Discuss Microsoft New CEO
"On the Record" CrowdChat to discuss the new CEO Satya Nadella starts at 9am to 3pm pst.
John Furrier
Here is why #msft $msft went with Satya Nadella vs other candidates. He's has his hands on the pulse
John Furrier
Msft Chairman of the Board John Thompson & @satyanadella both @theCUBE alumni
Michael Keen
As @furrier stated earlier, it's time to stop rearranging the deck chairs and get on with things. Very interested to see Nadella's leadership style and how this will impact execution.
Tim Crawford
Downside is he has been w/ $MSFT for quite a long time. Hope he can indeed affect change and quickly. He also needs to put MSFTs warchest to good use and quickly.
Michael Keen absotely agree with that Tim, being a 20yr veteran is driving concern for active change and a new mindset.