Ask Me Anything- J Burton
Bring out your questions! Ask Jeremy Burton, EMC President Products & Marketing, absolutely anything
Kennedy Saul
Once again, EMC #RedefinesPossible, Application Performance (especially #SAP) will never be the same
Jeremy Burton I think we'll get a big lift with SAP when DSSD comes to market. Its a great match for HANA workloads.
John Furrier at @emcworld you saw the CEO of SAP with Joe Tucci very telling on that partnership
Bert Latamore Really? Last month at Discover HP execs were bragging about having the highest performance with SAP Hana. Does the new XtremIO beat that?
Rodrigo Gazzaneo new #XtremIO 3.0 snaps can consolidate many landscapes in less images. Big impact for existing customers.
Kennedy Saul Completely agree - #DSSD will #RedefinePossible with #HANA - much anticipated by #SAP and customers
Rodrigo Gazzaneo @BertLatamore DSSD will be a new class of service for #HANA and other in-memory apps. Not in the #AFA class.
Andy Sitison @jburton @kensaul With XtremIO VMAX3, DSSD future and Data Protection Announcments, EMC is putting out waves of new tech that is very complementary for SAP workloads across the market
Rodrigo Gazzaneo I think #ProtectPoint will also help many #SAP customers transform data protection
Jeremy Burton in memory DB's need BIG bandwidth ... server side flash with direct (PCIe) connect will win over any array IMHO
Andy Sitison memory tiering will change the In-memory Hi-perf compute equation. We will #RedefinePossible... #SAP
Kennedy Saul @ASitison Yes, Performance and Tiering will be matched with the right #SAP workloads - #RedefinePossible, again!!
Henrik Wagner Interesting to see #SAP clients work with vendors w the right balance of execution ability and vision = EMC
John Furrier
Can you explain what a Data Lake is and why customers want it?
John Furrier I prefer to call it an "ocean" but that is not taking hold..lakes sound so small and not dynamic
Tim Crawford Is this the "nicer" version of Data Landfill?
Jeff Frick Lake is not the right word.
David Silvestri Better than Data Pond
John Furrier @JeffFrick oceans have currents; streams too; lakes are stagant that is #DWBI of old
Bert Latamore Agree. I don't like "data lake" but it seems to be the term people are using.
Tony Foster Think of the great lakes...
Chris M Evans @BertLatamore I didn't like "Big Data" but there we are, we're stuck with them unless we invent them!
Rodrigo Gazzaneo I think for many companies that can't analyze their data today, the dormant "lake" is a good image
John F. Kim And better than data teapot or data bathtub
Jeremy Burton got to this one late.
Jeremy Burton have heard this thing called a "Data Landing Zone" as well
Jeremy Burton folks want to dump data into HDFS and not go through the data warehouse ETL hell.
Jeremy Burton dump it, map reduce it, analyze it. More stuff in one place... better information. Retailers, banks are leading edge
John Furrier @jburton are you happy with your decision 4yrs ago with the them Cloud Meets Big Data? Whats met your expectation and what didn't?
Bert Latamore Big Data Jailhouse?
Sylvie Otten (Sollod And who says a lake is small? The Caspian Sea is considered the largest lake in the world! ;-)
John Furrier @jburton sounds like aircraft carrier on the "ocean" - i'm not giving up on my meme of data ocean :-)
Jim Canto I don't think a terrestrial oriented metaphor can do data justice.
Crowd Captain
@jburton do you have a question you would like to ask the crowd? Post it we will try to answer
Jeremy Burton If you were at EMC and ran products what would you do with this portfolio ?
David Silvestri standardize the interfaces. Unisphere is a good first step. Coming up with a standardized CLI would be great
Chris M Evans Tough question - I'd look to harmonise the features/functionality where possible and simplify. VMAX & VNX could move to a single platform for instance.
Chris M Evans I would also focus on (native) data mobility - ability to move objects/files/LUNS between platforms to make ViPR truly useful.
David Silvestri Only reason VNX and VMAX haven't merged is customer install base. If you could bring Flare and Enginuity together, or hide it behind an interface, would be easier.
John Furrier @jburton You have to give customers a way to manage the silo'd "stovepipes" - we hear that is the biggest complaint
Henrik Wagner Continue listening to clients as well as use innovation to find better ways to solve the same problem we are already solving today
John Furrier @jburton great crowdsourcing data; std mgt will be winner for #winning across the portfolio of EMC
John Furrier Well done @EMCcorp @jburton - thx for sharing the data heon Crowdchat #crowdsourcing conversations
Dave Vellante
Jeremy what's the #1 request you hear from customers that you're responding to product-wise?
Jeremy Burton Drive cost out, help us manage data growth -- from IT
Jeremy Burton from biz guys (who something don't bring IT to the meeting) - "we need to become a s/w company"
Stuart Miniman @jburton does "become a sw company" refer to creating new offerings fast?
Dave Vellante So is data growth still viewed as a problem more than an opportunity in your view?
Henrik Wagner
Is the Blue Tie the new official EMC outfit? https://www.crowdcha... #RedefinePossible

Crowd Captain great use of pic; you're a crowd captain many times over with #crowdchat #kudos
John Furrier you know how to drive crowdchat - the #formula1 of social media;
Jeremy Burton its got some green in it as well :-)
Rodrigo Gazzaneo they should be available on EMC Store! :)
John Furrier English love to dress up in London :-)