Introducing the PA-7050
Join Nir Zuk, Lee Klarich and Scott Gainey for a live discussion and Q&A on the PA-7050.
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Julio Giraldo
With the new PAN OS, how do the APT and IPS functions stack up against the likes such as FireEye and SourceFire?
Jørgen Seemann
Are we going to see 7050's with the ISP levels ?
Michael Borowski
It was mentioned the product strives to "Allow applications but secure them, rather than just block them". This comment seems to refer to the ability to allow applications but denying file transfers within them. How exactly does it distinguish?
Palo Alto Networks
Yes, that is correct. We can see the application functions within many applications and we can see the file types, so depending on your policy you can allow IM use, but block the file xfer functions or the file itself.
John Furrier
Question: how does an enterprise drop this in? is there any constraints or conditions that need to be in place to evaluate the product?
Palo Alto Networks
The PA-7050 can be deployed in a number of modes: L2, L3, or what’s called ‘virtual wire’, which allows it to be deployed as a ‘bump in the wire’. Other than that, it’s deployed like any other firewall… #pa7050
Will the #pa7050 support clustering? @PaloAltoNtwks
2 minutes ago
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Bogdan Crainicu
How many network processing cards are supported ?
Emeka Egu
what is the benefit of PA 70 50 for the third world countries with low internet penetration.
@PaloAltoNtwks Whts the throughput it can give after enabling IPS #pa7050
a few seconds ago
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@impiouspunk you are quoted in my CrowdChat. Would like if you'd join.
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@impiouspunk The PA-7050 supports HA for the purposes of high availability. The interfaces include 1Gbps Ethernet, 1 Gbps fiber and 10 Gbps fiber.