ND Fans vs Michigan
Notre Dame takes on Michigan Under the Lights Pre-Game Crowdchat #goIrish #beatmichigan
John Furrier18
If beer brands represent both teams what kind of beer would ND be #goIrish and what kind would Michigan #goBlue #beer #football
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Guillaume Dumortier Guiness vs Miller
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WeAreND Notre Dame Nd: guiness of course. Michigan: Schaefer light?
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Crowd Captain Michigan would lose in beer pong to ND for sure skill wins in the end
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Dennis Joyce ND would be Miller High Life and Michigan would be Michelob
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John Furrier Michigan fans do funnels - ND fans play beer pong
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Guillaume Dumortier in France, we play quarter
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Bill Schmarzo4
Doesn't really matter who wins the game. Both teams will get pounded by an SEC team in the end of season bowl game...again.
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Crowd CaptainNaN
The latest line for the game has Michigan at 5.5 points?
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WeAreND Notre Dame We won't bite on the wheel route like two years ago! Nd by 7
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Crowd Captain http://twitter.com/caitycronin/status/376481938325782528
“@jakee_michaud: Can Notre Dame please win tonight to shut up all the obnoxious Michigan fans.” #WeAreND 💙🍀💛
September 7th 4:07 PM
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WeAreND Notre Dame3
Malik Zaire is back with the team after his bout with mono. Does he see playing time tonight?
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Crowd Captain quoting ndatrivals https://twitter.com/NDatRivals/status/376479671262515200
No surprises on the Notre Dame travel roster from Michigan. Danny Spond made the trip, as did Malik Zaire and Will Mahone.
September 7th 3:58 PM
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John Furrier It will be difficult for him Mono is tough to come back from #goIrish
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John Furrier @TjamesNDI says https://twitter.com/TJamesNDI/statuses/376478398249709569
Bad job by me. That's 14 freshmen on #NotreDame's travel roster including Malik Zaire.
September 7th 3:53 PM
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John Furrier @JGKrausz says https://twitter.com/JGKrausz/statuses/376487839703113728
#NotreDame has QB Malik Zaire (mono) on travel roster. Assume to have freshman get feel of atmosphere of game. Kelly said Zaire was out.
September 7th 4:31 PM
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Crowd CaptainNaN
Question: how many picks will Michigan give up today?
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Tim Connors michigan's gardener is good for 3 picks and a fumble!
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John FurrierNaN
Will this be the last game between the two teams in the Big House?
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Dennis Joyce As long as there are rating they will play
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WeAreND Notre Dame2
@fatherjonathan how can you root for Michigan? Doesn't canon law ban that? 8-)
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John Furrier @rickcochran says http://twitter.com/rickcochran/status/376485766873882624
to put things in context; if my wife was a Michigan fan, we wouldnt be married. #weareND #GoIrish
September 7th 4:22 PM
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John Smith http://twitter.com/fatherjonathan/status/376486612219473920
No way! #GoBlue “@wearend: @fatherjonathan how can you root for Michigan? Doesn't canon law ban that? 8-) #wearend http://t.co/oJT4TyJTiu”
September 7th 4:26 PM
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CrowdChat http://twitter.com/luceromikea/status/376489361732149249
RT @fatherjonathan: No way! #GoBlue “@wearend: @fatherjonathan how can you root for Michigan? Doesn't canon law ban that? 8-) #wearend ht…
September 7th 4:37 PM
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WeAreND Notre Dame1
Who has first interception? Rees or Gardner?
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Crowd Captain Gardner will throw 3 picks tonight he is facing 1st big game against serious defense #goIrish
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John Furrier0
@wollffPack_15 says Under the lights in Michigan for possibly the last time ever #GoIrish #BeatMichigan https://twitter.com/WolffPack_15/status/376488401744429056
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WeAreND Notre Dame The game will come back at some point
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Crowd Captain0
@carlosLozadaWP says
Hey, remember the time Bo Schembechler kicked off to Rocket Ismail -- twice? That was cool: http://t.co/dAQH1mzjn7 ND-Mich 1989 #GoIrish
September 7th 3:41 PM
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WeAreND Notre Dame I was there. It was sweet!
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