Reimagining Trust
An open & social enterprise helps empower people to engage & act. How are you establishing trust?
   10 years ago
#TEDatIBMReimagining InnovationExperts discuss how workforce optimization and internal collaboration can drive bottom line results.
   10 years ago
#TEDatIBMReimagining Our WorldAn open world of collaboration has allowed us to reimagine life. How are you reimagining your world?
IBM Social Business
Q5: The theme for #TEDatIBM is 'Reimagining our World.' How can companies 'reimagine trust' for optimal performance?
Simon Mainwaring
The must become missions with a company, not companies with a mission. Service to a mission builds trust. #WeFirst14
Adam Broadway
A5 Do what they say, without the spin doctoring. Transparency and truth in word and action.
Janet Powers
A5: People want to know they have value and you can prove value by engaging in conversations with them.
Keith Brooks
Let people work, when, where and how they want. If you trust them, what is the problem?
Janet Powers
A5: Let your workforce know their opinion matters.
John Furrier
Incentives for collaborating will be important to outline
Lindsay Malloy
@simonmainwaring I agree. Trust as part of the mission statement shows that the company is making it a priority.
Janet Powers

A5: Encourage two way conversations, not just pushing info to them.
Adam Broadway
A5 Have senior leadership involve 3rd party mediation training or counselling available for staff to connect with & help resolve resentment & trust issues before they get toxic & leak outside the org.
Janet Powers
A5: Leverage technology to start the conversation. Leverage content to continue the conversation.
Michelle Cooke
A5: throw out old rules and re-think for this millennium, empower employees to be advocates
Keith Brooks
@furrier incentives for collaborating? Not going to do a thing, another push down approach that fails.
Brian Fanzo
Give without asking for anything in return... Help without following it up with a Sales Pitch... Empower your employees and community to tell your story and humanize the message!
Indian Mktg Review
A5: Clear & Concise Communication with all the stakeholders
Janet Powers
A5: Adopt an internal "social" strategy that mirrors the way they communicate naturally and you will be rewarded with engagement and trust.
Amber Armstrong
We can reimagine trust through transparency. All companies will have a test.
Mark Campanella
Re-imagine trust as a series of interactions across multiple touch points. It's not just one thing...it's many things coming together to create an integrated brand image...
Simon Mainwaring
The evolution of revolution is contribution. If you want to reinvent your industry, have greater social impact.
Athar Afzal
I definitely like the concept of flat org...everybody should be able to openly speak and share ideas with everyone else without feeling a backlash...this is something i like about @ibm Connections
The Case Maker
A5: Companies can 're-imagine trust' by making it a priority. Not much can be improved if serious steps aren't taken in that direction.
Adam Broadway
A5 Be proactive with use of their data, in a more predictive analytics fashion to look for patterns & ACT on them BEFORE reaching a crisis.
Rohit Garg
Let employee Work .. Do not Pass orders ..Give Recognition and engage with them . Take Feedback !!!!!!
Rebecca Wissinger
I envision a company where ideas & answers come from all levels, and change is valued not feared
The Case Maker
@womenstoolbox Agreed!! Listening always proves your respect and your interest in what they have to say.
Brian Fanzo
Just like I tell my kids.. Sharing is Caring.. if only the Biz World understood it like my 4 year old! RT: @bryankramer A5: Trust can be earned through sharing. #TEDatIBM
Keith Brooks
A5, stop making people move because your management is too scared to hire great people. Great people are everywhere, encourage international work habits.
Simon Mainwaring
The most iconic brands of the future will be those with the greatest social impact.
Athar Afzal
@womenstoolbox great idea! I believe Toyota practices something like this
Nick Patel
Asking questions would be the first step and understanding what goals we want to achieve.
Ann-Marie Johnson
A5: Stakeholder priorities drive decisions.
A5: Do you think we need to reimagine trust or just "re-appreciate" it?
Bob Pulver
A5: I think giving individuals full control over their data is a good start
Breton Novelli
Perhaps it is time to redefine "trust" and "performance" individually and holistically. #TedatIBM
Simon Mainwaring
Give employees a toolkit so they can choose how the wish to participate.
The Case Maker
@rjwissin Well said, encouraging everyone to speak their mind and contribute will not only improve employee engagement, but it will also provide valuable feedback.
Sarah Gibb
A5: A re-imagination of trust will required questioning our assumptions about trust and what it actually means to trust someone or a company.
Marie Janiak
promt acknowledgement of my concern, not an email that tells me they work on my concern in 24 hours
Amanda Bauman
Transparency, doing what you said you would do. Integrity builds trust.
John Furrier
@pulvereyes data control for more value is key imho
Vicki Lowe
empowerment, delegation of ownership/accountability - authority to make decisions, removing barriers, streamlining processes - some which were created many years ago....
Brian Fanzo
Great Companies are made up of Great People... In the future those companies that want to be great will utilize, invest and empower their greatest asset to be the Rockstars and Social face of the companies!
Lisa Wright
@womenstoolbox Agree, Janet! So important that people know they're being heard #TEDatIBM
Athar Afzal
@LotusEvangelist so true...push down approach prob won't work if the 'top' doesn't realize what the front' line are experiencing
Richard Craik FCCA
A5 companies must work harder to prove to customers that they don't just care about shareholders #TEDatIBM
Blake Hilstrom
recognize that as trust increases, speed goes up and costs come down
Janet Powers
@simonmainwaring agree - and social doesnt have to mean charity - it means impact to society!
Angela Martínez
apparently objectives are clear when they are given by the Executive team. Strong leadership to help communicate the "how to attain" those objectives and to drives execution is needed.
Simon Mainwaring
Trust shouldn't be the goal, it should be the point of departure.
Phylicia Teymer
Companies can be open & listening for LIVE feedback from customers. Engage w/ customers via social sessions to hear from others on how to improve/get innovative ideas. Allow the customer/employee/company to work together in public(w/in legal)
Jean Pommier
Trust comes from win-win collaboration and interactions being driven by incremental business value created, rather than short-term profit (ultimately deriving profit from the sharing of the value created).
Roopa Maniktala
@ibmsocialbiz Share a common vision and respect difference of opinion
Rohit Garg
Make them feel like they are integral part of organization and not as they get paid so they have to work !!! with all the above points like recognition and feedback are included
Debra Fuller Ellis
Look me in the eye and tell me the truth. I can take it! Stop ...... on my feet and tell me its raining.
Tony Cusato
Deliver quality services and products
Brian Fanzo
Couldn't agree more! RT @samjoyk: A5 Millennials operate by sharing and trusting until proven wrong based on experience. Don't sacrifice $s for trust #TEDatIBM
Maria Huntalas
A5: Make it safe for teams to swerve from their swim lanes = innovation & trust blooms.
Pamela McCray
@iSocialFanz Reminds me of great little book "seed money". Worth the short read
Maria Huntalas
@iSocialFanz What we learned in kindergarten, right?!!
Breton Novelli
Think, "how can I be helpful" in each situation. The right answer will come. Give selflessly. Pause when doubtful. #TEDatIBM
A5: Encouraging Employees to show initiative, fail fast and iterate quickly.
Bob Pulver
A5: increase use of collaborative decision-making; use the #collectiveintel of ecosystem
Antonio Santos 💙
A5 To deserve trust, you must show availability.Trust will come from your ability to listen.
Brian Fanzo
I’ve always loved #RonR from @TedRubin & #H2H from @bryankramer because too often we focus on the technology or the method of communication and forget about the WHY and the WHO!
Marco Noel
Companies must demonstrate clearly how they highly value being trustworthy to our customers, then encourage their workforce to embrace it at all costs when facing their customers
Wyatt Urmey
Trust itself does not need to be re-imagined. But companies do need to explore engagement beyond the transactional to the aftermarket
Arlette Hiriart
Putting the employee first in the decision making, finance normally manage the enterprises, nevertheless we need to be much more focus on motivation, engagement and development of the individual as a whole.
Laura Wilkens
@rjwissin I ditto what you said!!
Angela Martínez
one of the key elements of trust is to be helpful. An it is not only about team working! Is a two way road. By Improving the tool, systems, investing in people education, the organization is trusting in our capabilities
Jeff Frick
@LindsaySkarda -> Those pesky mission statements have to be short & simple. One my favorites, as you enter AT&T Park.
"The San Francisco Giants are dedicated to enriching our community through innovation and excellence on and off the field."
Jeff Frick
@furrier -> More than that, you are MORE powerful in sharing info, than hoarding info. This realization usually comes with time and maturity, perhaps that will change with the "share everything in realtime" generation.
DF (Duane) Hobbs
Functional Silos are built out of lack of trust. See silos = danger
Jeff Frick
@ambarmstrong -> The #NFL is certainly being tested right now, & look what a closed bunker mentality is doing to their relationship with their fans and sponsors.
Jeff Frick
@annmariejohnson -> But this can be a double edged sword.