John McAfee Q&A Cognizant
EXCLUSIVE- Guest John McAfee takes questions on security, privacy, NSA & his new product Cognizant
Is there any truth to the rumor that you are Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin? That would explain your suspicious absence from the tech world. I heard you are quite a whiz at math.
Nate Beerd
If this was true, why would he admit it here?
Stephen Judge He love's the attention ;-)
Nate Beerd fair enough
Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins The world will find out, eventually. Never hurts to ask. :)
Shawn Nunley
Ha, if it were *not*, do you think he has anything to gain by admitting it anywhere?
John Casaretto
You've gone back to giving away software for free, strange how it comes around full circle - #sharewarepioneer
Stephen Judge
What do you think of Mozilla's approach to app permission in their FirefoxOS. They don't present you with a long list of permissions to accept up front, instead they present individual permission as and when they are needed. The user stays in control.
John McAfee
We stay in control only as long as we are willing to pay attention. If you have a hundred apps (not uncommon) it becomes time consuming and tedious to keep on top of it all.
Stephen Judge I think that's why @Mozilla's approach is good and well thought out, in line with their mission to put user privacy first. Only presenting app permission requests when they are needed allows to to make informed, patient, bitesize decisions.
matt klaman
me and two friends created an app, ( and are struggling with users worried about privacy because it involves location and mapping. would like to pick your brain about your thoughts on this sort of security!
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Eric Wright
Will the results of the Cognizant be able to be viewed elsewhere in a single source like on your website? Would be good to have a searchable list of known high-risk apps.
Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins
Rather like the Google profile report? That would be helpful.
Shawn Nunley
trust rating apps is not a new idea, but one I haven't seen any good work on. Sure would be nice.
Alexander Wilcox
How important are antivirus apps for modern machines, with OS's lacking gaping holes like windows xp SP1 are modern software companies just fear mongering to make a buck?
Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins
Great question, Alex.
John McAfee
The problem with smart phones is not the OS, but the uncountable number of apps that we willingly grant permission to violate us.
Shawn Nunley
I think you know the answer to this!
Alexander Wilcox I meant more for your average joe, technical people need not apply as their common sense and general processes protect against this already
John rumor has it your in Montreal, see below posts. I know you are very secretive about your location and activities. How does one get to meet you in person. I'll buy you a poutine!!!
Eric Wright
On a non tech question: How do you like Montreal?
Knowledge is power. This app will help with transparency. Are you planning any follow on type of products?
Admin, would you like a list of all Cleariati's alisas' too? I have about a dozen.
John McAfee
Don't bother wasting your time. Generally he is a help by providing the necessary tension to keep attention focused on what I want. In this forum its pure and simple extra garbage.
Crowd Captain
As the captain I won't put up with excessive trolling
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