerns about engagement by LOBs.