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John Furrier
HP Executive that established HP Cloud is Saar Gillai

John Furrier
Thanks Kyle. Let me clarify. Biri founded HP Cloud; Saar scaled it. Been there from beginning. Biri was the KEY to saving openstack and @hpcloud https://twitter.com/kylemacdonald/status/428692963820986370
@furrier @HPCloudAngel pretty sure you mean Biri Singh - I was there and never saw Saar
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John Furrier https://twitter.com/GloriaCaughlin/status/428703120273575936
@stu @furrier Just thinking, if we want to go to very beginning @esayegh was first HP Cloud exec of BU, was previously at RAX. #cloudhistory
5 minutes ago
John Furrier Gloria: I don't count @esayegh bc his stint at HP was short. I think Biri fought the big battles..sources tell me the former had no impact.. am i wrong?
John Furrier
Yes I know Biri was there when it went GA. Saar scaled the operation to a good position. I was eyewitness to the innovation.. Biri was key to success in having it .. Saar brought ops bus scale https://twitter.com/GloriaCaughlin/status/428689511451594753
HPE Cloud
I am quoting @seattledawson http://twitter.com/seattledawson/status/428687332783308800
RT @DerekJLeslie: #OEForum "What made @eBay and @PayPal Select @openstack?" 1 Architecteure 2 Language 3 Size and Quality of @OpenStack Com…
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Jeff Frick
Yes, Margaret, you should be in this conversation
John Furrier
first of all I don't like Sherman - just wanted to get that out of the way.. hi Margret !!!
HPE Cloud
It's a shame that MercardoLibre is not here today; they have been running OpenStack since Austin ; see video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKN0UV58rnQ
MercadoLibre.com Talks About their OpenStack Production Deployment - YouTube
MercardoLibre Cloud Team members discuss how they are using OpenStack in production for their e-commerce website in Latin America at the OpenStack Summit Hon...
John Furrier
that is a great video and the early adopter devops mindset is huge to the culture of this model
Philippe Nicolas
Sure good use case, I saw them at #OpenStack Summit in Hong-Kong, good ambassador
HPE Cloud I believe their entire team is four people. Very talented engineers.
Steven Walchek
Why @eBay deployed #OpenStack for private cloud over others: Architecture and Ecosystem...Ecosystem IS an indisputable benefit!
Dave Vellante
in your view is that a relative advantage for OS (i.e. vis a vis alternatives)?
John Furrier
I wonder what bumps they had in deploying.
HPE Cloud
RT @ThomasFrancis1 Lydia Leong of Gartner Q&A with eBay, PayPal and internap #oeforum http://t.co/6q0cvUNSG7
HPE Cloud
What is the importance of ecosystem partners running on OpenStack? Is the community focusing higher in the stack or not ready to reach out to ISVs, etc.
Philippe Nicolas
Do we know some #OpenStack deployed projects without an human army to maintain and support configs. - this is a key point for Enterprise adoption
Tim Crawford
Enterprises are more accustom to 'packaged' software. #OpenStack is quite different...by design.
Philippe Nicolas Sure but explaining #OpenStack difference doesn't help for adoption - Enterprises wish repeatable config., something who works elsewhere they can deploy in-house
Tim Crawford #OpenStack is better suited for web-scale and service providers, not the average enterprise today.
John Furrier
I think this is the issue that I have with the #mirantis model.. human bottleneck is huge issue
Tim Crawford Throwing more people at the problem doesn't solve it. It isn't scalable and works against the efficiencies we hope to gain.
cloud foreign
there are already a large collection of configuration management tools to handle this. Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Salt all have supported solutions.
Tristan Goode
@ProjectNectar is a great example of a big, mature and stable #OpenStack cloud that runs via a very small team. And they do cool stuff on it.
HPE Cloud
Cheap Plug for the OpenStack Online Meetup sponsored by #HP and #Mirantis http://www.meetup.com/OpenStack-Online-Meetup/
OpenStack Online Meetup (Mountain View, CA) - Meetup
We aim to serve the local IT community as well as the OpenStack ecosystem across the entire CEE region and beyond as we believe there is a lot value in facilitating a dialogue across multiple emerging
John Furrier
I think #miranitis is taking advantage of the demand in services but they have to think about how to scale with technology not people..
Philippe Nicolas
Nobody really cover the difference of maturity between #OpenStack projects - last and small ones benefit from top ones for sure but it masks a reality
John Furrier
Big data and analytics often driving OpenStack deployments. Also apps that run in appliances that drive heavy loads #OEForum #cloud
23 minutes ago
John Furrier
I am quoting @rfkrishnan http://twitter.com/rfkrishnan/status/428684810467696640
People seem realistic here. Some things are hard, but it's getting better. Beats Pollyanna. #OEForum on #Openstack
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John Furrier
this is a great point. We should start a wiki post on @wikibon to track this piece of data #cc @dvellante
Jeff Frick
"The Amazon Graduates - Easy to start - but costs can spiral out of control" @nopzor from Internap on the Panel #OpenStack
John Furrier
what do you mean Amazon graduates? can you explain
Jeff Frick
@Nopzor from Internap on the panel said these are a prime source for their customers. When the easiness goodness of AWS is less than the value of the growing AWS monthly bill.