CDOIQ Summit
Social chat for thought leaders attending the MIT CDOIQ Symposium, July 23- 24 2014
John Furrier
Is compliance driving innovation or stunting it?
Dave Vellante compliance is slowing down innovation but at the same time it's become table stakes AND in many instances it de-risks the consumer
Steve Karam Compliance needs to be built into or augmented at the application stack (including the DB), or else it becomes a bottleneck.
John Furrier @OracleAlchemist Great point Steve how about the cloud piece?
Steve Karam Don't let the CodeSpaces blues get you down. Security, masking, data archives, etc. are not exclusive to datacenters.
Steve Karam Let's look at battle strategy. Local holdings are buttoned up tight & secure. But sometimes battles must be fought in remote territories. What is the single most important factor for success? A quality supply chain.
Steve Karam Where I stand on it: if you can't have instant provisioning of the entire app stack including the DB in less than 20 minutes, in cloud or remotely, with data masking built in, you lack a solid data supply chain and should give @delphix a call.
Bert Latamore
David Blaszkowsky, Senior Vice President, Head of Data Governance, State Street Corp live now on #TheCUBE with @dvellante & @pgillin. Join the conversation at https://www.crowdcha...
CDOIQ Summit
Social chat for thought leaders attending the MIT CDOIQ Symposium, July 23- 24 2014
Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins The idea of data standardization takes on an ominous tone when spoken of in the context of the financial crisis.
Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins (David was a regulator during the financial crisis).

According to Blaszkowsky, the crisis wasn't a failure of regulation (or lack thereof), but a failure of data collection and sanitation.
Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins It's an interesting revelation, in light of the fact that according to Blaszkowsky's statement, there was a total absence of data for a variety of reasons, so the response was made in a data-vacuum.
John Furrier great quote from @theCUBE it's not about #bigdata but #smartdata
John Furrier During the Lehman crisis; there were many Leman entities yet no standards so exposure was unknown; that is changed with standard entity data models
Tim Crawford @furrier #bigdata gets the press today, but valuable, relevant data is where it's at.
John Furrier Standardization is very important for Chief Data Officers yet it must promote innovation not a growth killer
John Furrier @tcrawford Tim the Lehman issue was exposure calcuation in real time was very difficult; standards solve that but it must not be a growth/innovation killer
Tim Crawford .@furrier MyPOV: How and why we leverage data is going to evolve demonstrably. It has to.
Kong L. Yang @furrier the irony is that innovation seeks to disrupt anything that is standardized. That's where the opportunities are.
Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins @Furrier not to constantly flog Bitcoin, but blockchain technology is a great solution to data standardization in the financial sector. It's why many finance types are calling it the TCP/IP of banking.
Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins @Furrier It allows for open innovation in a way that's interoperable by default, yet secure and accountable.
Bert Latamore
Jennifer Barrett Glasgow, Chief Privacy Officer, Acxiom live now on #TheCUBE with @JeffreyFKelly @@pgillin.
Kit Dotson Privacy is a very sticky issue with big data -- not just public perception of the behavior of companies (see: Google) but because privacy has massive regulatory concerns because of highly complex laws that interact with data connection.
Kit Dotson I think that @pgillin makes a great point with the “creepy” level when it comes to individualizing and Jennifer Glasgow’s reply about data sensitivity is a good metric to discover risk/caution. "Consumers should have some say" in marketing.
Bert Latamore I'm one of those who enjoys the benefits. I like targeted ads that speak to my personal interests and am more likely to pay attention to them than to random ads.
John Furrier
hey @dvellante ask about innovation vs need to have complaince; SARBOX f'd up many with rules and regs; similar
SVGeek regulation is the death of innovation @dvellante should ask this question - great content on @theCUBE
SVGeek I love this CrowdChat application
Bert Latamore Some kinds of innovation, like the "innovation" involved in derivitives based on subprime loans, should be repressed, of course. The issue is leaving beneficial innovation alone.
Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins
It's been nothing but high quality guests on @theCube today. Everyone has a fascinating perspective on the emergence of the CDO and #bigdata in general.
John Furrier great show at #MIT today #MITIQ
Bert Latamore James Noga had some real eye opening things to say in particular. Not often someone predicts that their job will be obsolete inba decade.
Crowd Captain Great stuff they talking #bitcoin impact
Bert Latamore
Deborah Nightingale, Prof of the Practice of Aeronautics & Astronautics and Engineering Systems; Co-Director, MIT Lean Advancement Initiative, MIT live now on @theCUBE.
Bert Latamore Join the conversation at https://www.crowdcha...
CDOIQ Summit
Social chat for thought leaders attending the MIT CDOIQ Symposium, July 23- 24 2014
Bert Latamore Often companies get new technology but don't see how to change the organization to tdake advantage of that says Nightengale.
Bert Latamore Developing a shared vision of where they want the organization to go is important.
Bert Latamore She does not see a concensus yet aroudn a CDO. There is a movement toward distributed things. Need to decide what the organization needs to standardize on & what it oesn't.
Bert Latamore CDOs need to be tightly integrated with the CIO. Where they report is a product of the corporate culture. They need to understand the strategic issues says Deborah Nightengale.
Bert Latamore IT is not a magic answer for everything. You need to look at the organization, processes & policies and not just a new IT system which may or may not help with the solution.
Bert Latamore Do organizations need new policies around data as they move IT to the cloud?
Bert Latamore
Eugene Kolker, CDO, Seattle Children's Hospital live now on #TheCUBE with @dvellante & @JeffreyFKelly. http://www.ustream.t... Join the conversation at https://www.crowdcha...
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Bert Latamore One key important message is that decisions can be made not just on gut feelings but also on data, says Kolker on #TheCUBE.
John Furrier Medical field is huge for #bigdata #IoT many innovations happening #theCUBE is rocking #boston
Bert Latamore As technology evolves rapidly, people & processes are always the bottleneck & the opportunityo says Kolker on #thecube
Bert Latamore Noga says the CIO may go away as IT infrastructure moves to the cloud, They may evolve into the COO, who may have a CDO reporting to them with no CIO.
Bert Latamore
Pamela Wise-Martinez, Senior Strategic Enterprise Architect, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, live on #theCUBE now with #pgillin, #JeffreyFKelly http://www.ustream.t...
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Bert Latamore Enterprise architect could move to work for the CDO as the enterprise becomes more dat driven, says Pamela Wise-Martinez.
Bert Latamore CDO should have a strategic focus on where the data is going & the endterprise architect should focus on how to deliver that data & how it is used.
Bert Latamore Lots of organization in the US government are doing things really well. We want to learn from those orgs and share them with less mature organzations says Wise-Martinez
Bert Latamore If you can reduce the IT burden, reduce complexity, then you help organizations become more efficient & reduce cost says Wise-Martinez.
Bert Latamore
Bill Inmon, the "Father of the EDW" & President and Chief Technology Officer, Forest Rim Technology LLC live now on #theCUBE.
Kit Dotson Listening to Bill Inmon, I'm hearing a lot of discussion towards context awareness when it comes to big data -- such as understanding narratives to extract signal from data, his example was med data that can't always be quantative.
Kit Dotson Data management of unstructured data will rely not just on storage (Hadoop) but machine learning (ML) styled emphasis in order to extract that context. The next step of data science may be towards training these systems to produce value.
Bert Latamore Given the volumes involved, intense automation is absolutely needed, and machine learning should be the basis of that automation.
Bert Latamore
Jeanne Ross, Director and Principal Research Scientist, MIT live now on #theCUBE from #MIT #CDOIQ with @dvellante
at http://www.ustream.t...
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Bert Latamore Jeanne Ross justd published an article "You May Not Need Big Data After All"
Bert Latamore Her concern was the hype.
Bert Latamore Most companies taking tdhe "little data" they had internally and using it wisely.
Bert Latamore If companies are scared dthat they can't use Big Data they probably can't, she says,
Bert Latamore The risk of having a CDO is that everyone then presumes that that person will fix the data and solve all problems, rather than fixing the company culture.