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Sriram (Cloud Don) Subramanian
@hphelioncloud are there plans to move HP Public Cloud infras to HP Helion Cloud?
John Furrier This is a great use case
Sriram (Cloud Don) Subramanian and will boost user confidence
Strategy180|Gardner Yes. Watch this space.
HPE Cloud Yes, all #HPHelion solutions will run on our #OpenStack distros including private and public cloud
Crowd Captain HP should "prime the pump" to show on their infra as a "lighthouse" to bring the other ships.. good move
Amitabh Dey HP Public Cloud is already on OpenStack! After Rackspace it was the 2nd most biggest Public Cloud on OpenStack. It's already on Helion. Going forward every offering and Cloud initiative will be based on @hphelioncloud
Rajmohan Rajagopalan to be clear, we announced rebranding to HP Helion Public Cloud yesterday..
Rajmohan Rajagopalan all of these products will have HP Helion OpenStack as the foundation in the future
Amitabh Dey And do not forget our Managed Cloud Services by HP Enterprise Services (called as VPC: Virtual Private Cloud) is also going to be transitioned to HP Helion soon. It means, you can have your workloads on HP Helion based private cloud
John Furrier @AmitabhPancham I think that is great but you have to beat AWS and be enterprise grade; #stuckinthemiddle ?
Sandro Mazziotta
do you plan to support Openstack Heat ? deploying helion on VM ?
HPE Cloud The new distribution is using TripleO for now but I anticipate seeing more projects added as time moves on
Sandro Mazziotta what about Heat and other Openstack PaaS services like Trove for instance ?
HPE Cloud As @rajraj indicated, all OpenStack projects are in development for future releases. As for #PaaS I leave that for him
Rajmohan Rajagopalan I meant we do plan on supporting Heat
Rajmohan Rajagopalan HP Helion Developer platform will provide the PaaS components
Sandro Mazziotta ok. cool. great job anyway !!!
Peter Rosenberg @rajraj is there some package manager inside the Developer platform ?
Rajmohan Rajagopalan Peter, yes add-ons to our HP Helion OpenStack platform
Sriram (Cloud Don) Subramanian also note that for guest licenses, BYOL, bring your own license
Sandro Mazziotta @raj when are you planing to talk about the HP Helion Developer and what's in or not ? Discover ?
HPE Cloud
If you have more questions, please visit the #OpenStack #HPHelion boards to discuss https://ask.openstack.org/en/questions/scope:all/sort:activity-desc/tags:hphelion/
Rajmohan Rajagopalan yes, we are staying true to the community even with our support forum/discussion
Sriram (Cloud Don) Subramanian and the HP Helion Community site here: https://docs.hpcloud.com/helion/community/
HP Helion OpenStack Community Documentation Home
Welcome! The HP Helion OpenStack Community edition is OpenStack® technology coupled with an HP configured Linux operating system designed for administrators and developers who want to quickly stand up an OpenStack cloud. The Community edition is a pu...
John Furrier @rajraj proof will be in the pudding - lets see it. Open always wins
Sriram (Cloud Don) Subramanian @rajraj Looking at HP's source code contributions, HP has been a strong contributor consistently
Rajmohan Rajagopalan indeed.. we have contributed more than 1M lines of code!
Rajmohan Rajagopalan that is right, I believe we are #2 overall after Rackspace.
Sriram (Cloud Don) Subramanian
How are you going to get returns w/o going proprietary?
Rajmohan Rajagopalan we will have enhanced versions for enterprises looking to deploy beyond the supported 30 nodes
HPE Cloud HP will provide support and services for customers and will have a enterprise version available shortly for sale
Rajmohan Rajagopalan Community will have an optional support from HP (per node/per year charge)
Amitabh Dey Also the revenue option is also tied to the PSO (services) on Community Edition and other value added sales and services. Community Edition is our contribution back to the OpenStack community majorly though...
Dave Nielsen And don't forget, HP sells hardware =) So leadership in software will naturally lead to sales in a full software/hardware stack. #makesense
HPE Cloud
The new Community Edition is on Icehouse, will updates to Icehouse be included in updated versions?
Rajmohan Rajagopalan yes we plan to release every 6 weeks
Rajmohan Rajagopalan that will include the latest updates, bug fixes etc
HPE Cloud When Juno releases will this edition switch or merge? How does that work?
Rajmohan Rajagopalan hardened and tested to ensure stability
Rajmohan Rajagopalan good question, we are working hard to make sure the upgrades are smooth
Rajmohan Rajagopalan stay tuned for the details as we get our next release out in ~6 weeks
John Furrier
Question: what is any is #cloudfoundry involved? Is that the developer platform? what's cloudfoundry, what's openstack, and what's HP?
HPE Cloud We are working on a PaaS solution from #cloudfoundry but it is not yet available
Strategy180|Gardner HP Helion is the brand for HP Cloud products and services, OpenStack is the foundation for HP Helion products, CloudFoundry is the basis for the (coming) platform.
John Furrier Where is the $1b being spend over the next 24 months? Code? Evangelism? Customer builldout? other? Can you share some specifics
Strategy180|Gardner Specifics aren't really public,but the announcement yesterday spoke to several cloud initiatives that will require investment, including HP Helion OpenStack, the platform, data centers, and many related projects.
John Furrier @jimgardner I was wondering if some spend was going to wire the communities together
Amitabh Dey CloudFoundry will be the base for HP Helion PaaS (upcoming). CloudFoundry is is open source and led by Paul Maritz and team in Pivotal