2016 AT&T Analyst Summit
2016 AT&T Industry Analysts Summit in Dallas, TX
Ronald Gruia
John Donovan, Chief Strategy Officer & Group President, Technology & Operations @ATT now delivering his keynote talk

Ronald Gruia
AT&T Labs heritage:
1972 – Automatic switching
1976 – S programming language
1983 – AMPS
1995 - Machine learning
2013 – ECOMP
2016 – Project AirGig
Ronald Gruia
To win as a technology company, AT&T strives to be:
- Data-powered
- Alliance-based
- Open-sourced
- Software-defined
- On-Demand
- Automated
- Mobile first
- Virtualized
- TV everywhere
- Highly secure
Ronald Gruia
Our technologies built for a software-centric ecosystem: software-defined, data-powered, technology – highly secured and process efficient – this is the framework that we use
Ronald Gruia
Mobile network demands are changing:
Ronald Gruia
Growing demand: 7x growth in projected global exabytes per month (Cisco VNI)
Ronald Gruia
Shifting device mix: projected % of total global devices – smart phones going from 43% in 2015 to 53% in 2020
Ronald Gruia
Emerging real-time apps: #autonomous cars, #VR, remote #telemedicine
Ronald Gruia
Changes in consumer behavior are impacting data consumption:
20kb -> 350 kb -> 4MB -> 1GB / min #VR experience
Ronald Gruia
New demands require new approaches
Demands: growing demand, shifting device mix, emerging RT apps
Require: speed, capacity, coverage, low latency
Approaches: software, analytics and hyper automation; next-gen connectivity
Ronald Gruia
One example is the growing demand in connected cars: data consumption went up substantially, from 20 kb / km - 1GB / km
Ronald Gruia
Project AirGig: Low-cost, multi-gigabit speeds
Ronald Gruia
Require no direct electrical connection to the power line, can run over a variety of spectrum types, delivers ultra-fast wireless connection to homes, businesses and devices
Ronald Gruia
delivers last-mile access without new FTTH, regenerates mmWave signals through plastic antennas and devices, flexible enough to be configured with small cells or DAS
Ronald Gruia
Reskilling under a new social contract: from participation to people movement
Ronald Gruia
We are in the middle of the skill pivot
45% of technology & operations employees have pivoted
50% reskilled employees are as likely to be hired or promoted
1,250+ reskilled employees hired or promoted in 2016
Ronald Gruia
As part of the re-skilling exercise we are ooperating with Georgia Tech and also creating nano degrees
Ronald Gruia
AirGig – do not need power, does not need to be copper – it’s just the guide for the waveform – it is powered at 60Hz - think of it as electromagnetics over the power grid
Ronald Gruia
And we have a wrap. Many thanks to @ATT @ATTBusiness for the hospitality and very informative sessions/demos/lab tour. This was an event well worth attending!
Ronald Gruia
Igal Elbaz, VP Ecosystem and Innovation giving the @ATT #Foundry update

Ronald Gruia
AT&T Foundry - 5-year anniversary
Ronald Gruia
.@ATT #Foundry: 6 facilities redefining innovation, 5 years our innovation centers have been in operation, an average of 500 start-ups we meet with annually
Ronald Gruia
Palo Alto (2011) - network transformation, SDN and consumer services
Plano (2011) – business and enterprise services
Israel (2011) – operational efficiency, business process optimization and cybersecurity
Ronald Gruia
Plano (2013) – IoT
Atlanta (2013) – Access, home and connected car
Houston (2016) – Connected healthcare
Ronald Gruia
Rapid prototyping – failing fast
Ronald Gruia
Are we creating a business impact? Are we influencing the culture of the company?
Ronald Gruia
2011-2016: Driving business impact and culture change

Flow Designer
Robotic Process Automation
Workplace 2020
Ronald Gruia
Community development

Meet/evaluate ~500 startups/year
SHAPE AT&T Tech Expo
Futurecast: Premier Thought Leadership Series
HostKey Stakeholders:
Business Customers
Policy Decision Makers
Academic Community
Ronald Gruia
TIP – The Innovation Pipeline

Employee crowdsourcing
~130k registered users
37k ideas submitted ~ 2.8m votes
$44m in seed funding
Ronald Gruia
D2ICE - Powering #SDN transformation
Strategically important
Streamline processes
Driving standards
Foster collaboration
Focus on scale
Ronald Gruia
Tom Keathley, SVP Wireless Network Architecture and Design @ATT giving the network update inc. #5G

Ronald Gruia
Planned trials: testing NR aspects, mmWave, cmWave
Indoor/outdoor tests in Middletown and Austin
Limited user tirals this year/early 2017
Ronald Gruia
Leaves on/leaves off/snow/rain – different conditions – to see how that takes place in a real-world setting
Speeds up to 14 Gbps
Ronald Gruia
Industry collaboration:

Vendors: Intel, Ericsson, Nokia
Global collaboration:
China Mobile, Ericsson, Intel, LG, NTT DoCoMo, Samsung, Telstra, DT, Huawei, KDDI, Nokia, Qualcomm, SKTel, Vodafone
Ronald Gruia
#5G Use cases:

Enhanced mobile BB
Massive IoT
Ultra low-latency / high-reliability
Ronald Gruia
Andre Fuetsch, President AT&T Labs and CTO @ATT is giving the Domain 2.0 update

Ronald Gruia
Shifting device mix (as per Cisco VNI)
Ronald Gruia
Feature phones: 50%
Smartphones: 43%
IoT: 8%
Ronald Gruia
Feature phones: 21%
Smartphones: 53%
IoT: 26%
Ronald Gruia
IoT’s “killer app” – hi-res camera
Video – worth a thousand sensors
Ronald Gruia
Densification: macro cells, small cells, indoor Wi-Fi (70-80% of the traffic goes through WiFi networks)
Ronald Gruia
Project AirGig
Multi-gigabit, signal external to lines, license-free spectrum, low cost plastic antenna design
It does not send the signal through the conductor – it runs around the wire
It works in various spectrum ranges
Ronald Gruia
Software & analytics
3G/LTE – sw/hw – proprietary/monolithic, hw-centric
LTE/5G – software, open interfaces, commodity hw, open design, modular, software-centric
Ronald Gruia
ECOMP – new network OS

Software centric
Model driven code
Dynamic orchestration
Industry leading
Open for global adoption
Ronald Gruia
Other telcos such as Telefonica have similar initiatives to ECOMP such as OSM, but those do not have a robust production code (OSM = Open Source MANO)
Ronald Gruia
Virtualized functions targets for Domain 2.0
6%: 2015
30%: 2016
75%: 2020
Ronald Gruia
AT&T Labs –
140 year history
8 Nobel Prize heritage
5 patents / day
2200+ scientists and engineers
85% advanced degrees
Ronald Gruia
ECOMP is going to the Linux Foundation – 1Q17
Ronald Gruia
Amdocs – integration partner – to help SPs that do not have the expertise or the resident expertise
Ronald Gruia
Great architectural diagram of @ATTBusiness 's Network On Demand solution

Ronald Gruia
Josh went through a customer example for a healthcare company w/ 41 sites:
Ronald Gruia
vCE vFW – Virtualized customer edge in AT&T Integrated Cloud
Ronald Gruia
Challenge: multiple network deployments, unpredictable capacity needs, complex network edge management
Ronald Gruia
Josh Goodwill, VP, Network on Demand @ATT giving his breakout session this morning

Ronald Gruia
Networking models: integrated vs. point solutions
Virtualized edge: multi-function CPE enabled by SDN/NFV
Industry vision: open, standardized, common APIs
User Experience
Ronald Gruia
What we are hearing from customers
Agility + flexibility –on-demand capabilities, one size does not fit all
Scale + value: global scalability, total solution value
Performance + security: end-to-end security
Ronald Gruia
Our platform approach:

AT&T Integrated cloud: any payload, anywhere, speed-to-scale, speed to innovate
Ronald Gruia
Momentum with our platform:

Ethernet on demand: 171 metro areas
AT&T FlexWare: 150+ countries
1700+ customer networks
Industry recognition
Investing to expand the platform in 2017
Ronald Gruia
AT&T managed FlexWare Device –
76 territories in July –
In Oct:
vRouter: JNPR
vRouter: CSCO
vSecurity: Fortinet
vWANX: Riverbed
Ronald Gruia
Expanded Distribution Model: IBM, CSC
Ronald Gruia
Small FlexWare Device: supports up to 2 Apps (VNFs)
Medium FlexWare Device: supports up to 4 Apps (VNFs)
Form factors will continue to expand
Ronald Gruia
AT&T SD-WAN approach

High performance MPLS core
Flexible access options
Near Real Time dynamic policy routing
Integrated customer experience
Ronald Gruia
Near Term Roadmap

Networks: AT&T, Third Party
Technologies: software and hardware – e.g. VeloCloud & Palo Alto
Topologies: Virtual & Physical