Generation Silos
Are we creating silos between generations? Are millennials the future of work? Tune in to find out!
Marsha Collier
5. Millennials say they have challenged the status quo. Does this differ from the mantra "Don't trust anyone over 30"?
Marsha Collier Absolutely! Boomers weren't the first to challenge society either.
Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins Every generation has their dragon to slay. The problems are unique, but the mindset isn't.
Amber Armstrong Agree. Challenging the status quo is called progress. all generations think they invented it, but that is illogical
Mark Babbitt Ha! Are we aware how many Millennials (business leaders, influencers, thought leaders, etc.) are approaching 35???
Marsha Collier @rizzn Ah yers, reaching into the mindset is the key
Ross Quintana I think by nature they are different because they grew up differently, I would say tap into gen x
Tommy FRIEND Geraci A5 I think it does differ! everyone, regardless of age should challenge status quo. If you keep doing what you always do, you get the same result. times change, we should do better as they do.
Tara Coomans Millennials not the first to be called out for different work styles either.
Ray Gordon Boomers said "don't trust anyone over 30" and generally they were right - of course, 50 is the new 30 ;)
Amber Armstrong Right, the millennials are about to be unseated by the gen Z kids who have an entirely new set of rules
Tara Coomans I'm a GenX'r, they said all those things about us AND Boomers.
Mark Babbitt A 35 year-old business partner texted me yesterday furious for being called a "Kid".
Al Hopper @Ross_Quintana Agreed! Us Gen Xers aren't haven't been put out to pasture yet! ;0)
Marsha Collier @Ross_Quintana We all grew up differently, but TOLERANCE and cooperation should tie us together, yes?
Jason Eng Challenging the status quo is natural. And if you don't change you don't grow.
Tara Coomans @MarkSBabbitt I'd be furious too - that's patronizing and unprofessional. Imagine if he'd responded w/ "Ok, old man."
Ray Gordon Sadly, although there is value in the wisdom of prior generations, one only truly discovers this when one reaches middle age!
Kerry O'Shea Gorgone #Millennials are less willing to accept "this is how we do it" as an answer. That's good for everyone! @MarshaCollier
Amber Armstrong @MarkSBabbitt I wish we could take age out of the discussion. I'm can be either too young or too old and neither is actually true
Mark Babbitt A5: Some old people wear grouchy like a crown. We call them "trolls." We do not feed them.
Marsha Collier @taracoomans You might enjoy my framing post for this chat later
Jason Eng @ambarmstrong I'd love to remove age out of the discussion too. Just make it about people.
Jason Eng @ambarmstrong Treat individuals as they are. Each has their own preferences.
Kerry O'Shea Gorgone If someone proves they're talented and reliable, trust them to get the job done their way! @JasonEng_
Jason Eng @KerryGorgone Absolutely, show trust when it's been earned!
Marsha Collier
2. What are the biggest myths you hear about millennials?
Chris Berkley We're lazy. We have no work ethic. We expect everything handed to us.
Jeff Sheehan @MarshaCollie rMy way or the highway.
Jason Eng I would say laziness, but I can tell you first hand that's not true.
Jed Record A2) Millennials are not lazy at all, although I've heard this said about them. Older gens misunderstand their amount of "screen time" for laziness.
Marsha Collier Is that really how millennials feel?
Curt Buthman well they all want free everything.
Marsha Collier @BerkleyBikes Are you? I don't think everything is handed to anyone. You have to work for it when you grow up
Jason Eng A2. Our office at Astor Place is fully of millennials that work really hard and are far from lazy.
Jeff Sheehan Life is for living, enjoying, and not for accumulating.
Susan Gilbert @jasoneng_ Where do you think that myth originated?
Jason Eng @JedRecord Misunderstanding is the first part, then there's the refusal to change.
Ray Gordon many think Millennials are more connected technologically, less so interpersonally.
Chris Berkley Some are. Many others are not.
Marsha Collier @curtbuthman Is anything REALLY free? (except wifi in Starbucks)?
Rock Christopher the myth of this generations work ethic, when we all know that work ethic issues can span any generation
Susan Gilbert @curtbuthman I'm at a disadvantage there. my kids have 4 legs
Jason Eng @SusanGilbert Great question. Probably from someone who asked a millennial to do something and it wasn't done the way they wanted them to do it. =)
Jeff Sheehan Curt,not just Millenials, but everyone now wants something for nothing. Major change over last 20 yrs.
Marsha Collier I've heard That they don't want to work. The work style of a millennial is just different from GenX or boomers
Ray Gordon also think it's more a case of disinterest in some customary ways of interacting rather than laziness
Jason Eng @RayJGordon I think the funny thing about that I can apply to to every generation =)
Marsha Collier @SusanGilbert But you have to work with people in younger generations, yes?
Jason Eng @BerkleyBikes I think there's a sense of entitlement in every generation
Jeff Sheehan Always connected electronically,but not F2F.
Susan Gilbert Maybe the misunderstanding stems from what this generation works hard for - not money, but freedom of choice and life
Kerry O'Shea Gorgone Work style for #Millennials is more like mine: every day's a blend of work & play! @MarshaCollier
Curt Buthman right Jeff, there are a lot of free things, or for instance.
Jeff Sheehan Susan, you're right!
Tommy FRIEND Geraci I've heard they aren't hard working or expect to be handed everything. That's not generational really. That's just lazy humans of any age.
Marsha Collier @JeffSheehan I don't answer my phone. Better text or email me #boomer
Kerry O'Shea Gorgone @JasonEng_ Hi Jason! :) Good to see you!
Marsha Collier @KerryGorgone Well ...duh? Isn't that what we expect in the digital age? I'm with you!
Chris Berkley @JasonEng_ "Entitlement" <-- That's the word I was looking for! "Entitlement" and "Millennials" go together like peas & carrots.
Ray Gordon @KerryGorgone yes, nothing wrong with blending work & play - shouldn't be mistaken for laziness/disinterest
Marsha Collier The appearance of "entitlement" is a HUGE myth they must work to overcome
Susan Gilbert Absolutely, which is why silos seem foreign to me
Marsha Collier @BerkleyBikes BOOM! See my last post? I agree
Kerry O'Shea Gorgone I know it! But people may see #millennials (or me) taking a break during the day and think "slacker." They don't see us working at 11PM! @MarshaCollier
Rock Christopher there may be issues with the use of application of technology to make things more simple when in fact some processes may be more complex
Kerry O'Shea Gorgone @RayJGordon Only way to go. I work in short, intense bursts. Decompress in between.
Ray Gordon Sadly, Millennials often appear "entitled" only to OTHER generations - there is indeed a real generation gap in perceptions
Chris Berkley @SusanGilbert Money is important too though. Freedom doesn't pay the bills. :)
Jason Eng @BerkleyBikes @SusanGilbert And every generation wants to get paid
Ross Quintana I would say a big myth is that millennials want to be siloed with other Millenials