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Aspect Europe
Let’s start by looking at the challenges companies are facing today. Let’s discuss digital transformation and how it affects all companies at all levels in their organization. What is happening? What are customers expecting?

Stephen Ball Digital Transformation forces companies to be creative in delivery of services ahead of their competition
Stephen Ball Which is great for everyone, whether consumer or business
Sysnetgs The digital age has transformed the way customers engage and share their experiences
Bloor Digital transformation is also cultural transformation, of course
Stephen Ball Agreed, culture is huge
Suhela Dighe #DigitalTransformation is shaking all companies to their core. Everything is being reviewed: infrastructure, customer engagement, work culture and skills. Exciting times.
Stephen Ball culture needs to be driven from the board, down throughout the entire organisation
Bloor @Aspect_EuropeIndeed, but if you don't getr the cultural changes underway first, the technpology may not deliver
Stephen Ball lets not forget consumers are driving future company cultures
Aaron Carty do companies fear they might be left behind by their competition that are quickly adopting to the changes?
Sysnetgs Customers are using websites, blogs and social platforms before engaging with an organisation
Bloor True, but consumerisation may not be appropriate everywhere
Colin Whelan Can I ask the Panel? While it is important to be forward thinking in customer engagement, how to we ensure we don't leave existing (and old like me) customers behind?
Stephen Ball @AaronCarty If they dont they should. Agility and speed are critical
Bloor Very important point, the existing legacy customers are probably paying for transformation.
Bloor I think the legacy customers need champions in the organisation
Chris Streete this is the essence of transformation. To use a cliche it is a destination and customer engagement is a challenge all companies face
Stephen Ball consumers driving culture, is it just me or is that hugely exciting, and good for all
Aaron Carty @aspectcolin I think it's the responsibility of the organisations to ensure there are enough lines of communication for all of their customers to engage with them - their has to be a choice for the type of customer you are
Bloor It is important not to go broke on the journey!
Jamie Dixon As a digital team in a very traditionally phone-based call centre setup, we've had a responsibility to drive channel shift through excellent service on the digital platforms. That needs to be supported from the top within the company though I agree.
Stewart McCarthy Customer engagement should be timely, and appropriate to the customers channel. Tools like Intercom scan all channels and allow you to respond via the same. It's about internal procedures too.
Chris Streete @ColinWhelan this is the essence of transformation. To use a cliche it is a destination and customer engagement is a challenge all companies face
Chris Streete @StewartMcCarthy you are right respond with context in the channel of choice. Also being able to allow customer to move channels through a single conversation is key
Aspect Europe
In the end, it’s all about customer satisfaction. Can you to share examples of innovative customer engagement?

Stephen Ball @Aspect_Europe♣ one of our recent success is a good example of innovative customer engagement process, as you can start your journey with a simple tweet …. And continue the interaction with a chat. Chat that can be personalized if location services is turn
Sysnetgs Facilitate your customers to communicate with your organisation through their preferred channels
Stephen Ball @StephenBallUK turned on on your smart[hone. A real omni channel experience
Aaron Carty @StephenBallUK This is definitely the future, now! Technology for busy people.
Sysnetgs Voice, Web-Chat, Email and SMS are imperative channels in our sector
Dan Brazil WhatsApp is another channel that businesses are starting to innovate around
Jamie Dixon not massively innovative but being able to 'park' social media posts relating to future work allows us to go back with a courtesy message to check everything was done to the customer's satisfaction & close off the contact on a positive note.
Aaron Carty @brazilianx do you have any examples you can share where WhatsApp is being used?
Bloor Do people think about smartphone accessibility? People with poor eyesight etc?@Aspect_Europe
Stephen Ball we have client in the hotel industry, who uses text as a concierge service designed by us - super cool
Sysnetgs @StephenBallUK I've seen that - very impressive!
Suhela Dighe Omni-channel customer engagement, love it. @StephenBalluk Can you tell us how Aspect VIA works?
Sean Thomas chatbots with NLU are a game changer for me! Apsect have definitely done some great work in regards to that.
Dan Brazil @AaronCarty It's mainly the smaller more agile companies dipping their toes in the water
Aaron Carty Checking everything was done to the customer satisfaction is more valuable than you think Jamie! Many organisations aren't even doing this!
Mark McCreddin That's a really nice touch Jamie parking the social media posts to follow up later.
Aaron Carty @brazilianx Which is often where a lot of the innovation comes from. They do have the benefit of trialling these out on a small number of customers
Sysnetgs It's important to remember your internal customer satisfaction - in our case, it's our customer service associates - happy people = happy customers
Chris Streete We have a successes in the Auto industry where the in car manuals have been made much more usable via chatbots #selfservice
Stephen Ball if you want my/our view take a look here http://blogs.aspect....
Aaron Carty @Sysnetgs The loyalty that comes from this however is huge!
Stephen Ball Customer Engagement Center Blog - http://blogs.aspect....
Dan Brazil @Sysnetgs That's so true. Those businesses that can make a tangible connection between increases in employee engagement and customer sat will differentiate themselves
Mark McCreddin @Sysnetgs Absolutely and ensuring they are confident using all the features available to them to make their job easier and in turn their customers happy no matter the channel.
Chris Streete Our launch of ViA will bring the cosumer, agent, employee and the #furtureofwork in a single platform
Jo Newsome (Cannon) @AaronCarty I agree - the customer journey doesn't end with the resolution. You wouldn't let a prospect/customer go in business, so why in a customer journey situation?
Stephen Ball Aspect ViA has launched in AWS platform, #gamechanger
Chris Streete #aspectvia with its European based AWS data centres will help organisation is all industries move to #cloud #engagementcentres
Sean Thomas Empowered agents are often happy agents, and as stated happy agents = happy customers... this is where new modern engagement techniques play are key role as agents are able to become experts in their provision of customer care