IBM Edge 2016
IBM Edge thought leaders weigh in on key conversations at #IBMEdge
   3 years ago
#IBMEdgeIBM Edge 2015 IBM Edge thought leaders weigh in on key conversations at #IBMEdge
John Furrier
Jason Potin is on stage at IBM - he's awesome! He hasn't been on #theCUBE yet
John Furrier Artificial intelligence and pervasive of computing such as AR VR. In 10 yrs it will look as weird as it is now
John Furrier trend of rewriting life is a big trend says Potin. Gnome editing will change the human equation.
Stuart Miniman @jason_pontin of @techreview will be on #theCUBE at 1:30pm Pacific today
John Furrier
IBM Blockchain is topic in the IBM Edge keynote. Nice IBM is opensourcing it all
John Furrier IBM has Wells Fargo on stage they need to pickup the security angle
Stuart Miniman Secure containers + blockchain on #cloud
Dave Vellante love the blockchain topic. Bitcoin blockchain hasn't ever been hacked.
David Floyer Blockchain potentially good for multiple secure relationships around IoT "Edge" data: maintenance, suppliers, customers for edge data, etc.
Bert Latamore
#IBM Fellow, @Watson Research Center Donna Dillenberger @DonnaExplorer live now on #theCUBE from IBM Edge
Bert Latamore U talked about at least 10 Open Source projects that #IBM is involved in. @DVellante #theCUBE
Bert Latamore we're really good at scalability & security. when we partner with people who provide expertise in analytics, Docker that's the best date. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore #Bitcoin started in 2009 as a result of dthe Great Recession. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore They realized you can't even be sure of computer systems. That led to a protocol dthat could run on distributed computers and run even if some computers get compromised. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore #IBM uses #Blockchain to record financial transactions. But U can use it also to tdrack the history of your food. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore With #Blockchain you can have sensors in the soil, in shipping containers, the processing plants. All that data can't be changed. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore That gives a level of transparency. The ability to provide the data in a distributed way leads to more trust. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore #HyperLedger does not have the requirement for complex math problems. We have a set of validators for any transaction. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Only the participants who are part of the transaction know whether that data is valid. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore The reason we put this on #Blockchain was to reduce the 44 days it takes to resolve a dispute. Creates a better relationship with partners. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore When we started we built a particular component. but the real power is when we combine components from different partners. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore The #BlockChain ensures that data from IoT sensors, for isntance, don't get hacked in transit. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore It's like ingredients in cooking. When you put them all together you get a great cake. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore At the beginning #Linux was not as powerful as #Solaris, #BFD, etc. But it was the most adopted. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore It's the users of #Blockchain that are donating most of the code. You never know who your collaborators will be. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore System z is the only hardware that meets level 4 of the US 140-2 security requirements. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore At the heart of all these endeavors is the question of what is identity. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore How do U ensure that this person U can't even see is Donna. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Once U put a record on the #Blockchain U can't change it. Governments, organizations are coalescing around a set of documents. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Bert Latamore Things like personal questions are so inefficient. If those proofs could be on a Blockchain ID service then U could prove identity to someone without requiring constant reproving to different systems. @DonnaExplorer #theCUBE
Dave Vellante
The Cisco IBM partnership has heated up since IBM sold off its x86 division (and BNT networking)
Dave Vellante My sense however is Cisco wants market entry into IBM's installed base. Cisco wants to own hyper converged
Dave Vellante Cisco OEMs part of its hyper converged stack fm springpath and ultimately imo wants to own that
David Floyer Cisco would like a route to sell sell converged infrastructure to the networking groups in IBM customers...
Grant_Case lots of UCS boxes in my customer base these days. Seeing a lot of traction in this area by Cisco.
Dave Vellante
Red Hat & Hortonworks on stage. Rosamilia heads up partnerships and has made a big effort to make his group more ecosystem friendly
Dave Vellante
Red Bull Racing CIO coming on #thecube today
Dave Vellante
The post event content is up-- check the schedule pages for all the videos:
Dave Vellante
Some closing thoughts on IBM's Systems & Storage biz...
Dave Vellante IBM chasing value markets, not volume markets
Dave Vellante Three clear businesses: 1/ Z mainframe, 2/2A Power & OpenPower; 3/ Storage
Dave Vellante Z is all about modernization to keep mining the base; Power is about ecosystem and Storage is about SW def + flash
Dave Vellante Hyperconverged is a gap - IBM doesn't seem concerned - working with Cisco to fill the converged gap...but...
Dave Vellante Caveat partner - IBM may be a bit "star struck" w/ Cisco right now
Dave Vellante Don't know if IBM has designs to leapfrog HCI or is still trying to figure it out
Dave Vellante Goal of Power is 20% market share by 2020 (that's the entire ecosystem, not just IBM)
Dave Vellante China is an interesting wildcard that has been enabled by Power - China wants self-sufficiency - IBM is happy to help
Dave Vellante IBM imo doesn't view China as a threat b/c it's going to sell SW on top of OpenPower
Dave Vellante IBM corporate strategy coming into focus - Analytics, Cognitive, Cloud are where they'll put all the revenue to show progress
Dave Vellante In some respects, one of the biggest challenges of IBM's systems biz is how IBM accounts for stuff
Dave Vellante IBM not motivated to show growth in Systems
Dave Vellante Re: IBM storage - Seeing good progress on getting product from R&D to the field - it's been a weakness of IBM's for years
Dave Vellante Ed Walsh confirmed on #theCUBE - he wasn't hired to sell the storage division
Dave Vellante Lack of x86 biz for IBM has created gaps but we knew that would happen
Dave Vellante Sale of x86 & BNT opens new partnering opps for IBM Sys group
Dave Vellante New world order for HW with Dell/EMC, AWS - IBM more like Oracle imo - just not as my stack or the highway focused
Dave Vellante Good marks for IBM at Edge - 5,500 people, strong speakers, good brain food