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Smart People Talking Big Data at in Silicon Valley on @theCUBE
   2 years ago
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Bert Latamore
#BMC Software Solutions Marketing Lead Basil Faruqui live now on #theCUBE @Furrier @GGilbert41
Bert Latamore It's no longer about taking 1 or 2 use cases of Big Data. Data & analytics is now at the center of everything. @bfaruqui #theCUBE
Bert Latamore What #CIOs r faced with is a web of coplex legacy techs that hold enterprise data & then numerous new daeta sources. @bfaruqui #theCUBE
Bert Latamore U have to ingest all this data into #Hadoop. It has to be automated to scale. @bfaruqui #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Hadoop now has to play with all the other technologies in the enterprise stack. @bfaruqui #theCUBE
Bert Latamore #ControlM has the ability to automated all the ingestion. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore The last & most important mile of the data is making the data valuable to systems that can use it. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore If you do this in silos it can't scale. That's where a lot of Hadoop projects crash & burn. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore This is where our offerings have their strength. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore We're helping customers deliver Big Data projects that scale. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore #Navistar, a 200 yr old company, has huge truck fleets that are sensored & send data to the cloud. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore The aim is to be sure trucks don't break down. They can see truck's location, where nearest dealer is, schedule the service all in real time. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore #ControlM is orchestrating this across the board from the mainframe through OLTP, IoT. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore we don't stop with the 34 application integrations we have out of the box. We will integrate with any application or database out there.@bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Keeping pace with the growth of all these pieces is a big challenge. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore We are the overarching layer that helps you connect the Big Data & legacy systems. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Have to take a strategic approach to data ingestion. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore #ControlM lets you ingest the data, process the data & move it to the analysis systems from a single pane of glass. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Allowing U to capture it all & tie it to business SLAs is a highly rated ability of #COntrolM from customers. @bfaruqui #BMC #theCUBE
John Furrier
Tendü Yogurtçu, @TenduYogurtcu, General Manager, Big Data, Syncsort on @theCUBE #BigDataSV
John Furrier top issues this year at #HadoopWorld is cleaning up the data swamps aka data lakes
John Furrier Liberate, integrate, with integrity is Syncsort's value prop. nice tagline #bigdatasv #theCUBE
Dave Vellante Thanks @tenduyogurtcu for remembering the "Data Swamp"
Bert Latamore
Pentaho Sr Dir, Product Marketing, @ArikPelkey live now on #theCUBE @Furrier @GGilbert41
Bert Latamore We're seeing the same thing = lot of heavy lifting by data science, early days for data sci software. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE
Bert Latamore We're not replacing R, Python. Those r tools of data scientists. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE
Bert Latamore We bring drag & drop process for feature engineering that takes up 60%+ of daeta scientist time. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE
Bert Latamore #Pentaho differentiates by accommodating complex daeta environmetns like geospacial & CRM/ERP. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE
Bert Latamore 15 data formats that need to be blnded before data scientist can work on it. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE;
Bert Latamore One client does predictive maintenance on ships. Combine sensor data with geospatial data and tracking when to replace parts. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Because #Pentaho is fully integrated U can deploy a model without having to go to another environment. End-to-End support. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE
Bert Latamore U have a tool suite whereas someone else has to create a suite of tools. @GGilbert41 #theCUBE
John Furrier There is a huge gap between the technology landscapes of front-end BI tools and complex data integration tools
Bert Latamore Often data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, work in silos. Not enough collaboration. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE
Bert Latamore The challenge is doing advanced analytics. How do U help customers? @GGilbert41 #theCUBE
Bert Latamore IMS provides data/analytics to insurance companies so they can price insurance more accurately. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE
Bert Latamore This is upending the insurance injury with new way to price risk. Sensors in Ur car tell the insurer how you actually drive. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE
Dave Vellante @furrier HDS has been known for mainframes & storage but Hitachi is an industrial giant - how is Pentaho leveraging Hitachi's IoT chops?
Bert Latamore Now they can see exactly what happened in an accident to determine fault. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Our story has always been 1 integrated platform for data transformation & visualization. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE
Bert Latamore It's about solving the dasta problem before U solve the analytics problem. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE #Pentaho
Bert Latamore Companies trying to deploy models into the environment. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE #Pentaho
Bert Latamore With our approach once you do the feature engineering & data integration U are 90% there. No transforming for different platforms. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE #Pentaho
Bert Latamore 1 integrated approach to doing the entire Big Data workflow. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE #Pentaho
Rebecca G. Shomair According @ventanaresearch 92% of orgs plan to deploy more predictive analytics, however, 50% of orgs have difficulty integrating predictive analytics into their information architecture.
Bert Latamore We want to make the process more collaborative & innovative. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE #Pentaho
Bert Latamore An incredible partnership between #Pentaho, #Lumata. The acquisition has been great. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE #Pentaho
Bert Latamore We are stil lan indipendt company in the market but we r a big part of #Hitachi's strategy. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE #Pentaho
Bert Latamore Lot of companies coming to us when figuring out their IoT strategy. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE #Pentaho
Bert Latamore Have a very deep bench of data scientists to help us help customers. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE #Pentaho
Bert Latamore Easy to create feedback loops for machine learning inside #Pentaho. @ArikPelkey #theCUBE #Pentaho