2017 Outlook for CIOs and CDOs
What’s in store for the world CIOs and CDOs in 2017? Industry experts share their predictions!
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#makedatasimpleBig Data & Analytics in 2017 What’s in store for the world of data & analytics in 2017? Industry experts share their predictions!
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Q5: How will #opensource and #openstandards help organizations accelerate innovation this year?
Dr. Angel Luis Diaz You can not out innovate the world - centers of gravity around open technology accelerates innovation - reduces the concept count of what developers & data practitioners need to know to get their job done - the results is move value faster!
Bob E. Hayes Relying on #opensource applications helps us be more agile in our product development. We contribute to #opensource and believe #openstandards is a mutually beneficial proposition...
Bob E. Hayes ...we benefit from the knowledge of others and ourselves contribute to help move initiatives forward with the promise of better data and better understanding of the material positive impact of being data-driven.
Dez Blanchfield The exciting thing that #OpenSource in particular has done is provide a consistent behavioural approch to working across broad ranges of teams with a common idea or goal.
Bob Egan Many orgs are accelerating these efforts but equally increasingly worried about the goblins lurking in open source, especially for security
Nancy Hensley #opensource allows you to move at the speed of the community, not be limited to skills within your org. It's a beautiful thing to move at the speed of the community
jameskobielus "Open source" isn't just software. It refers to the imperative and communities making all resources open, accessible, & shareable: code, data, models, expertise, services, etc. That spawns standards and accelerates innovation.
Dez Blanchfield When folk dabble in and then eventually adopt #OpenSource they quickly "get it" and find that they behave differently ( better ) towards being more #open around topics like #Data and #Analytics.
Dez Blanchfield The other big thing I've seen in the last 25 years frankly is that the new generation of staff each few years come through with University ideals and bring #OpenSource culture with them which helps organisations #Transition more quickly.
Bob E. Hayes @jameskobielus Yes... we were told to share as kids. Sharing is good, yes?
Nancy Hensley @dez_blanchfield interesting comment on the universities - it really does open up access to learn doesn't it ?
jameskobielus If you consider, say, open data-science communities such as Kaggle and TopCoder an example of "open-source expertise," it's clear that the freshest builder talent is leveraging these channels. That's a key to sustainable innovation.
Craig Brown, Ph.D. #OpenSource is the bridge to access. Its paving the way towards the capabilities necessary to stay competitive.
Nancy Hensley @dez_blanchfield #opensource = accessible - one of the challenges we aim to fix
Dez Blanchfield Curiously another fun thing I've seen take place is that #OpenStandards and #OpenSource taught folk that it was OK to #Share, give code away to gain a wider developer community help share the code cutting workloads and collaborate on developmen
Dez Blanchfield #OpenSource also taught folk that not only was it OK to #share but that #share other #stuff, i.e. not just share code to and from OpenSource, but Ideas, Data, Designs, and that's been a quantum leap forward for staid old enterprise communities
jameskobielus Now that we have a US administration that's hostile to openness, I hope the open-source communities can push against that grain. Let's hope that Trump doesn't stop all over the "open source" goose that's laying golden eggs.
Katja Komel People prefer #OpenSource because of Control, Training, Security & Stability
Craig Brown, Ph.D. The necessary steps needed to #Innovate with #Data and #Technology are pouring out of the #OpenSource and #OpenStandards streams of #Innovation.
Bob E. Hayes @jameskobielus If I could, I would vote 5 times for you.
jameskobielus Now that we have a US administration that's hostile to openness, I hope the open-source communities can push against that grain. Let's hope that Trump doesn't STOMP all over the "open source" goose that's laying golden eggs.
Tripp Braden @dez_blanchfield Great points Dez, leveraging how other people feel about open source can provide initial momentum with future orgaizational leaders. Let new leaders help impact their teams
Dez Blanchfield We've had #OpenStandards for 6x decades and for the most part folk have adhered to them, look at TCP/IP, Unix, look at ISO & IEEE et al.. but what we haven't been good at is applying that to our own in-house practices, that's changing though.
Tripp Braden If you can sell on lower cost you can also sell on higher impact and results
Grant_Case My concern for Open Source is usability. Open Source creates robust software, infinitely configurable and tuned high-end needs. But what about the other 95% of the business? We can't get people to learn SQL, but we're relying on everyone to learn R?
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Let’s get started! Q1: Where do you anticipate #datascience will have the biggest impact in 2017?
Bob E. Hayes #Datascience's biggest impact will be around the application of #machinelearning to uncover insights - identify drivers of customer loyalty, mitigate security risks, creating segments.
Bob E. Hayes #machinelearning picks up where humans leave off to surface the usable pearls in oceans of data.
jameskobielus I predict that data science will have its biggest impact in 2017 in conversational cognitive chatbots. They're everywhere, engaging people to help them with mobility, devices, online services, e-commerce, etc.
Aviv Canaani don't know about the "biggest" impact put the most important impact would probably be in #healthcare
Dr. Angel Luis Diaz @bobehayes #machinelearning to uncover insights is a big deal - combining that with the basics of data cleansing are important.
Bob E. Hayes In addition to impacting businesses, #datascience could improve our understanding of the world at large. We seem to need that today!
Dion Hinchcliffe Biggest impact that #datascience will have in 2017 is in areas where data is visible and accessible. Dark data will remain a challenge for many orgs in 2017, but for those that can surface the data, there are big opportunities as tools mature.
jameskobielus Data science's impact in 2017 and beyond is coming smack-dab to the heart of app development everywhere. Machine learning, deep neural nets, and predictive analytics are core IP in most disruptive apps now.
Bob E. Hayes I'd like to see #datascientists demystify #machinelearning or #analytics by educating their colleagues on basic statistics - this would go a long way in building a strong data culture, leading to a true #datadriven company.
Dion Hinchcliffe In short, the #datascience opportunities will be in marketing, sales, operations, and supply chain, though other areas as well, like #custserv and product development. #datascience
Dr. Angel Luis Diaz I think 2017 is going to be the year where we close the gap between "sorcerer and developer"
Grant_Case agree with JK, speaking with a client before Christmas who was rolling out user apps - "smarter" apps are no longer game-changing but necessary to knowledge workers
jameskobielus Data science's impact is becoming pervasive in the business, consumer, education, creative, and other sectors. Autonomous vehicles--which are powered by data science--are capturing headlines everywhere.
Dion Hinchcliffe Good point @jameskobielus, another major area of impact will be #datascience capabilities being baked into just about every app in 2017.
Dez Blanchfield What I'm seeing now is that #DataScience is no longer a seperate conversation, it's now officially part of the daily discussion, it's a native of the enterprise and not the weird cousin ;-)
Nancy Hensley if we can continue to build the culture around the value of #datascience in 2017 it should become much more pervasive in all industries
Aviv Canaani as a marketer, it's exciting to see how it's changing the marketing landscape, making an industry that was once very "fluff" to one that is very data-driven
Bob E. Hayes @dez_blanchfield So true. Every project these days involves data.
Tripp Braden DataScience will change the way we sell and offer new products to our best clients and partners
jameskobielus @dhinchcliffe Dion: can data science help us to unlock dark data and exploit its latent value? Cognitive apps for more powerful data search/discovery?
Nancy Hensley It's a cultural shift and a shift to making #datascience more accessible. If we do that, the impact is much larger
Dion Hinchcliffe @avivdc Is that transparency in the marketing function cutting both ways? Identifying impact but also showing what doesn't really work well? #datascience
Grant_Case @dez_blanchfield absolutely agree here. Its not a question of do its, why not!
Brian Mayer @avivdc completely agree, marketing has become more science than art
jameskobielus @dez_blanchfield You're right, Dez. Data science is coming into the mainstream of popular consciousness. I feel less and less like a marginal geek when I bring it up in polite company.
Dez Blanchfield The other major shift I've seen is that 2017 felt like the whole topic of #Data and #MakeDataSimple is a topic that CxO's and Managers are allowed to talk openly about.
Dion Hinchcliffe Yes @jameskobielus, very much so. I believe a mature view of #datascience includes the perspective on how best to unleash the full ocean of data most organizations have submerged. Or what's the point? ;-) And yes, search is key.
Grant_Case #datascience , #machinelearning those were terms you didn't use around the business even two years ago, now the business WANTS to know what you are doing here.
Dez Blanchfield Another HUGE wakeup call I've seen is that folk now have a Language and Vocabulary that's common across this space thanks to the huge Education and Awareness effort folk like IBM have invested in through 2016 ;-)
Dion Hinchcliffe @nancykoppdw Yes, the cultural shift has to be to a more data-centric view of our organizations, and that includes being amenable to open data sharing across silos. I predict that will be one of the big shifts starting in 2017. #datascience
Dez Blanchfield The most exciting thing that I've seen now in APAC is that folk are now spinning up PoC's to test ML and related Analytics faster than ever.
Craig Brown, Ph.D. The #DataScience discussion is happening in the business meetings and the #DataScientist is working directly with the #functionalteams.
Dez Blanchfield But if I was to crystal ball what I see as being the BIGGEST impact, it's got to be the fact that Enterprise and Fed Govt have realised they can now use #Cloud for #DataScience like @IBM #DSX and not try to do it all on-prem..