Journey to Multi-Cloud
Driven by Data: The Journey to Multi-Cloud with IBM FlashSystem 9100

Ralph Finos

25+ years of IT market research & forecasting @ Wikibon & IDC. Humble passion for facts and analysis. Sometimes bewildered husband and Dad.

Sam Werner

Vice President of Storage and SDI Software at IBM

Eric Herzog

CMO and VP Product Marketing & Management AND VP Worldwide Global Storage Channels - IBM Storage. Executive w/ 30 yrs SDS & storage solutions experience.

Steve McDowell

Senior Technology Analyst & Strategist, CTO, Forbes Contributor

Eric Stouffer

VP, IBM Distributed Storagerun, golf, cook, bowl, wine, Wildcat Sq2 @UofA @WeberStateU @USGA comments are my own

Peter Burris

Wikibon GM and SiliconANGLE Chief Research Officer, digital transformation, data to differentiate, IoT, big data, cloud and infrastructure transformation.